Why Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

A Valentine’s Day, widely popular as the day of hearts or day of roses, is celebrated with full fervor and zeal all across the globe. It is celebrated every year on 14th February in a much jovial manner spreading smiles all around. Often, youths love expressing their love and special feeling towards someone on this very day presenting them with a bouquet of roses or heart shaped greeting cards.

The history of Valentine’s Day is equally fascinating? The festival got its name from St. Valentine, a catholic priest of Rome. It is believed that this saint waged a solitary battle against the tyranny of Claudius II, the Roman emperor who prohibited his soldiers from marrying Christians which ignited a sense of disenchantment among them. But Saint Valentine used to carry secret marriage ceremonies for them.

When emperor came to know about it he jailed St. Valentine and later executed him as well on 14th February, 270 AD. And since then the day is being celebrated in the name of this saint for his noble deed of spreading love worldwide. A few centuries later, this turned out into a major occasion where people celebrate the essence of love in human life.

Reasons for Valentine’s Day Celebration

1) Feel the love: No doubt, some people carry that innocent fantasy inside their heart relating to that affectionate feeling towards someone for a long period of time. This is the day when you get the reason to open your heart in front of that person. It’s a fantastic feeling altogether.

2) The Relevance of Love: It won’t be wrong to say that love is the most understated word without realizing the fact that this four-letter word can move a mountain of feeling inside heart, a soothing melody for the soul and a cherishing memory of a lifetime.

3) Differentiating Between Love and Infatuation: Many people can’t differentiate between love and infatuation or simple attraction towards a beautiful girl or handsome man considering it love. Actually the case is not so. This is the day when you can decide it yourself that is it the same person you wish to spend the rest of your life with or it’s mere an attraction towards opposite sex? In other words, on Valentine’s Day you can take the most important decision in your life regarding your future.

4) The day of cards: No doubt, with the wide use of social media and emails, people often overlook greetings card. But frankly speaking, the joy of presenting a beautiful greetings card to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is indeed a special moment. It’s going to be awesome if people start using greeting cards on this day rather than using social media as a tool of communication.

5) The Glimpses of Roses: During Valentine’s Day people love giving bouquet of roses to each other signifying the intrinsic beauty of the flower to symbolize love. So you can definitely have a reason to celebrate the day while also promoting planting of rose trees all around in your vicinity.

6) Eat what you love: On Valentine’s Day you can definitely enjoy eating your favorite dishes. It would be more beautiful if you and your loved one share each other’s dish and enjoy a finest candle-light dinner together. So, now you have 1 more reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

7) Astonishing Attire: Everyone loves to wear spectacular attire on this day as an inch closer to romantic life waiting to embrace him or her. So, you will notice a lot of people wearing attractive and astonishing attire on this day. Believe me; the scenario is absolutely magnificent as girls flaunt their beauty in sparkling white gowns while men resort to classic tie or bow look.

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