Transform Your House into a Smart Home


Over the last few years, technology has made our life simpler. Earlier, we had to carry several devices for different purposes, but smartphones and tablets have now obviated that need. We can now easily use our smartphones for multiple purpose including managing our home appliances through smart home automation system. If it gets your imagination running, let me tell you that it is a reality.

Smart home as a concept is beautiful. It lets you manage all your home appliances and electronic devices in your house from a single place using your smartphone. Smart home automation technology is categorized in 6 types: Entertainment, Healthcare, Climate Control, Security and Safety, Lighting and Home Appliances.

What Does a Smart Home Mean?

With growing age and busy lifestyle, many of us find it personally cumbersome to walk to another room to get things done but smart home automation system enables us getting those things done conveniently with a single click on our smart phone or tablet without touching the device kept in another room.

Smart Homes also come with an in-built security system that provides round the clock protection of the house from any untoward incident or activity. The secret behind the success of Smart home system is the Home Controller, which controls the residence’s automation systems through Window based PC.

Whether you wish to have glitzy lighting on your bed room or simply want to lock each door of your house properly at night, just click the App button on your smartphone and the thing is done.

How Smart Home Technology Works

According to International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (February, 2010), A Powerline Carrier Systems (PCS) transmitter in the Home controller sends signal to home’s wiring, and receiver plugged into electric outlets receive that signal while letting the appliances attached to it function. This enables the entire smart home automation to work with a single button and voice control.

Within the next couple of years, a lot of homes in Europe and North America will adopt Smart Home technology. Around 70 million people living in those regions are expected to make a massive lifestyle change by adopting smart home automation systems.

Top 4 Exclusive Gadgets for Your Smart Home Needs

  • Weather Station: This device keeps you up to date about the weather condition in your house. It also keeps you abreast with latest weather updates in your vicinity.

  • Smart Lighting: These smart bulbs can be switched on and off using the App on your smartphone. This has almost become synonymous to what we say smart lighting concept. It saves around 30% of your annual energy consumption and hard earned money too.

  • Smoke Detector: Using so many electronic equipments at home also comes with a slight risk of short circuit or fire hazard. To stay safe and stress-free, install this device as it alerts you whenever any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in the house.

  • Smart Lock: When it comes to safety and security this device is a one of its kind and is of extremely help to those who wish to live a secured life inside smart Home. You can now easily close all your doors using it and unlock the same whenever you need. As simple as it.

No doubt, our life has become now more luxurious and simpler than ever. Thanks to the wondrous improvement and innovation in the world of technology.

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