How to Say I Love You without Uttering A Word

Well, you are waiting for the upcoming Valentines’ Day as much as anyone else is doing. This is the day to propose your loved one with a bouquet of flowers and spectacular gifts. But the point here is that traditional method of proposing sounds cliché. Why not try something different this time?

It would be a brilliant idea for sure. It’s awesome in itself to convince someone that you love him or her without saying I Love You. Here are top 10 ways of saying I Love You; I mean that’s what your heart would be saying instead, while you retain a big smile on your face with no word from your mouth.

1) Remembering the D-Day: It’s always a great feeling to receive good wishes from the ones with whom we are closely attached on special day. Don’t let the opportunity of wishing your soul mate first on the important days of his life. Whether you are married or unmarried this trick is certainly useful. For example; you can wish your girlfriend on her birthday just when the clock strikes 12’o clock.

2) Gifts and Surprises: There is always something to gift to your sweetheart. After a hard day’s work you should pick something for your loved one. This could actually be anything; a pen, book, novel, burger, pizza, delicious doughnuts, Film DVDs or a gadget. Let it be surprise and keep the gift at his or her doorstep. When the surprise will be revealed both of you feel more love for each other.

3) Greetings Card: A true love doesn’t need reason. You can just keep sending each other greetings to take your relationship to a newer height. Each day you spend together is in fact a beautiful present in your life. Don’t miss the occasion. It would be more magnificent if you put some mesmerizing pictures on it.

4) Dedicate Lyrics for Each Other: We are well aware about the dictum, “a touch of love makes everyone a poet, why miss the opportunity? Keep writing love lyrics considering him or her as your muse! Believe me; when you speak about it to your loved one it will certainly fill both of your hearts with love.

5) Cooking Special Dish: It might be difficult idea for the ones who don’t know cooking, but offering a cooked dish with your own hands to your sweetheart and adding that essential element of love is very enthralling. No doubt, you are not a chef, but that effort and dedication is enough to make your partner swoon over your affectionate demeanor.

6) Be attentive: It is always a pleasure to converse in a sweet and loving manner with your loved one at relaxing time. Rather than irritating someone with frequent calls during working hours, you can alternatively talk in length with your loved one when he or she is free. Don’t forget to say I will wait for you rather than the clichés like I Love You, Good Night, Sweet dream, etc.

7) Compliment: Someone has said it right that complementing your beloved one with good and honest words is far more valuable than gold. Never forget to complement your soulmate with mesmerizing words in whatever way possible. This exchange of compliment must move from both sides.

8) Blissful Body Language: Never forget to offer those gentle touches that make him or her feel special. Also whenever you get an opportunity hug each other closely, because it is the best thing to do in love.

9) Shyness in Eye: Every time you talk to her or him let eyes do all the talk because it’s a far more special way to say I love you with eyes than the mouth. Stare at him or her in such a manner that your eyes reveal what your heart wants to speak.

10) Wall papers and Ringtones: Set your wallpaper to a picture of your loved one and change your ringtone to a romantic song. When two of you meet let the ringtone play and show your beloved one the wallpapers that you stored on the handset. Obviously this is one of the best ways to say I Love You using such a simple gesture.

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