Latest Android Version of Snapchat Not Clicking Well with Users

snapchat logoSnapchat has quickly evolved as a popular social media application with the app being rated by 7,171,255 users on Google Play alone. As the name suggests, Snapchat has been designed with the purpose of allowing people to freely share snaps, videos and read interesting stuff from all over the world. If you have downloaded the latest Android version of Snapchat, you may be troubled by certain bugs and errors, which may make your experience of using the app little cumbersome. 

Here are some of the reasons why the latest android version of Snapchat is not a hit:

  1. As many as 1005423 have rated Snapchat 1 on a scale of 5, thus reducing its overall rating to 3.9.

Snapchat Android App Rating (as on June 22, 2016)

This is a worrisome statistic for the app. Whatsapp Messenger, a similar app has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5.


Whatsapp Messenger Android Version Rating (as on June 22, 2016)

2. Comments by customers show their high level of dissatisfaction with the recent update:

snapchat feedback

snapchat feedback 1

3. Some of the core issues:

  • The app works on the phone, but not on the tablet.
  • No unlimited zoom and focus for the front camera.
  • The new version completely slows down the android phones.
  • Advertisements make up half of the screen.
  • The app is quite slow with delayed notifications and message delivery reported by some users on Google Play reviews.

It is for the Snapchat team to review this feedback, and stay ahead in the messaging apps segment.

Disclaimer: The current analysis is solely based on user reviews for Snapchat app on Google Play. No personal reviews have been added.

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