Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love is something that stays inside everyone’s heart. Valentine’s Day is the only occasion that allows us to express our love and emotions freely on streets, restaurants and almost everywhere. However, life shouldn’t be made static and we must celebrate the occasion in a different manner each year.

1) Jewellery Showroom: You might claim this idea as weird, but just imagine that you are offering a golden ring or pendant (in heart shape) to your loved one on this auspicious day amid a lot of people. Certainly, it will make her feel special.

2) Spectacular Spa: How amazing it sounds to celebrate this day at Spa! Both of you should enter the spa together and enjoy the exotic body massage offered there. When you come out of the spa, both of you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Don’t forget to propose each other at the spa amidst soothing, calm and tranquil ambiance.

3) Romantic Long Drive: Sometimes we just need to enjoy the ride without thinking about destination. You should take a car and go out for a long drive with your soul-mate. Obviously, a long drive that goes through villages is amazing. The unpolluted atmosphere of the countryside will win your heart for sure. It is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

4) Theater: Many might think it’s strange, but it is definitely an awesome way to celebrate the occasion. Visit a nearby theater and enjoy some of the popular romantic films together. Once the film finishes just walk down to the projector and propose your loved one.

5) Museum: Definitely, celebrating Valentine’s Day in a museum is a life enriching experience. You might have rarely heard about this kind of Valentine’s Day celebration, but I can guarantee that intellectual couple will love the concept.

6) Home: We often hear the phrase that a home is where heart lies. True, there is nothing better than celebrating the occasion at home in front of your loved ones. You can decorate the home in a dazzling manner to enjoy the day better.

7) Ship: All of us love to travel by ship. The crystal clear water and a warm sunlight is all that matters. Come February 14th if you wish to experience something different this year then you can definitely choose to celebrate the Valentine’s Day on ship. In fact, many couples love to do the same every year.

8) Love Train: If you reside in Canada, then Love Train offers one of the most romantic journeys that you can enjoy with your spouse or partner on the Valentine’s Day. The 1700-Km journey from Winnipeg to Churchill will be a wonderful experience. The two day trip is full of adventure and sightseeing as the moving train passes through scenic villages and river. Don’t miss it

9) Geothermal Pool of Iceland: It is one of the most important reasons why tourists throng to Iceland round the year. Arranging a trip to Reykjavik and celebrating the Valentine’s Day at a Geo-thermal pool is certainly a memory to cherish forever. As two of you dip into the water don’t forget to chant I love you in front of a lot of visitors.

10) Exotic Restaurant: Over the last few years, there is a growing trend of celebrating the day at restaurants. People love the idea of a candle-night dinner so much that various cafes and food-joints launch several offers for couples to enjoy Valentine’s Day at these places. So, make the best of it and enjoy the day with each other.

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