Gifting Financial Assets on Valentine’s Day

Every year, when Valentine’s Day is round the corner, love birds think of so many things to gift each other, but rarely people notice about gifting their sweetheart with financial asset on this day. Common guys! Enough with flowers and teddy bears. If you are really concerned about the future about your valentine, then shower her with financial assets she can bank upon.

This year, let your presents win her heart instantly. No you don’t have to throng to shopping malls and gift corners to buy costly and beautiful gifts for her rather I suggest you to straightaway go to a reputed financial planner and prudently plan something for both of you.

Here are a few financial assets that you can offer him or her on Valentine’s Day.

Saving Bank Account: It’s always a better option to start your financial planning with a saving bank account in case you don’t have one. Well, I’m damn sure your valentine won’t mind if you simply take her or him to a nearby bank branch and open a new account. It’s often said that bank is the basis for savings and investment.

IRA contributions: Over the last few years, youths’ interest towards IRA is certainly diminishing. I would rather advice you to draw a cheque for her with specific amount while prompting her to invest in the IRA for future provision. Certainly, she won’t disappoint you and will happily contribute the gift cheque to IRA.

Shares and Stock: Go to your share broker and open a new demat account for him or her. While choosing shares, I suggest you to go for the shares and stock of blue-chip companies so you won’t have to worry about capital losses.

Fixed Deposit: Gifting a cheque for the purpose of opening a new fixed deposit account for her is the perfect gift for your valentine this year. Unlike shares and stocks, the capital investment in the fixed deposit stays safe and secured. Also, an investor earns a predetermined sum after the end of certain period with interest as well.

Credit card: Gifting your credit card to her is the sweetest way of saying I trust you without speaking any word. This Valentine day, gift your credit card to her and let your sweetheart use the card the way she wants to. I guarantee she will certainly like this idea.

Mutual Funds: Well, not everyone has the investment acumen. I would rather suggest you to invest in mutual fund which is relatively safer and secured than the share markets. The rate of interest earns in mutual funds is comparatively higher than what the banks pay on Fixed Deposit. To a certain extent you investment is safe in mutual funds because fund managers will manage your portfolio for investment and they are highly expert in financial knowledge.

General Insurance: How about gifting him or her with general insurance cover for important products such as car, AC and other costly products. Well this might seem out of box idea but to be sure if your valentine happens to be your life partner then idea is brighter one..

Life Insurance: Finally, making herself nominee to your life insurance is the best gift you can offer to your valentine. Obviously, you won’t like to see your family and spouse suffers in case of any unforeseen events. Though, it is in no way look like a valentine gift but it is something more than that. In short, it reflects your love, affection and concerns for your spouse and family.

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