Exploring Human Identity in Infinite Cosmos

I was fortunate enough to do some ground research on Hubble’s telescope few days ago, and accidentally I came across many interesting sources for live space streaming through NASA. The way earth viewing experiment by NASA is capturing visuals of earth’s surface, and captivating views of sunrise, my heart only grows fonder for the entity which established these processes. I may sound philosophical to few who may accuse me of babbling creator’s name, where scientific phenomena deserve credit, but the way things work around us (in space) makes me feel ashamed about our minute existence. Yes, “ashamed” I would say. We on earth, while living in our small constructed homes (small in comparison to size of larger objects such as sun, moon and infinite galaxies), proudly say, we are the most advanced species – humans. However, nature’s surprises such as survival of bacteria in space without any support, the disciplined movement of stellar objects as well as animal and plant systems, I feel are much more advanced than us.

Source: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/

I have learnt that mother’s milk for a new born baby also varies for its quantity and quality as per the needs of the baby. Well, we cannot take credit for such reflexes. Can we? We have made substantial progress in the field of scientific research will false claims to cure cancer, but still millions of people die while suffering from various types of cancer even today. We created cloned sheep dolly which died of arthritis within years of its birth. Whatever we explore or create on this earth, is done using the materials provided to us. If the scientist deciphering the DNA code was amazed at the information stored in a single DNA molecule, why should we shy away from praising the creator? Creator – I use this term since everything we observe in our daily life is scientific in nature. Our earth rotates and revolves for a fixed time period of each year and with the same discipline. We have day, night, summers, winters, autumn and spring season each year. Look at our own body. We just eat food, and chemical reactions within our body release energy from the food consumed. You eat an apple, you get energy. You do not have food, you feel weak. We are no less than chemical machines!
While thinking deeply about nature’s creation, I did spot some similarities and dissimilarities between organisms and stellar objects. One similarity is that of shape. Electron have a round shape as per a research study conducted by scientists over millions of electrons. The shape of most stellar objects is round – right from the earth, sun and moon. I do not say that humans are round too, but they do have some level of symmetry attached to them – bilaterally symmetrical. Next important characteristic is that of movement. Yes, we are constantly moving. Electrons, atoms, air, earth, sun, rivers and sea, all are moving. Even static plants show movement in the form of growing height, flowers and bending towards the light. We cannot stay static. The moment we are static, we are dead. One more similarity among living beings and stellar objects is about heat and light. It is interesting to know that even human body emits light in lesser intensity. Sun also does so. Water is closely attached to human existence. Without water, we cannot survive. Human body and key parts such as the brain and heart are 70% water. Blood flowing through our body is water! Another fabulous gift from the creator is light. Without light, we cannot see anything! I visualize earth as a place where God keeps providing light and dark phase to help life to persist. Sun, which is a red giant star, is a blessing for us. Sadly, even if we realize and appreciate the wonders of our creator, we cannot control any of the natural events. We can just observe events such as tsunami, earthquakes and floods, and manage rescue operations. We need to accept the fact that we are no less than a chemical machine or a small entity in this huge cosmos.
Many spiritual science experts in different religions have attempted to explain the science of birth, afterbirth and rebirth. I will not support or refute any theory here, but would emphasize the fact that there is some emotional component involved in our creation which precipitates in the behavior of living creatures. Philosophy can answer queries about many natural processes which are often beyond the scope of sciences.

– Anushka Suri


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