How to Deal with a Break-Up without Hurting Your Ex

Human life is dynamic. You don’t know what will happen next. In our love life too, various complications arise from time to time. Sometimes, two good persons just can’t stay together and break-up is the only way to move forward. Just as there is no readymade formula for a happy living, similarly there is no straight forward solution to avoid break-up.

It is essential for every one of us to realize the intricacies of a relationship and keep strengthening the same. However, it is easier said than done. The complexities of a relationship is not that much simple. The focus should be to stay strong during break-up and deal with it without hurting yourself or your Ex.

1) Moments and Memory: You should immediately erase all memories that two of you have once shared. I know it’s difficult but you have to fight it out. You must throw away all the love letters and costly gifts from your room that he or she has given you – so that these don’t affect you anymore.

2) No One is Responsible: Once you decide for a break-up, then it is absolutely pointless to hold your ex responsible for it. Accept it as a bad dream and move forward. You need not call your ex again and again and hold him responsible for the break up. It will only create more confusions and tensions into the minds of both of you.

3) Family and Friends: They are the ones who know you well. Hence, you should spend more time with them. They are always ready to help you out in tough times. So you can trust them and share your pains with them.

4) Feel the Pain Alone: Most of us go through the phases of break-up at least once in our lifetime. So, you shouldn’t blame yourself nor should you keep a grudge against your ex. These things do happen in life. It is better to experience it all alone. This emotional reaction or pain does continue for months but it becomes the source of your motivation in future.

5) No More Meet: It does seem easy that two lovers stay as close friends post break-up but reality speaks something else. To be honest, if you meet your ex again and again then it will only worsen your relationship further. Certainly, your ex will now doubt about your intentions more. Even if you don’t have any such thought in your mind. You might end up being termed as a stalker.

6) Choose a Career: Every one of us has a dream to be a successful person in life. Nothing sounds better than being successful. You should start working towards fulfilling your career ambitions even when things do not move smoothly in your relationship. Remember those who stand tall after a break-up and volatile relationship is considered as true winner.

7) Being Honey Bee: You should aim to work round the clock and keep yourself busy post break-up. Honey bees are the best examples that stay busy round the clock. You should also stay busy and active round the clock, so that your mind could avoid thinking about the hardship of break-up with which you recently went through.

8) Weaving Words: Not all are born writers. You can definitely make the pen your best friend as you write all the difficult things and the sweet memory that you experienced. It will let your heart feel light. Who knows your personal true story might become all time best seller.

9) Entering into a New Relationship: Nobody is advising you to start a new relation straightway, but after a certain period of time when you feel that normalcy is slowly returning to your life then you can definitely try building a healthy and new relationship.

10) Exercises and Meditation:  A good amount of exercise and meditation is   important for everyone. This will not only keep you physically fit but help you stay calm and peaceful too. Meditation has always acted as a stress-buster so you should concentrate on one or two hours of meditation everyday to keep yourself in the best of your mind and spirit. With the power of meditation, slowly and slowly you will able to come out of the shock of break-up even if it has broken you emotionally.

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