What do sugar gliders eat?

Pets are human’s most lovable and obedient friends. When your pet is a sugar glider, it is time to celebrate and rejoice nature’s simplicity.

Sugar gliders are small, omnivorous, tree loving, and nocturnal marsupials from Australia. They borrow their name from an affinity for sugary nectarous foods combined with their ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel. Their appearance and habits are in fact quite similar to a living squirrel. One of the most peculiar characteristics of these animals is their gliding membrane patagium which covers their entire body from their fore legs to hind legs. Why do they glide a lot? It helps them locate food as well as avoid enemies!

Now that we have some idea about our cute pet sugar glider, let us analyze its diet plan!

Sugar gliders are seasonally adapted omnivores which can eat a variety of foods in their diet. They satisfy their quench by drinking a lot of rainwater and supplementing the rest of their water needs by consuming water rich foods. In the summer season they are naturally insectivorous and winters make them largely herbivorous. They love consuming sap and nectar from plants by drilling their way into a tree bark. Now that we know about their natural diet, do we assume that we can feed them with anything we have? Certainly not!

The catch for an attractive sugar glider diet is the “sugar” content itself. Since sugar gliders are fond of honey dew or sap produced by insects, honey and fresh fruits make good substitute for sap, manna and honey dew which they would naturally consume in their wild habitat. This does not mean that we only feed them with sugary foods all day. Chocolate rich foods are not recommended in their diet.

The second most important component of a sugar glider diet are proteins. If you end up feeding your sugar glider with too much meat, you cannot blame them for a strong odor they develop. The solution to this issue is dried protein food such as “Glide R Chow” which has been designed specifically for them. The brand offers nutritious and flavored protein products for your pets and makes them long for more.

A healthy sugar glider diet should consist of “Pet Glider Fresh Diet” each day with vitamins, calcium, staples, mealworms and healthy treats. It is a good practice to avoid feeding them anything with preservatives or added sugars and colors. In the wild, sugar gliders can do a lot of exercise and thus maintain a healthy figure. But when they are your personal pets, feeding them with an unhealthy diet can make them fat and unhealthy. They are highly energetic animals and therefore it is best to keep them in cages.

Now let us understand the constituents of a “Pet Glider Fresh Diet.” It is rich in yogurt, apple sauce, calcium fortified orange juice, oatmeal, proteins such as eggs or chicken, vegetables and fruits. In addition, do not forget to feed your pet with enough water to keep them going.

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