Go Green This New Year’s Day Celebrations

Tips for Environment Friendly Celebration Ideas

If you have become too used to with similar kinds of New Year celebrations and parties, then this New Year, let’s try something different. You have plenty of ways to celebrate you New Year in eco-friendly ways. It not just ensures a wonderful festive opportunity, but also helps you serve the cause of the nature for a greener planet.

By celebrating the first morning of the year in environment friendly ways, you not just start the New Year with gusto but also save the nature in larger sense. After New Year day, garbage and unused foods are thrown on the streets directly polluting the atmosphere around us.

I suggest everyone to go green this New Year, and it is quite simple. You won’t have to spend a lot of bucks for an eco-friendly celebration – just read out the tips given below:

  • Home Recipes: Forget street food this New Year. They are not just bad for your overall health but affects nature as well. I would suggest you to prepare a new delicious dish at home using your cooking skills and share it with your friends.
  • Use Internet for Invitations: Don’t send invitations to your friend on New Year using greetings card or letters. Just message them directly using your computer on email without using any paper. You must know that each paper comes from wood, so we must minimize the use of paper as and when possible.
  • Why Not Pets! : Let this New Year be the year of happiness. And you can of course start with adopting pets. Puppy and kittens are ideal pets since they easily do friendship with humans. So, this new year if you find a pet looking at you with adorable eyes – waging its tail – then bring it back home and make him your family member.
  • Bio Plates and Cups: There may be lots of shops in your vicinity which sell plates and cups made up of bamboo. Buy these items for a wonderful New Year party. Plastic dinner plates and cups badly harm our nature in an irreplaceable manner.
  • Real Flower Vase: For the sake of decorating our homes, we often make huge investment in things which could be disastrous for nature. So, this new year let us decorate our house on New Year with a natural flower vase. Simply, take an old pot and put real refreshing flowers inside it. That’s it. Your natural flower vase is ready.
  • Sugarcane Dress: Many people don’t know that sugarcane dress is quite trending these days. Sugarcane jean is a wonderful Eco-friendly product to wear on this day and start a new trend. Let it be your party outfit for New Year’s Eve and parties.
  • Fruit Juice Over Alcohol: Natural fruit juices are always a better option than alcohol, vodka or wine. This New Year, start your day with a resolution to forbid alcohol – which not just affects our body but also makes us lesser concerned about nature. Obviously, when you eat fruit juice regularly you will realize the importance of fruits, forests and trees.
  • Plantation & Afforestation: Unless you own a larger hectare of land, it is impossible to dream of afforestation, but as a responsible citizen you can at least start planting various trees in your garden. It will give you more reason to celebrate New Year in a unique manner. Spread the word.
  • Nature in Daily Life: We often see that ceramics and glass plates are used at our homes, starting this New Year start replacing these things with plates clay plates and glass instead. Similarly, you should also start replacing your utensils with natural bio-degradable ones.
  • Finally, we have to act responsibly towards nature. While celebrating New Year day with friends, we must not forget that it’s for very nature we are surviving this day so our celebration should be somber and natural too.

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