Top 10 Ideas to Make Your New Year Memorable

The first day of the year is not just like any other date of the calendar but it’s a special one. The first January of every year becomes a memory to be cherished forever. Hence, it is important to enjoy the day as much as you can. However, people sometimes run short of ideas to make their New Year day the most special one.


Let’s try something different on first January 2016. Following are the top 10 ideas that will help you kick start the Happy New Year 2016. It doesn’t matter where you live but you can still make the upcoming New Year 2016 a memorable one for your friends, family and yourself too.

1) Prepare a list of Resolutions: It is often said that New Year resolutions are taken to be broken, but the same is not always true. Few people do take their resolutions seriously and abide by that for the rest of the year as well. While preparing a list of resolutions you should ensure that these are reasonable and achievable so that you could accomplish them by the end of a year.

2) A New Year Party at Home: Hanging out with friends at park or restaurant or hotel is quite common during Christmas weekend. How about enjoying each moment of the beginning of the year with your beloved family members? Just ensure that you fully enjoy the day with your family members at home. It feels good.

3) Cook a New Recipe: Let this day be the one when you bring the chief within you out and prepare a beautiful dish with whatever manner you can. I can guarantee you that no ingredients taste better than the amount of affection that you add to it. It will not only be tasty but heart-warming as well.

4) Call your Friends: Invite your friends at home in the evening of New Year day and enjoy few scintillating moments with them. Play game with them such as the crossword puzzle, dumb charade and others. If you have a field near your house, then you can try playing Football, Rugby or Badminton too.

5) Fly balloons: This may sound childish. But frankly speaking, flying balloons on January 1 has its own significance. By doing so at the New Year week, you actually welcome the goodness of 2016 to visit you with lots of enthusiasm, optimism and fresh hope. Also all the negative vibes, if any gets removed with those flying balloons.

6) A Day without Gadget: I bet you can’t do it! Can you spend the whole day of 01/01/2016 without any gadget such as camera, computer, etc.? You can rather utilize the same amount of time by spending the day doing exercise, reading novels or simply enjoy watching films with your family members.

7) Donation: Learn the art of giving. Let the New Year bring some smiles on the faces of underprivileged too. You should personally visit a slum near you and help the poor with cakes, chocolates and other gifts.

8) Do Anything Creative: Can you dare to dance or sing? It doesn’t matter whether you properly know dancing or singing or not, but at the first day of the New Year, you should try your heart out doing these recreational activities at home. It will fascinate you and your loved ones too.

9) Witness the Dawn: Staying awake from the night of 31st December to dawn of 1st January is the most amazing thing to try out this year. How spectacular is it to witness the past year goes by while the New Year enters your life with lots of fresh hope, goodness and zeal.

10) Play with your Pets: Whether you own a cat or dog, make sure that they also have a rocking start to the New Year. Give them delicious dishes to eat, and stylish dresses to wear on the first day of the year. Play a lot of games with them. No doubt, not only the pets even you will enjoy spending few memorable time with them.

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