Top 5 Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For any girl or boy, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to go for a romantic date and reveals the inner feeling straight from the heart to someone special. But I wish it was that much easier. Before going for a dream date, the lovebirds spend a considerable amount of time towards making their appearance perfect.

A nice hairdo, sexy outfit and beautiful makeup on the face are what you need on that to woo your partner. Obviously, even your partner will love to stare at you more – admiring your amazing gorgeousness. While boys can go with their usual styling with a clean shaven look and stylish dress, for girls special care needs to be taken.

Here are the few makeup tips for girls which you should try out this Valentine’s Day.

Enhance Beauty Of The Face: Nobody wishes to look like an ordinary girl on Valentine’s Day; therefore you should also start out with clean skin. Use a soft brush to apply a light layering of pink blush all over your cheek and face.

Special Lip Care: Take a close look at your lips before going out. Lips are the basis of love. Especially for girls, the lips should look attractive, kissable and luscious. A red color on lips looks apt for an absolute romantic date on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to apply a good quality lip balm before putting on lipstick.

Glamorize Your Eyes: Over the last few years, eye makeup has become the norm. Wherever you go it is essential that your eyes are apt for the occasion. Add light black mascara to your upper lashes and get that cat-eye (makeup) done. That’s it.

A Perfect Hair Style: When it comes to sport a proper hairstyling, there are plenty of options to choose from; but most girls usually love to put that Ribbon Ponytail on their hair. It’s as simple as getting a pony tail tied with a ribbon. It also gives you an amazing style to flaunt with on Valentine’s Day.

A Classic Clutch: While going out for a romantic date with your partner on Valentine’s Day you just can’t miss out keeping a piece of an attractive clutch with yourself. These days, animal prints rock – so you can definitely celebrate the Valentine’s Day with an attractive animal print clutch having a soft cozy strap.

For a perfect Fashion Statement On Valentine’s Day

Every one of us wishes to look special on Valentine’s Day because on this very day hearts and eyes speak more than a mouth. So if you also wish to get that lovable look on your face, then revamp your styling as well. Your top to bottom should be special and mesmerizing.

First of all, you have to get that beautiful makeup done on your face. Then follow it up with a fantastic outfit and footwear. Usually, a tee and palazzo pant work better on such a lovely day. Finally give a tint of style to your attire by tying a beautiful belt on your waist. You can put on a beautiful Jacket to complete your fashion statement.

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