Tips for Freelancing Success with Upwork

Freelancing is in fashion. There are millions of people struggling with online search each day in their quest to find a stable internet based job which can supplement their income. It is not easy to choose freelancing over lucrative and secure regular jobs. But the new generation of freelancers choose freelancing as a profession not due to compulsion, but by choice. Thanks to online freelancing platforms such as Upwork, freelancers have plenty of opportunities for sourcing work from clients all over the world.

Upwork was created after the amalgamation of the popular freelancing website Elance with Odesk in 2013. The new entity has combined the features of Elance and Odesk in order to provide the best services for freelance workers and employers from different parts of the world. Users can register an account for free on Upwork and use credits for bidding on jobs advertised by other users. With no dearth of freelance projects uploaded on the Upwork’s main stream, freelancers can just get exhausted after bidding for projects online, but the availability of jobs won’t stop. Everyone has a fair chance on Upwork.

If you are a freelancer who has recently joined Upwork for some extra cash or if you want to make freelancing your career, the following tips will certainly help you a lot:

  1. Creating a captivating profile on Upwork

It is a popular saying: “Your first impression is your last impression.” The same holds true in the case of freelancing platforms such as Upwork also. After you have registered on Upwork, you first need to check if your profile is impressive enough to attract potential employers. A professional profile picture is ideally needed in order to ensure that your buyers trust you as a genuine freelancer. Often freelancers with logos or unreal celebrity pictures are difficult to trust upon. Additionally, a real picture establishes a human bond between you and your potential employer. Next comes the role of an impressive biodata. You need to proofread every word which you write about yourself on Upwork. It is a short glance at your Upwork profile which often decides if you will be hired.

  1. Work Samples

Now when you have created an impressive profile on Upwork, you also need some quality work samples to convince your buyers about your skills. For instance if you are a freelance writer, you should create a portfolio of your writing works. These will showcase your writing skills. Even if a buyer declines your offer at a particular time, he or she may decide to work with you later.

  1. Hourly Rates

Freelancers charge their clients on an hourly basis or fixed price basis. Hourly jobs are quite popular in different parts of the world as these provide substantial flexibility to the freelancer as well as the employers. With Upwork, freelancers are protected for their hourly as well as fixed priced billing with clients. Now comes the tricky portion. How to decide your hourly rate? Well, first glance through some of the other freelancers advertising the same skills on Upwork and then decide your hourly rate. There is nothing wrong in starting at a lower rate, and then increasing the price when you are established.

I hope these tips will help you in succeeding in your freelance venture with Upwork.

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