From Emotional Intelligence towards Artificial EI

The most poignant thought that goes through the minds of people is mostly related to their decision. Now, suppose, if your smartphone comes to your help then will it not be a wonderful thing to explore? No, I am not making any wild guesses here. In fact, the time has come when we will soon see how devices will help us in our decision making.

In its simplest sense, emotional intelligence helps one see the real face of emotion and regulate the same depending upon circumstances while AI refers to specialized technology that helps humans perform certain tasks with more … Read more....

Some Essential Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Globally speaking, around 1.3-million people die in road crashes every year. The statistics further says that additional 40-50 million people sustained heavy injuries each year. Is there any way to prevent such a disastrous trend? The answer is yes.

Interestingly, not all accidents are caused due to negligence or inability of the driver riding the vehicles. Some accident and mishaps involving pedestrians also happen because of the latter’s ignoring of traffic rules or over-engagement with devices and gadgets.

Top 8 Safety Rules Every Pedestrians Must Follow

#1) Forget Headphones: Headphones are certainly becoming the death trap for the youths. Once … Read more....

Traits of a Good Verbal Communicator

Traits of a Good Verbal Communicator

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Some persons are born with an inherent disability that denies them with the blessings of speaking properly. In medical term, this is called stammering. Thankfully, with astute medical care, latest equipment and appropriate speech therapy, the extent of stammering can be reduced.

It is the human’s capacity of communication that keeps the world moving. Yes, how we speak, write and listen determine the quantum of success that we accomplish in life. There are certain things that make a person good verbal communicator but everyone isn’t lucky to be so. Some people face communication problems in their daily … Read more....

Online Trolling can Take a Dangerous Turn

Online Trolling can Take a Dangerous Turn

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We are living at a time when social media bullying or online trolling is the norm of the day. We have to deal with this new online hazard called ‘cyber harassment’ day in and day out. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others have now emerged out as the most convenient way to abuse, troll and pass condescending remarks on others under the garb of anonymity and freedom of speech.

Of late, former CEO of Twitter admitted that the popular “Micro blogging Site” has failed to tackle the menace of online trolling across … Read more....

Cultural Mining – Know What you don’t know

Have you ever wondered how you came to know what you know today? From where did all these information end up in the books that you read in school and college. Even the subjects that you have mastered, do you think you know all of it? Think again, because today, most of the things that we are aware of has been filtered or in more precise words, mined.

From religion to science, knowledge as we know is the result of cultural mining. But what is cultural mining?

Cultural Mining describes the process by which the most important parts of culture, … Read more....

Top 5 Women Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t want to look as charming as possible on Valentine’s Day? Especially, during Valentine’s Day which is globally touted as the ‘day of hearts’, no woman would like to roam around with zigzag hair. Interestingly, most women focus more on their dresses than tresses. But to make your fashion statement correct your hair, dress, footwear and makeup – everything should be astute.

In order to exhibit that romantic exuberance, you must be wearing beautiful attire and complement the same with proper hairdo and footwear. Though many women go to the salon to get a costly hair style, but with … Read more....

Is Getting a Plastic Surgery Cool this Valentine’s Day?

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery has always been viewed with much suspicion since ancient time. But with the modern era ushering in, women are far more conscious towards beauty and health than ever. They never refrain from experimenting with their bodies to look more beautiful and attractive.

Especially, during the time of Valentine’s Day, women love to go for plastic surgery. But the question emerges here that is it a right thing to do so? The recent 2014 RealSelf survey has revealed that around 50% of the women in the age group 25-44 are okay doing cosmetic surgery or even … Read more....

How Will British Pound Perform in 2017?

Uncertainty is certainly looming large over the UK economy because one way or other Brexit effect will surely leave its impact Pound Sterling. The immediate fall-out of Brexit decision was the Pound’s 12% dip against the US dollar. It may take at least half a year more before British Pound will stand in parity with the US dollar.

A couple of months back, the exchange rate of Sterling Pound dropped to $1.33 against 1 US Dollar.  This clearly reflects that Brexit impact is not over as yet. Investors will have to invest carefully during this period. Even after the Brexit … Read more....

Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

“Tips for Personal Development and Grooming”

Before you go on to celebrate this special day with your soulmate, please spend some time towards analyzing whether you are ready or not. Excuse me, merely putting on a gorgeous outfit won’t make your day special but you have to ensure lots of other things as well.

Valentine’s Day is not mere a celebration but an occasion that instantly connects two hearts. Don’t diminish the intrinsic joy of Valentine’s Day in the lap of each other due to your ignorance.

Body Language: You must be aware of how to use your body … Read more....

Top 5 Issues Which Will Continue to Haunt Globally in 2016

The element of peace in human life is of utmost importance but somehow it has continued to remain elusive from the mankind. Some say it is the power politics that vitiates the global harmony but not able to recognise each other’s concerns and displaying arrogance are the two big factors that lead to conflict among the nations.

The year 2015 has been the most volatile one in recent times. Though, the countdown for Happy New Year 2016 has already begun but no one can say it with certainty that global woes of this year will not creep into next year’s … Read more....