Top Events to unfold on New Year’s Day 2017



New Year 2017 is just a few days away from us. It will be a great idea to look at some of the popular events which will be celebrated in the first month of the upcoming calendar year, so that we can plan our holiday in advance. Though, every city basks in the glory of New Year celebration on 1st January, yet you have to choose the best vacation spot in advance to avoid last minute rush.

New Year is the only festival that people across the world celebrate with full fervour and gaiety. In fact, it has now become of part of our life to welcome the New Yearwith full passion and enthusiasm. Be it any vacation spot that you choose, but make sure to visit there.

Don’t miss the fun of watching New Year events live in front of your eyes. It’s amazing.

  • New York – USA:It is one of the best places to be on New Year’s Day on 1st January 2017. Indulge yourself celebrating the Annual New Year’s Day Swim at beautiful Coney Island. Also NBA sporting event is expected to take place on this very day.
  • London, UK: London New Year’s Parade will celebrate its thirty first year in 2017. Around 10,000 performers hailing from various countries will take part in it. It will be an altogether a brilliant event to start off your new year with gusto.
  • Berlin, Germany:In January, the city celebrates ‘days of dance’. What else you need on this auspicious New Year day? Dancers and experienced artists will enthral you with their fantastic moves and aura. Witness it live this new year in Berlin.
  • Paris, France: Begin your New Year 2017 with an everlasting essence of love. Paris, the city of love, is known for its long tradition of extravagant New Year celebration. Visit the city with your spouse and children. Wonderful rendition of majestic French culture will be on display on New Year’s Day. Don’t miss it.
  • Brussels, Belgium:The city celebrates New Year in an awe-inspiring manner. While some people love celebrating the occasion traditional way, the city showers with happiness and ecstasy on New Year’s Day. Various musical events take place on this day offering visitors a perfect melodious option to kick-off their New Year in a unique way.
  • Oslo, Norway: The city celebrates happyNew Year event in a spectacular way. Primarily, it celebrates the occasion in traditional way, and then the big parties begin. Fireworks at midnight lights up the city beautifully. Really, it will be amazing to celebrate your happy new Year at one of this coolest New Year spots.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: The good thing about Scandinavian cities is that one city amazes while the other one enthrals. Just like Oslo, its neighbour Stockholm is also a perfect holiday spot despite heavy snowing round the clock. While the serene atmosphere and glitzy fireworks win your heart instantly, don’t forget to indulge in some extremely delicious Swedish meals.
  • Helsinki, Finland: Just witness the New Year celebratory event at Senate Square in Helsinki. It bathes with optimism and happiness surrounding the New Year. Restaurants open till late night so that people won’t have any problem enjoying the day with their family members.
  • Istanbul, Turkey: No list of holiday spots can be completed without mentioning Istanbul, Turkey’s historic city where antiquity meets modernity. You have plenty of opportunity to enjoy your Happy New year 2017 here. Celebrate the most anticipated day at Bosphorus, a strait that connects the boundary of Europe with Asia. New Year Celebratory Event at Bosphorous Bridge is something that you can’t miss out. In one word, the fantastic New Year celebration here is absolutely ethereal.
  • New Delhi, India: If you are a thoughtful person with a relentless love for art, then Visit New Delhi. India Art Festival, 2017 is expected to be organised in the early January – giving you a perfect occasion to celebrate A Very Happy New Year 2017. Nevertheless, be it Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata or New Delhi, India is known for its amazing New Year celebration all around this wonderful country.

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