Top 10 Unusual Places to Celebrate New Year

Every time we hear the term New Year, the images of some of the world’s famous tourist spots come to our mind. Let’s try something unique and different this time. Why should we celebrate the occasion in a similar manner that we do each year? Obviously, life becomes more special when you add adventure to it.


Enjoying the first day of the upcoming 2016 at some of the unusual places might sound strange, but believe me it would be far more enjoyable than you could even imagine. So what are you waiting for? Get your bags ready and enjoy the New Year at the most strange and unusual spots.

1) Zoo: Enjoying a holiday with those innocent animals and creatures is indeed a memorable experience for one’s lifetime. Viewing those little creatures playing with each other and yelling at you is an amazing experience in itself.

2) Walt Disney World: Spending the New Year holidays at the Walt Disney World in Florida will be a riveting experience for every one of you. Sometimes, it does feel good to become a child when you enjoy such a wonderful occasion with your children. They will certainly enjoy it. All of you can enjoy at the theme park until 1 am. Midnight fireworks and dance parties are some attractions at the park that you can’t miss out.

3) Food Festival: Just indulge in a food festival near you, during the New Year weekend. Forget everything about calories, fat and carbohydrates, and keep relishing the delicious dishes. Try some new dishes with your family and it is going to be an awesome start to a rocking New Year.

4) Musical Concert Hall: Starting the New Year with jingles and some soulful composition is indeed the best way to start the new dawn of 2016 in style. Visit the concert hall with your family members on the first day of the year and you will love each moment of it.

5) Swimming Pool: Why not enjoy the New Year’s Eve near the swimming pool at your home? Give it a try and you will love it. Decorate the area with balloons, candles and candies. All of you should sit together and enjoy the day as you want. You can sing together, cut cakes and dance until dawn. If you know swimming, then you can also enjoy swimming together.

6) On The roof: Why should you move outside when you already have a beautiful roof ? Just decorate it with a colorful carpet, variety of balloons, lights and other stuff. You can dance or even play together here. Is it not awesome to stay awake and welcome the cool dawn of 1st January as it unfolds before your eyes? A blissful experience for all of you.

7) Garden: Hats off to those who have the caliber to celebrate the New Year in a garden. Probably, this is the best way to salute the nature and our ecology. What an amazing way to start the new year on a green note by spending the occasion with green trees, plants and various flowers all around.

8) Store Room:  It’s sure to astound your mind, but there is nothing more exciting than this. Give your store room a little make-over and keep it neat and clean to fully enjoy the holiday. Bring your old memories back as you witness your old books, copies, useless wall clocks, computer, etc. Enjoy few precious moments together far from anyone else.

9) Library: Visit a library near your vicinity and delve yourself deeper inside the books. Let your children read whatever they wish for. It would be indeed an enlightening start to your new year. You can go for a bookstore if the libraries stay closed on 1st January 2016. No doubt, you will definitely love reading books on this day.

10) Stadium: New Year might be a holiday, but not for sportspersons. They play on this day too if their schedule is planned out in such a manner. We need to inspire, encourage and motivate them. It would be great if all of you go to a stadium and witness these courageous players play live in front of you all.

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