Does New Year Eve Make You Depressed?

We are back at a time when clock takes forward steps but somewhere our memories compel us to look back. This is the irony of fate. On one hand people welcome the New Year with open hearts; there are several others who actually view the last weekend of the year and New Year’s Eve with suspicion.

More than anything else, this is actually a psychological syndrome. It is an unexplained behavior of certain individuals that they feel so depressed every time New Year’s Eve in round the corner. Though, there are no easy answers to it but some consider that the various hypes and campaigns in run up to New Year celebration make people more depressed.

Though, it is ideal to take life as it comes, following are few major factors that create some sort of imbalances in human mind on realizing that previous year is getting passed but he or she hasn’t accomplished what they had wished to.

1) Not Able to Enjoying Big Parties: This has emerged out to be the most common cause of disappointment among people on New Year’s Eve. There can be many reasons why a person may not be able to enjoy his New Year party; may be because he or she recently went through the pains of break ups or has recently lost his close relative or he or she might not have enough money to enjoy so. It’s quite easy to cope up with the same – simply call your acquaintances or friends any day after the New Year and enjoy the party.

2) No Relaxation on the day: Sometime, it just becomes scary to even think of New Year’s Eve. On this day, friends would listen nothing and force you to enjoy the so called midnight parties while you may be willing to spend the whole day at bed reading your favorite classics.

3) Indulging in Alcohol and Drinks: Some guys just get disturbed with the thought of engaging in extravagant New Year parties and having all sorts of intoxication which some people of course find offensive and immoral. They want to stay away from these things. They may feel dejected on the thought of engaging in such unethical things.

4) Resolutions Broken: This is absolutely not the suitable time to realize that you have broken quite a few resolutions that you have taken last year. Always remember the simple saying that “let be gone by gone”. Rather feeling disappointed about your broken resolutions you should actually set the new ones or just be determined enough to fulfill them this year but don’t think about this things on New Year’s Eve. Start setting goals on another day.

5) New Year Kiss: It has become a norm for the couple to indulge in lip-lock during New Year holidays but you don’t need to curse this beautiful life if you don’t have a romantic partner to date with rather I suggest you to simply avoid going to couple’s party and enjoy a bachelor or bachelorette party instead. As far as that kiss is concerned gift it to someone whom you find best and appropriate and not the one just for the sake of show-off.

6) Not Enough Money for Celebration: One thing that you can always avoid is the excessive show off. If you don’t have enough money to visit costly restaurants or five-star hotel or even bars, then admit this fact and move on. Just lock yourself inside a room and enjoy the way you want – with family members or alone listening to popular Hollywood songs or films of your choice.

7) New Year Euphoria Stays Short: Basically, all the euphoria, party and excitement and jubilations start diminishing once the clock strikes 12”0 clock on the New Year’s eve. Then the same old story from last year comes back – partying for a couple of hours more and you will get back to your home tired and drowsy.

8) Hectic Transportation: If you are a busy individual and have to move here and there on the New Year’s Day then there is a possibility that you will find it difficult to get a new cab because it will cost you a lot of buck. Also on this day, you will have to find the right guy driving the vehicle for your safety. Drunk driving is very common during celebrating New Year.

9) Calories Count: Unleashing yourself in tasty and mushy pancake and desserts is not right as far as your health is concerned. Just a week back you had several heavy meals during Xmas celebration, and it becomes more depressing to see that people make all kinds of resolution to stay fit but starts the year with all kinds of junk foods.

10) No New Year for Poor: Finally, there is no New Year for the poor; this is the single most tragedy associated with every New. It doesn’t bring happiness to everyone. While rich enjoy the occasion to fullest, the poor at same time will curse his life.

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