Top 10 Secrets to Stay Happy Throughout the New Year 2016

New Year is round the corner. The good news is that we have already spent eight months of this year and that magical moment is not too far when the date of the calendar will automatically change once the clock struck 12 on the midnight of 31st December. For all optimistic persons out there, I wish to share a few extreme amazing secrets that could help you live your life in a more meaningful and delightful manner in the upcoming new year.


The foremost step to enjoy your life is to subtract the feeling of sadness and uncertainty from life. Nobody knows what will happen next and it is even useless to think about it. By doing so, a person only makes his present days worse. Following are the top 10 secrets to a happy living that you should follow in 2016.

1) Meditation: The only thing that humans haven’t been able to overcome through the ages is the fear of uncertainty and future. Meditation does instill a sense of hope that our future days will be bright. I recommend everyone to meditate at least half an hour every day. And what a better way to make it a habit on the first day of the year.

2) Good Food: Since ancient times food cloth and shelter have remained three basic needs of life. It doesn’t matter what you do and how much busy your life is, but you must ensure that you are having good, fresh and healthy food on your platter on daily basis. It will keep you in the best of your health and spirit.

3) Proper Diet: Food is something that you can’t consume too much or too less. The message is clear – one should consume food in a balanced manner. If you eat moderately then you will never have to rush to doctor regarding your health issues.

4) Morning Walk: It’s strange but true; people never mind doing tough exercises but refrain from walking few steps in the morning. I have no qualm in accepting the fact that obesity and diabetes are the result of staying non-active and avoiding morning walk on every dawn. Certainly, morning walk is a secret to stay in perfect shape and size.

5) Contentment: In a desperate attempt to become rich and famous many people sacrifice their happiness. It definitely makes our life more tensed and stressful. Every person should stay happy with whatever they have. Ultimately, the human life is all about happiness. The focus should be on how to become happy rather than rich.

6) Listen to Your Heart: Do what you feel to be right. You should pick a profession that you truly like from the bottom of your heart. You must not bow under any pressure from your relatives and friends regarding any matter. As long as you follow the righteous path you will not have to listen to others.

7) Choose Happiness: Life is too short to focus on things that could only depress you more. Stay happy and follow the brighter side of life. You can definitely follow the dictum simple living and high thinking to ensure that you walk on the righteous path and enjoy your life too.

8) Live Each Moment: It is true that when wake up to a new dawn, some might have breath their last the night before. This seems bit philosophical, but the fact is every one of us should actually celebrate each moment of life as no one knows what life has in store for us.

9) Stay Busy and Active: As long as you stay busy and active, negativity will not be able to dampen your spirit under any circumstances. On the contrary once you start feeling complacent about your life and start relaxing more it becomes only more complicated. Your goal should be to do something creative and productive throughout the day.

10) Laugh a Lot: When the dictum laughter is the best medicine was coined for the first time, it was construed to be a joke. But, now it is well known that laughing does reduce stress and provides us with an opportunity to enjoy a healthy life.

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