An Excellent Example of Gamification Strategy in Digital Marketing

Gamification strategy may have got all the applause in marketing all over the world, with some of the most successful businesses based on one gamification idea or the other.

gamification in digital marketing

Before you start blaming me for a spelling mistake here, let me explain the term gamification in some detail. Well, gamification as the name implies means using games. Gamification is the art of using gaming tactics for marketing purpose and make a product or service attractive for customers. 

Hard to imagine? Well, let me take a simple example. Assume that you have a fast food restaurant chain struggling with low customer footfall on week days. How will gamification help you in this case? You can invite customers to play an online puzzle which provides them discounts for weekday visits. A leaderboard indicating customer scores for weekday visits can be planned. Who does not like to be an achiever? Customers will feel excited to see their scores for store visits on the leaderboard, and your objective of generating customer footfalls is achieved. Is it not exciting?

Well now look at an impeccable implementation strategy of gamification in digital marketing. Microsoft Bing partnered with popular author Jay-Z to promote the book Decoded as well as the search engine Bing. The company set up different posters of a book page in different parts of the city. People were asked to collect and compile all pages by clicking pictures at various locations. It was a fun activity and generated millions of views for Bing Search and made Jay-Z a best selling author within weeks of book launch.

Watch this video from Youtube:

When are you trying a gamification idea for your business?

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