How to get Facebook Likes that are Relevant?

Social media marketing has gained a momentum, which was not much expected in the past 10 years. What started as a fascination for sharing social contacts with peers online has today emerged as a multi billion dollar business. As I write this blog post today, users registered on the world’s most popular social media website – Facebook rest at 1.65 billion. That’s a huge number! Everyone is trying digital marketing in the current era- right from a student, housewife, a job candidate to a businessman. The only key is – efficiency of digital marketing strategy. Majority of the digital marketers consider returns on investment as a key characteristic for measuring the performance of a digital marketing strategy. If you do not know, then I would like to apprise you of the fact that social media marketing is one of the most economical and effective forms of digital media marketing available today. However, many aspiring social media marketers fail to deploy the popular social media network Facebook for attracting likes for their business/Fan pages. I tried Facebook Ads quite a lot of times, and each time the results were exceptional. I will be sharing some important tips for upcoming digital media specialists and novice users on how to make the best of Facebook Ads.

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Tip 1: The first and the most important factor for an effective Facebook advertising is a relevant and an attractive ad campaign. Yes, you need to ensure that your ad looks best with a high quality image or video which is lucrative for your target consumers. Choose an apt caption and ad description.

Tip 2: The second most important factor is to target the correct audience. Majority of the social media marketers tend to commit an error in this area. The key lies in selecting the correct target audience for your Facebook ad. For example, if you are trying to advertise a fast food restaurant in Delhi (India), you need to target relevant male and female customers that are living in Delhi or have Delhi as interests in their favorite places list. You need to select fast food and food in their interests too. Now, since you are targeting people in India, and specifically Delhi, you can select Hindi as the key language spoken. Additionally, if you want only students to be targeted, select student as a filter in occupation. Facebook even allows you to target specific localities in Delhi. Is it not amazing?

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Tip 3: Select CPM ad option. I highly recommend that because in this option, Facebook optimizes the ads for you, and as per my experience, these tend to create more likes in less cost. Campaigns run by me have generated likes in as less than 0.50 INR per like.

Tip 4: The timing of your ad campaign also holds a lot of relevance. It does not make sense to run ads for Diwali (a lights festival in India) promotions on New Year. Ads for a new year website or a gifts portal will generate faster likes on festive occasions when people are in a mood to shop. So, depending on your website niche, grab the opportunity today!

Tip 5: Two are better than one. It is a good idea to try two different ad versions on Facebook, and then let the best performing ad run. Who knows, you may be losing a great chance to bad many more likes by avoiding the second ad version?

After you are done with everything, analyze the results, and before I close, I have one last piece of advice for you. If you see that your campaign is not performing in the initial 12 hours, please pause it. Do not drag it till you exhaust your spending limit. After all, every penny counts! When you halt such an under-performing campaign, figure out the reasons or limitations, and get going with a fresh one again!

Best of luck with your next Facebook Ads campaign.

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