Top 5 Hairstyles for Men on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is of utmost importance to celebrate the presence of love in your life. While women particularly give thorough attention to their tresses, attire and footwear, men simply ignore all rules of what you call making an astute fashion statement.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t spoil your look with a nice outfit and improper hair style. You must realize that unless your style statement complements your hair do, it’s useless to imagine yourself of wooing your soulmate. Girls do like to see their men sporting stylish hairdos on Valentine’s Day. Therefore give some time to your hair as well. They also want to look good on such an important day like the Valentine’s Day.

Bun: While many people consider bun as an inappropriate hairstyle for men, it can actually give you a quirky look on Valentine’s Day. It’s also ultra stylish when you add a stylish ‘men’s tops’ on ears with a wristband. But a word of caution for those who wish to sport Bun look, please make sure that you hair is long. Also it should be tied gently without making extra pressure on your scalps. If you could grow a French beard and thick moustache then it’s more awesome.

Pompadour: It’s a very unique hairstyle which helps you have short hair on the back and sides while long hair on top. It means you are having thicker texture of hair in the front while lesser hair at the back.

Side Parting: It’s simple yet rocking hair do for men. Just comb your hair and divide your hair into two parts. Let one side of the hair fall on your left side and the other half on your right side.

Caesar: Well, not all men are that much sincere and dedicated towards their hair. Caesar hair style is apt for men who are messy and always in a hurry. If you don’t have that much time to look after your hair before Valentine’s Day celebration with your partner then opt for this stylish hair look. Keep your hair trimmed and style as per your wish. You can give it a spike look as well.

Textured Hair Style: On Valentine’s Day, don’t woo your partner with just a simple hair do. Add some twist to your hair. Textured hair style means your top portion should be little messy with curls and waves while keeping your sides down. You may also prefer ruffled hair to add some extra amount of exuberance on Valentine’s Day.

Even with a slight knowledge of hair styling we can definitely revamp our look from a style geek to a dapper. With just a few months to go before Valentine’s Day make it your habit to sport a proper and suitable hair do for yourself. If you maintain this look for a few months more then you can easily be able to get a cool hair style. So, what are you waiting for? Go and style your hair according to your look. This way you justify your style statement with whatever outfit you wear.

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