Will India and Pakistan Fight in New Year 2017

Ever since India carried out its surgical strikes across POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) in the late September this year, the speculation over a possible India-Pakistan War in the upcoming New Year 2017 is gaining momentum. Those advocating for war must realize that it’s not a cricket match – one game and it’s all over – war rages on. It destroys the lives of several men-in-uniform, their families and even innocent citizens as well when the situation goes out of control.

Defense Experts are of the view that a war should only be the last option. Considering the upcoming assembly elections in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Modi-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government at the centre, with BJP as its ruling coalition partner, can wage a war against Pakistan to strengthen its position in the forthcoming poll. It’s going to be a fatal four-way contest at the UP poll with all major political parties; Congress, BJP, SP and BSP are in the fray.

Possible Reasons Why India-Pakistan War Should Be Avoided

1) Massive loss of human lives on both sides of the border.

2) GDP of both nations will tumbledown due to war. After effects of the war will haunt both nations’ economies for a long time.

3) Possible ill effects of any war would be felt in massive unemployment, inflation, loan burden of international financial institutions and retardation in developmental process.  

4) China’s possible involvement in the war will escalate further tension in the region leaving the fate of the massive chunk of the people into jeopardy.

5) Historically, India and Pakistan have fought against each other for record four times; 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999, but none of them yielded any viable and concrete solution as yet. War mongering Pakistan had already lost four battles against India; fighting one more war could further impact its already decrepit economy.

Why India-Pakistan Will Fight a War in the New Year

With the year almost coming to an end, there is a growing possibility of war between these two erstwhile nations. Pakistan as a neighbor has always hurt India badly using ‘terrorists’ as its non-state actors. What’s more shocking is the fact that each time India asks Pakistan to act tough on terror; latter invokes Kashmir issue – though these two subjects are asymmetrically different.

Obviously, if Pakistan continues to harm India with deadly terrorism as an element to its foreign policy, how long will India bear the brunt? Most terrorist attacks in India had directly or indirectly Pakistani hands involved in the same. It’s high time our neighbor should divert its attention towards checking in the growing frustration of the Baloch people and other discontented citizens of the country.

Pakistan must fight growing corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, terrorism and communal violence first before it aims to take on India militarily. As of now, the possibility of India-Pakistan war in 2017 is wide open unless Pakistan really undertakes to fight terrorism in reality. But from hindsight, a war between India and Pakistan is almost imminent. However, India and Pakistan should try to solve their disputes first by using dialogues and mutual consultation before taking such a drastic decision as war.

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