Have you added Whatsapp to your website social media icons?

Whatsapp has been a phenomenal success with popularity of the app touching billions of smartphone users all over the world. The platform has quickly attained a preferable social messaging app owing to its simplicity, and zero advertising policy. Users are happy with the latest innovations such as calling facility, photo sharing and video sharing option, and the facility to download one on a desktop. Ask any smartphone user, and you will hear: “Can you please Whatsapp.” Yeah, it is that popular!


Digital marketing professionals would be delighted to learn about the inclusion of Whatsapp in social media kitty for websites. WordPress.com has started offering an option to include Whatsapp icon for posts, and so has WordPress.org with its amazing bundle of social media icon plugins.

So how does it work? Well, I installed one on my own website and it was pretty easy to spot Whatsapp icon due to its logo. The next test I did was to click the icon and see if I can Whatsapp. Well, nothing really happened. Puzzled, I checked the link using my smartphone, and the moment I clicked the Whatsapp icon, magic happened. I was able to share website content via Whatsapp! Is it not a great feature? Yes, it certainly is.

Enabling Whatsapp on your website will have the following repercussions:

  1. You will be able to share genuine website links with your friends. This will put an end to Whatsapp group chains circulating incorrect info on smartphones.
  2. Website owners will be able to expand their reach in the new age mobile phone marketing and search.

So, do not wait, and get your website Whatsapp icon today!

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