Is War and Hatred an Intelligent Solution to India Pakistan Crisis?


The creators of Indian Constitution and the founding fathers of the Independent India knew that partition was not going to solve the problems of conflict that arose due to Hindu Muslim divide. Yet, they thought that it is the best step towards peace in the country. People will forever blame Gandhi for his decision of allowing this to happen, but can we really look beyond what has happened and see if war is the only intelligent solution to conflict between India and Pakistan and if not, then what else can bring peace to this ever growing problem of Kashmir and terrorism.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra during his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on September 25th, retaliated to Pakistan’s rhetoric of war for 1000 years with India by saying, “I accept this challenge. I want to tell you that India wants to fight with Pakistan. If you have the courage then why not fight to end poverty, unemployment, illiteracy. Let us see which country wins, India or Pakistan.” To be frank, people in the country have much stronger sentiment than these. There are many who feel India should go to war with Pakistan and take revenge for the loss our nation has borne. To those who actually feel so, might not really understand what a family goes through when a son, father, brother or any other member is fighting at the forefront of the war.
What happened in Uri (Jammu and Kashmir) has shocked the entire nation. Such acts should not be tolerated by any country, but who is to be blamed is a question that we all must ask. Is the entire country of Pakistan to be blamed? Are there people equally responsible for what’s happening across the border that they too should be hated equally as their army and politicians?
Banning Artists from Pakistan
Recently, Times Now news channel, under its editor Arnab Goswami was discussing the nonsensical remarks of MNS (Maharashtra Navanirman Sena) on Pakistani artists. MNS politicians asked for a ban on Bollywood artists from Pakistan and said that they would throw the ones who will not leave. Is this really logical to think of the people from across the border like this? Are we so dumb that we would actually believe in these words and start hating the people whose problems are similar to ours if not like ours.
In India, there educational institutions where students from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan come to study and only they know how much it means to them to get a good education to live a prosperous life. These are the students who will go on to share their experiences from India and tell their own people how different we are as compared to how we are portrayed. So its’ not about taking a stand for big Bollywood stars, but for the ones who are not so powerful and need immunity from political issues. It’s the only way forward when most of the so called ‘progressive world’ is under the impact of direct or indirect war/ terrorism.
People of India and Pakistan should be left alone. They should not be forced to take part in this business of enmity. They already have enough problems to deal with, being an imaginary enemy can wait for sometime.

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