Top 5 Women Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t want to look as charming as possible on Valentine’s Day? Especially, during Valentine’s Day which is globally touted as the ‘day of hearts’, no woman would like to roam around with zigzag hair. Interestingly, most women focus more on their dresses than tresses. But to make your fashion statement correct your hair, dress, footwear and makeup – everything should be astute.

In order to exhibit that romantic exuberance, you must be wearing beautiful attire and complement the same with proper hairdo and footwear. Though many women go to the salon to get a costly hair style, but with little more awareness and knowledge even you can get a good hair do at home. Or else it is always a good option to get a new and stylish hairdo at a reputed salon.

1) Heart-Shaped Bun: Try to don a half-up and half-down hair style. It’s simple. Just curls the end of your locks and separate them into a half-up hairstyle with two ponytails lying at the back of your head. Use bobby pins to pin the twisted strands into the pretty woven heart shape with the curled end of your hair flowing loose.

2) Braided Bun: This helps you get a perfect sexy look to feel the excitement of Valentine’s Day with your soul mate. It’s quite simple. Get a bun and then twist your hair to give it a braided look. It looks lots more gorgeous than what you imagine.

3) Messy Updo: This style is perfect for girls having long hair. First of all, dry your hair using a brush and towel. Add a little quantity of hair gel into your hand and gently massage your hair to make a thick texture out of it. Make a ponytail on the back of your head using an elastic band. That’s it. Your Messy Updo hair style is ready and separate it into three sections while folding each section to the back of your head.

4) Simple Long hair Style: Men do love caressing the hair of their romantic partner. You can get this hairstyle this Valentine’s Day to remain aloof from unwanted hair styling tensions before the D-day. Just keep it long and wavy. That’s it.

5) Side Swept Braid: Since a long time, side-swept braid is considered as the simplest yet outstanding hair-do for women before an important event. Why not curve your braid to give your hair styling a new different look this Valentine’s Day? The process is as simple as getting a normal braid and then give an interesting twist to it by placing it on your side.

Hairdos define personality. Make no mistake about it. This is the first thing that people notice about you. And it becomes even more important when you go for a romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration with your partner or even wish to enjoy the entire day on his lap.

Imagine that cosy moment on Valentine’s Day when he gently moves his hand on your hair while you lie on his lap? Feeling Goosebumps? No worry, just get a fabulous hair style before an important date. So girls, get set go.

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