“We have nothing to hide” Campaign by Airtel


Airtel has recently launched an online campaign titled “We have nothing to hide.” The advertisement of the campaign on sites such as Youtube shows a video declaring that Airtel will be showing tower and signal status of network in a particular area. The campaign has been launched in India due to the recent hues and cries about network connectivity in the region, and constant complaints by users about call drop issue.

After watching the video, I decided to check the network coverage for some locations on the map: 

Location 1: 


When I checked the network statistics for a specific location at pin code 110029, I was informed that voice quality was excellent, though data quality was only good. Again, Airtel emphasized on the need for more towers, and even invited me to host an Airtel tower at this location.

Location 2:


I then decided to check a specific location on Pin 110092, and discovered good voice quality and excellent data quality as results. The company did not suggest me to host a tower this time. 


Interestingly, these are statistics for only 2G! When I check the same locations for 3G and 4G networks, the results remain the same.

Overall I would say that it is an honest attempt by Airtel to provide a detailed tower mapping to customers. The company has smartly used this map to reach consumers who are interested in hosting a tower without knowing much about the radiations.

Mobile towers use radio waves and their increased exposure can be detrimental to human health. Before you think about hosting one at your place, please consider the health effects such as cancer, memory loss, birth defects and low sperm counts. Do not trust me? Google “mobile tower radiations” and see the results for yourself.

Research Limitations:

I used only two locations in Delhi to check the data. Checking the same for multiple locations and personal experience can better validate the results.

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