Why Some People Are Left-Handed, While Others Right-Handed?

During our childhood days, we often got fascinated that why a few of our friends did most of their daily activities using their left-hands while most of us used our right hands for those stuffs. It seemed to be a bit of mystery during those days, but latest scientific research and studies have unravelled the same.

In our daily life, we often find people using different hands for their day-to-day activities. Some people are well-versed using right hand for varieties of stuff – around 85 per cent of the people dominantly do so. However, there are still around 15 percent of people who use their left-hands most of the time.

While it seems utterly puzzling from outside, it is very well backed up by scientific research. According to Clare Porac, a professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University (USA), “the side of the preferred hand that we use most in our day to day activities depends upon biological and genetic factors”. Evolutionary natural selection produces most of the humans with speech control in the left hemisphere of our brains which also manages the movements of the right hand.

Medically speaking, there are two alleles of a gene at the same genetic location that are associated with handedness; D (Dextal, meaning right) gene and the other allele is a C (denoting chance, since lefties are minority) gene. Most people are born with a larger influence of the D gene based on genetic factors. Scientific research also claimed that being left-handedness could arise out of genetic history too.

Contrarily, C gene is usually found in rare cases. When it is present, people find it easier to do work with left hands. This theory of hand preference causation is often determined by societal pressures and cultural biases as well. Presence of right-handed children in families with left-handed parents and left-handed children in families with right-handed parents are quite normal. We find such cases even in our own surroundings.

Why Lefties are viewed with Suspension?

There is absolutely no rationale behind the theory that why lefties are viewed with suspension? A few decades back, left-handedness was called ‘sinistrality’ for no definite reason at all. The term Sinistrality has originated from Latin word sinistra meaning left but people soon associated it with evilness. Gradually the concept is getting changed now with the advent of rational thinking among the people, but still many people view left-handed people that way.

Historically, the left side has construed to be negative while right side has continued to be viewed as positive. Even the word ‘right’ means correct in itself, while being left suggests that you are on the contrary side.

Some of the people are also well versed with doing things at ease using both hands – this is called ambidextrous ability. Scissors, cameras and computer mouse are made for right handed people hence sometimes left-handed people find it difficult to operate them. 

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