Benefits of Pressure Cooker Steamed Rice

Steam has great power. Remember James Watt’s steam engine, which deployed the same power for pulling massive train bogies? The same steam transforms raw rice into a delicious, palatable dish which makes our salivary juices flow. Rice may be cooked in different ways depending on one’s preference and method. A person may like to boil rice for a long time, but may end up losing a lot of time and fuel in the process. There comes the magic of pressure cooker in preparing steamed rice in a matter of few minutes!

Before, I unveil the method of preparing pressure cooker steamed rice, let me point out some advantages of using a pressure cooker for steaming food. The first obvious advantage of using a pressure cooker for steaming rice is the short cooking time involved. A small cooking time ensures that food is heated for a very small period, and therefore the chances of water loss are minimal. So, the second advantage is preserved water. A third advantage is retained nutritional capacity. Yes, steamed rice are much more nutritious than boiled rice. A pressure cooker makes food proteins easier to digest, another advantage of cooking rice in a pressure cooker. Research studies have confirmed the positive effects of pressure cooker on steamed rice, and therefore you can trust me for these benefits are real facts!

Let us now understand the two methods for pressure cooker steamed rice. The first step is to select a proper pressure cooker which generates steam when required and is safe to operate. The next step is to arrange rice grains and water soak them for some time. You can always add salt, oil and vegetables to taste.

In the first method, water soaked rice are transferred in the same vessel into the pressure cooker. Next, water is added inside the pressure cooker at 25% of its depth and the cooker lid is placed air tight. The heat is initiated, but the weight is not placed and one whistle of steam is allowed to escape. Next, the weight is placed and three whistles are allowed to escape. The heater is then turned off and the cooker is left undisturbed for 10-15 minutes. When you open the cooker later, your steamed rice are ready!

In the second method, water soaked rice are poured inside the pressure cooker with little oil, salt or vegetables to taste. Water is added equivalent to 1.5 times the quantity of rice and the mixture is stirred well. Next, the cooker lid is placed and a weight is added. The cooker is allowed to heat for the first whistle, and then the heat is turned off. Allow the rice to stay untouched for nearly 10-15 minutes. Next, lift the cooker lid, and enjoy your steamed rice!

Whatever method you may choose, you will definitely relish the taste of perfectly cooked rice, while saving a lot of time on cooking as well as on the food nutrients! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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