Top 5 Issues Which Will Continue to Haunt Globally in 2016

The element of peace in human life is of utmost importance but somehow it has continued to remain elusive from the mankind. Some say it is the power politics that vitiates the global harmony but not able to recognise each other’s concerns and displaying arrogance are the two big factors that lead to conflict among the nations.

The year 2015 has been the most volatile one in recent times. Though, the countdown for Happy New Year 2016 has already begun but no one can say it with certainty that global woes of this year will not creep into next year’s calendar. It is necessary for the nations to keep a close check on the forthcoming year as it unfolds.

1) Terrorism: The term refers to a violent inhuman concept in which a group of individuals, also called fundamentalists, wish to achieve their means by way of terrorising people and carrying armed attack against the state. The 2015 saw the worst form of terrorism, when ISIS (a terror outfit) originating from the conflict-torn Syria and Iraq, has carried a number of armed attacks this year at several places. The most brutal of these ones was the Paris attack that led to loss of many innocent lives within a flash of second. The threat of terrorism is very much present next year too. Because fundamentalists are known for their cowardice behaviour and destroying human lives for no reason whatsoever. The African nations including Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia among others are frequently devastated due to terror attacks. Though, there is no readymade solution to this threat but visionary leadership and long term political stability in the nation could be helpful to combat terror.

2) Recession: Economists are not too optimistic about global economic scenario for 2016. They are of the view that global growth would be less than 2 per cent and rise in unemployment in developed and developing nations seems very imminent. Another major point of worry is the devaluation of the Yuan by the Chinese government. Big economies of Brazil, Russia and China may experience more economic downturn in the coming days.

3) Environmental Threat: The images of destruction of the Nepal earthquake is still afresh in everyone’s mind. This natural catastrophe led to loss of massive human lives just within a few minutes in April this year. The magnitude of the Nepal earthquake was so huge that the nation faced a lot of aftershocks repeatedly after that fateful day. Environmentalists have cautioned that the way nature is being harmed by human beings in the name of development; the rampant environmental degradation worldwide could actually lead to a lot more survival threat for human beings such as soil erosions, flood, global warming and pollutions in the near future.

4) The Great Refugee Crisis: According to Eurostat, the EU statistics agency, more than 700,000 migrants have entered Europe this year from conflict-torn regions of Syria, Libya, Kosovo, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. It created unnecessary burden for the self sustained EU economy but they have to welcome migrants for humanity clause. With more migrants are expected to enter Europe next year there is an ongoing tension among the EU nations rising due to unbalanced burdens faced by Hungary, Greece and Italy – it is only expected to fuelled more in the coming days. Refugee crisis has definitely imbalanced peace in Europe and the continent is yet to arrive at a solution to this problem.

5) Third World War: Russia’s entry into Turkish airspace through “the Su-24” and its shoot down by Turkey’s administration is currently being viewed as the run-up to imminent third world war. However, that is not the only reason that fuelled up tension between Turkey and Russia. Turkey along with the US and other countries has always been against Russia for the latter’s continuous support to Syria’s Assad regime. On the other hand Turkey wants to expand its influence and prevent the formation of Kurdish state on the Syrian border. Though, it is expected that both Russia and Turkey will walk the tight rope with utmost caution and ease the tensions between them but one more provocation from either side could transform the nightmare of third world war a reality.

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