Smart Tricks to Evaluate Your Customer’s Service Experience

A well-known concept in marketing management is “Customer is king.” The same concept has been extended to the digital marketing domain with the phrase “Content is king.” There is an increasing rush among companies to offer innovative services to customers and expect a high customer loyalty and service feedback. Many marketers succeed in ensuring a high customer service experience by using traditional methods of periodic customer feedback surveys and interviews or doing market research on competitor’s best practices. I don’t say there is any harm in doing so, but digital age demands innovative methods to understand the pulse of your customers. Going forth, I will pen down some of the best creative ideas for businesses who wish to enhance their customer’s service experience.

1. Buy your own stuff.

Well, the it may seem strange to you, when I ask you to buy your own service to assess your customer’s service experience. You would argue that running a customer feedback survey should be a better option. Certainly, it is. But, buying your own service makes you go through a service blueprint and identify the possible bottlenecks in the service. Bottlenecks are specific points where your service may be delayed, thus resulting in a poor customer experience. Let us take an example.

The figure below indicates a customer service blueprint of a hypothetical premium food restaurant. The customer service points are intentionally missing here, since it is the customer who is asking for him to be served at every point. The figure provides a decent example of how poor customer service can affect customer experience. While going through the figure, you will anticipate, that the customer may not ever come to the restaurant again  unless product quality is exceptional. Yes, that’s the catch. If you are unable to provide exceptional touch points in your customer service, provide exceptional product. Coming back to the idea of buying your own products or services, it gives you a fair idea of the ongoing services. However, beware, if you enter your own organization such as a restaurant to test customer service, it may not give you correct results. In this case, some close contacts which are not recognized by your employees can do this customer service audit for you. Many companies provide such service audits. However, recording a conversation illegally during the audit is not recommended by me. If you still need a proof to test the capability of your auditor, you should try hiring more competent auditors.

In the case of digital marketing, you should read your content page yourself. If it reads nice to you without formatting issues or grammatical errors, it is likely to be engaging and appealing for your customers. If you own an e-commerce website, please browse and buy a product yourself and note possible bottlenecks. Try it today and see the results.

2. Check your reputation.

You will probably say, what’s new in that. Well, you should know “where” to check your reputation. The obvious source are the customers. But in this digital age, customers have more powerful tools in additional to traditional word of mouth. For example, social media websites Facebook and Twitter are common platforms where customers share their personal experiences with other users. What’s more? There are review websites such as and where customers can rate any product or service using website name.

You need to check customer feedback about your product or service on these websites and address the issues as soon as you can. Do it fast to avoid falling ratings online since these can be a blow to your business in the future. So, stay alert!

I hope you found these ideas helpful for your business. Please post your experiences and feedback. If you do not agree with what I wrote, feel free to criticize my approach.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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