How to Decorate Your Home for New Year without Spending a Penny

Every one of us wishes to offer a spectacular look to our homes during Christmas weekend and especially on New Year’s Day, but it’s definitely not an easy thing to do so, especially when you think about those costly products that you may have to buy from the market to decorate your house.

However, you can decorate your house absolutely free using your imagination and creativity. Here are the top 10 ideas by which you can decorate your home in an easy and magnificent manner without spending a penny.

1) Set Your Priority: In the name of interior decoration, people use to spend several bucks without realizing which room or area is the priority. For example; if you spend most of your time at living room, then it’s absolutely useless to decorate the other rooms that much attractively as this one.

2) Re-use the Useless Items: Using simple creative ideas, you can quickly transform your glass bottle into a vase or even a tin for keeping useful stuffs like pens, pencil and several other things as well.

3) Photo Frames: Pictures are the moments, pictures are the memory and most importantly, photos can give a complete new look to your house as well, when you wish to beautify your house. This New Year, replace your old photos with the newer ones and see how your room transforms into a royal palace.

4) Re-arranging Furniture and fittings: You can give a new look to your home simply by rearranging your furniture from one room to another. For example; you can move your sofa from the drawing room to the living room and so on. You can also fill open space with chairs and tables. It does look good.

5) Greetings Card: Don’t throw your greetings card into dustbin. In fact, you can actually offer a great look to your home by displaying them in clusters on a bookshelf at your drawing room.

6) Put your Artifacts to Use: If you are the one who love history and culture, then New Year is exactly the right time to put all your artifacts on display at the shelf or showcase. It makes your house look classy and brilliant.

7) Do it Yourself: Whether you have enough skills of interior decoration or not is a secondary matter but you can definitely save a lot by not hiring the service of a specialist or interior decorator. Rather you can learn this art simply by following youtube videos or reading some reliable blogs.

8) Colorful Fruits: You will be absolutely surprised to know that fruits can be part of your interior decoration. Put a vase on a table on your drawing room and keep all colorful fruits such as apples, oranges and limes inside it. This gives a stunning look to your house.

9) Accessorize Your Bathroom: Keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Don’t forget to put clean curtains on your bathroom door. You can also use your painting skills and draw some beautiful scenery on the wall to let it look more stunning and wonderful.

10) Flowers: It’s more than a blessing to have a garden. Apart from vegetables that you can obtain here without any cost, you can also use your home grown flowers for decoration purposes as well. Keep flower pots at both sides of the door to mesmerize your guests and give a new dashing look to your house.

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