Top 10 Valentine’s Day Traditions around the World

Valentine’s Day Continues to mesmerize people all across the globe. It has a global appeal making it the most celebrated occasion during spring season. Whether you live in Asia,  Europe or even South Africa, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in several traditions varying from one country to another.

The exchange of beautiful flowers is the common scene that you may come across on this day, but in various countries the day symbolizes several other things as well. No matter where you are; don’t miss to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14th February, 2016. It is probably the only occasion which globally celebrates the relevance of love in our life.

Here is the list of Valentine’s Day traditions throughout the globe;

1) Brazil: People of this country are not much big fans of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Rather, the Brazilian love to celebrate Dia dos Namorados (lovers’ Day) on June 12th which is the Brazilian equivalent of V-day. The exchange of costly gifts, chocolates and flowers among couples and friends continues here from morning to night.

2) France: The country is globally famous for its capital Paris, which is considered as the city of love. You can never have such a big celebration of Valentine’s day elsewhere that you have here. However, the old French tradition of valentines day is considered as the rigid one. During those days men had the freedom to choose their female mate through Loterie d’amour’. But, men often dumped women after a few days if they couldn’t find their right mate. Following this, the women would make bonfire and burnt the pictures of those males. Considering the irrational method of selecting one’s life partner the French government had abandoned this tradition and officially banned it.

3) Denmark: Believe it or not, but the country is known for celebrating the day in unique manner. More than the chocolates or roses, people here prefer to gift fresh and mesmerizing Snowdrops flowers to each other. There is also a tradition that men send joking letters to girls called gaekkebrev anonymously. Then she has to identify the sender.

4) Taiwan: The country follows a different tradition in which roses speak louder than words. When you give 108 roses to your loved one it means “will You marry me?, but when you give 1 rose to her or him it means “you are the only love” and finally, when you give 99 roses to your sweetheart it means “you are my love forever”.

5) South Korea: This country celebrates Valentine’s Day twice a year; 1st on February 14th and then again on March 14th also called white day. On February 14th, girls give lots of presents to their soul-mates, while on March 14th male offer a lots of gifts to their sweethearts. 

6) China: The Chinese version of Valentine’s Day is called Qixi. On this day women offer delicious fruits such as melons and other fruits to Zhinu, the Chinese mythological princess, with a hope to get a good and caring husband. Married couples visit temples during night to pray for happiness and prosperity. 

7) England: On Valentine’s Day eve, English women put 5 bay leaves on their pillows with the hope of getting a glimpse of their future husband in dream. 

8) Japan: Japanese women offer Giri Choco to every male they come across to as a goodwill gesture on this day. It can be anyone; your friend, boss, colleague or even a stranger. However, in order to show her romantic feelings the girl has to give Giri Choco along with a handmade gift as well to her beloved one. Boys have to complement the same on 14th March with a beautiful present including chocolates, flowers and other gifts to their girls friends. 

9) Philippines: On this day, As per the tradition of Valentines day, several people get married with the hope of having a blessed marital life. Hence mass wedding ceremonies are very common in Philippines. 

10) Italy: The occasion is celebrated in a grandeur style on this day. Girls and boys enjoy music, poetry and good books together. According to old tradition the girls would wake up before dawn, and the sight of the first man they come across will become her husband within a year.

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