Ten Fashion Trends Expected in New Year

Fashion is unstoppable. It’s ever evolving and interestingly what’s trending today might be old-fashioned tomorrow. We are all aware that creativity is infinite; similar is the case of fashion as well. It transcends all regions and the scope of imagination.

Fashion designers come out with new creations every now and then. We are officially 60-70 days away from witnessing the first dawn of 2016, it is essential to know some of the latest and fantastic fashion trends that are set to rule the upcoming New Year. Once you familiarize yourself with the trends it would be easy for you to get accustomed to the same.

1) ALIVE: This fashion trend is all about life and getting inspired from simple things around us. Nature is supreme and Alive theme is based upon reflecting the elegance of nature on the wardrobe in the form of plant texture, ethnic print and many more.

2) Global Commune: This trend encompasses all such things that make our free spirits come alive. Life of hippies in the 1960s era is the best to reflect this attitude. In a way this fashion trend salutes the spirit of bohemian tradition in which people do not refrain from speaking and doing whatever comes to mind.

3) Orange Color: It’s certain that orange is set to rule the upcoming 2016. The color might look heavy on your lips, but orange has its own charisma and charm. Several fashion designers have exhibited orange in variety of shades in the last few months on a constant basis highlighting the gleam that this color adds to each outfit.

4) Island Theme: This is an interesting trend which is set to get reflected throughout 2016. Some elements to be included in this theme are bucket hats, hibiscus prints, etc. You have seen this fashion in the Caribbean island.

5) The Half-Moon Bag: It is well known that a fashion statement is incomplete without a handbag, but this time fashion designers have come out with the new innovative half-moon design on their bucket bags. Several models have tried half-moon bags in the fashion shows held in the recent past.

6) Innovative Colors: Over the last few months new colors are trending including the classic pure white, black, etc. It almost seems that the 1970s era is back but with larger choice such as pale pinks, tranquil yellows and others.

7) Stripes: Be it multicolored or single colored stripes, the future of 2016 belongs to stripes. Though, the outfit with stripes is often treated as unofficial for males but you can still don this patterned attire because it’s inviting attentions all around.

8) Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits would be certainly trending in 2016. Ideally, light-colored jumpsuit works better for girls. The outfit is worn by girls all across the globe.

9) Less is More: The concept of having less and light makeup is evolving these days. Many models can be spotted with just a little foundation on face, defined brow and lipstick and not heavy make ups that we observed in the past.

10) Pjama: This Asian attire has gone global. Now it’s an emerging trend among men to try wearing Pjama for official and non-official event. It won’t be wrong to say that 2016 is set to be the year of ultra sophisticated and stylish Pjama to be worn by men of all ages. The wardrobe has now got lots of fans worldwide.

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