Traits of a Good Verbal Communicator

Traits of a Good Verbal Communicator

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Some persons are born with an inherent disability that denies them with the blessings of speaking properly. In medical term, this is called stammering. Thankfully, with astute medical care, latest equipment and appropriate speech therapy, the extent of stammering can be reduced.

It is the human’s capacity of communication that keeps the world moving. Yes, how we speak, write and listen determine the quantum of success that we accomplish in life. There are certain things that make a person good verbal communicator but everyone isn’t lucky to be so. Some people face communication problems in their daily lives even without any congenital issues.

It takes years of practice and other traits that make a person good verbal communicator. Nobody is a born communicator with first-class verbal abilities. People have to acquire these skills from the very environment that surrounds us. It is a well known fact that “One’s communication ability is directly linked to one’s thought process”. Every time you interact with people – do so directly from brain not emotions.

5 Tips to be a Good Verbal Communicator

Think Before You Speak: During a verbal communication, whatever you speak should precede with relevant thoughts in advance. Suppose, you wish to speak about “rising crime against women” then you can’t blabber on “climate change or environmental degenerations”. Hence, during a public speech your words should complement your thoughts.

Authenticity and Fact: When you speak or communicate, do it from your own research and analysis and fact – don’t simply utter something that is “based on your emotion”.

Respect Other’s Communication Ability: A good verbal communicator never interferes when others are speaking. It is based on simple dictum that respect begets respect. Being humble should be the cornerstone of your communication goals. So, speak with confidence and humility while accepting convergence of viewpoints too.

Brief, concise and up to point: What separates a good verbal communicator from others is an ability to convey so many things in a few words only. Keep your communication up to the point while talking to others. Nobody likes sermons and parables – keep your communication process more informative and useful.

Be a good listener: Nobody acquires excellent communication skills in a day. Every person aspiring to have exemplary oratory skills should start with being a good listener first. Listening to various discussions and debates opens up one’s mind, and helped grasping important essence from the same.

Fundamentals to a Good Verbal Communication

Some fundamental skills that enhance a person’s communication ability are language proficiency and ability to use a wide variety of vocabulary in his communication. The way a person uses his body language is also necessary during a live discussion or public speaking.

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Last but not the least; a good verbal communicator should have the ability to motivate others and add positive essence to their lives. You should keep inspiring people with positive and optimistic thoughts with your words. Never speak same thing again and again – rather convey a lot of other important things that could let them feel enlightened after having a meaningful discussion with you.

Online Trolling can Take a Dangerous Turn

Online Trolling can Take a Dangerous Turn

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We are living at a time when social media bullying or online trolling is the norm of the day. We have to deal with this new online hazard called ‘cyber harassment’ day in and day out. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others have now emerged out as the most convenient way to abuse, troll and pass condescending remarks on others under the garb of anonymity and freedom of speech.

Of late, former CEO of Twitter admitted that the popular “Micro blogging Site” has failed to tackle the menace of online trolling across the globe. According to a statistics around 50% of the twitter users have faced online trolling once or more.

trolling online

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Even a reputed news site like CNN wasn’t spared. A lot of derogatory and anti-social comments have been posted by online trollers on the news site with nefarious intent to harass others in the discussion or comment thread.

CNN found that the behavior of online trollers is somewhat different from other users in a sense that normal users express their opinions freely but trollers wait for some particular topics to emerge so that they could intervene and start hurling abuse to others — not in sync with the thoughts of trollers. However, CNN has now stopped giving access to trollers with strict algorithms, and all comments are now first manually checked by the admin before approval on the site.

With rise in cases of cyber bullying worldwide, even law enforcement agencies have now come forward taking stern action against anti-social elements engaging in intimidating a user with life threat or criminal intent. But it is far from satisfactory; hardly 10% of the real trollers ever get caught in their real lives.

Online Trolling is a Global Threat

A couple of years back, certain section of antisocial elements in the UK openly abuse women and LGBT. Then Stop Online Abuse campaign was launched throughout the Britain to condemn the practice of online abuse and threats.

A few years back, online trolling crossed all limits when a few abusive netizens mocked a FB memorial page of a deceased person. In another case, a feminist Anita Sarkeesian received a bomb, rape and murder threats from certain criminal-minded online users for speaking up against the “misogynistic perception” prevailing in online games.

In another case, the deputy editor (Washington) of New York Times left Twitter after he was flooded with hate tweets for taking on a controversial issue. A Pew Research Center survey indicated that 70% of trollers are in the age bracket of 18-24. Also, around 26% of women have faced online stalking in their lives.

Trolling on social media

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Shockingly, political parties usually stay mum on this trolling anti-social saga. During the 45th US Presidential Elections, many online trollers openly supported Trump and thrashed Hillary Clinton and her supporters. But none of the parties took the matter seriously.

Online Trolling is Dangerous for Common People

The fulcrum of trolling mentality is to harass people. It is because of these trollers and abusers that many right-thinking and rational people have stopped using social media. Andrew Auernheimer (Weev online) is the biggest troll in the history of social media.

Andrew served more than a year in prison on the charges of conspiracy and concealing real identity, but didn’t mend his conduct even after getting released from Jail. He left the US and moved somewhere else but kept trolling online. Recently, Reddit has also banned a few discussion groups for posting obnoxious things online. Online harassment is taking a dangerous turn now.

Trolls and trolling

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What we now need is a strong law to punish online trollers for harassing people and indulging in antisocial and illegal activity. If a group of people intentionally posting loathsome and hateful messages online to criminally intimidate others, then they should be dealt harshly under the hands of law.

Cultural Mining – Know What you don’t know

Have you ever wondered how you came to know what you know today? From where did all these information end up in the books that you read in school and college. Even the subjects that you have mastered, do you think you know all of it? Think again, because today, most of the things that we are aware of has been filtered or in more precise words, mined.

From religion to science, knowledge as we know is the result of cultural mining. But what is cultural mining?

Cultural Mining describes the process by which the most important parts of culture, by which we understand the arts, humanity, and philosophy are recovered and made useful for our own times.

In cultural mining, the practical sides of culture, are carefully extracted, cleaned, blasted and remolded and then used to manufacture the mental tools that we need to navigate contemporary life.

Its been a historical problem that hugely valued cultural insights have often been lodged in highly unappealing material far below ground. Its been dark and cramped in corridors of culture and hardly anyone except for certain credited experts have been credited to visit.

The material, like metal in ore, is entirely practical in its raw state.

For culture to be useful and meaningful to us, it needs to go through a process of refinement. You have to separate cultural insights from lot of material surrounding it. Like in gold mining, a very little portion of what originally has been dug out will be used to make a finished precious item that our society needs, that is, good ideas.

Its around this process of refinement, the big difference between the school of life and standard universities comes apparent. We ought to be very grateful to these universities for digging the mines and keeping open the tunnels. But we have a different project.

We are interested in the extraction and the utilization of the material on the surface rather than its preservation and interpretation below ground.

The idea of cultural mining is new, still it feels a little weird. But it has a critical role to play in our world. Because at present, lots of people sadly believe that culture has anything significant to offer them. It’s not their fault, of course. When you look at the raw material in the form of which culture is generally laid out for us, no wonder most people don’t bother. That’s a huge pity. We have started doing the mining, deep in the cultural ground to help us meet the multiple confusions and anxieties of our own times.

Top 5 Women Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t want to look as charming as possible on Valentine’s Day? Especially, during Valentine’s Day which is globally touted as the ‘day of hearts’, no woman would like to roam around with zigzag hair. Interestingly, most women focus more on their dresses than tresses. But to make your fashion statement correct your hair, dress, footwear and makeup – everything should be astute.

In order to exhibit that romantic exuberance, you must be wearing beautiful attire and complement the same with proper hairdo and footwear. Though many women go to the salon to get a costly hair style, but with little more awareness and knowledge even you can get a good hair do at home. Or else it is always a good option to get a new and stylish hairdo at a reputed salon.

1) Heart-Shaped Bun: Try to don a half-up and half-down hair style. It’s simple. Just curls the end of your locks and separate them into a half-up hairstyle with two ponytails lying at the back of your head. Use bobby pins to pin the twisted strands into the pretty woven heart shape with the curled end of your hair flowing loose.

2) Braided Bun: This helps you get a perfect sexy look to feel the excitement of Valentine’s Day with your soul mate. It’s quite simple. Get a bun and then twist your hair to give it a braided look. It looks lots more gorgeous than what you imagine.

3) Messy Updo: This style is perfect for girls having long hair. First of all, dry your hair using a brush and towel. Add a little quantity of hair gel into your hand and gently massage your hair to make a thick texture out of it. Make a ponytail on the back of your head using an elastic band. That’s it. Your Messy Updo hair style is ready and separate it into three sections while folding each section to the back of your head.

4) Simple Long hair Style: Men do love caressing the hair of their romantic partner. You can get this hairstyle this Valentine’s Day to remain aloof from unwanted hair styling tensions before the D-day. Just keep it long and wavy. That’s it.

5) Side Swept Braid: Since a long time, side-swept braid is considered as the simplest yet outstanding hair-do for women before an important event. Why not curve your braid to give your hair styling a new different look this Valentine’s Day? The process is as simple as getting a normal braid and then give an interesting twist to it by placing it on your side.

Hairdos define personality. Make no mistake about it. This is the first thing that people notice about you. And it becomes even more important when you go for a romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration with your partner or even wish to enjoy the entire day on his lap.

Imagine that cosy moment on Valentine’s Day when he gently moves his hand on your hair while you lie on his lap? Feeling Goosebumps? No worry, just get a fabulous hair style before an important date. So girls, get set go.

Is Getting a Plastic Surgery Cool this Valentine’s Day?

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery has always been viewed with much suspicion since ancient time. But with the modern era ushering in, women are far more conscious towards beauty and health than ever. They never refrain from experimenting with their bodies to look more beautiful and attractive.

Especially, during the time of Valentine’s Day, women love to go for plastic surgery. But the question emerges here that is it a right thing to do so? The recent 2014 RealSelf survey has revealed that around 50% of the women in the age group 25-44 are okay doing cosmetic surgery or even receiving a gift of aesthetic procedure for the same from their soulmate.

However, getting a gift certificate from your spouse to go for Botox treatment or breast augmented through surgery is not like just any other gifts. It means you are changing the things that nature gave you – in fact, you will never get that natural beauty or look back. Are not you losing out their natural beauty just to please your lover? This Valentine’s Day, learn to say no to cosmetic or Plastic surgery even if your partner compels you to go under a knife.

If someone is more interested in your beauty and appearance and gifting you with a certificate to get a surgery done, then he doesn’t love you at all. An American tabloid has recently disclosed that around 80 percent of women would love to receive cosmetic procedure as their Valentine’s Day gift. Yes, women are somewhat always ready to become more beautiful. But men should think twice before asking their loved one to go under a knife. Will it really enhance her beauty or will destroy her natural elegance?

The popular procedures suitable for a Valentine’s Day include lip augmentation, wrinkle correction and botox injections. Also, some women go for laser treatments of the facial skin. Latest medical innovation is SNIF fat injection that cures the wrinkles on the face.

Before going for a beauty treatment and surgery, ask it yourself is the cosmetic surgery right or offensive? Valentine’s Day is a time when people dip in the sea of love to celebrate the love they have for one another – keep it real not based on your look or physical appearance.

“I find that husbands really like to make their wives feel special on Valentine’s Day and the gift of plastic surgery is a great way to do that,” says Dr. Andrew Miller, a plastic surgeon based in New Jersey. However, men should not force their wife to go with plastic surgery on Valentine’s Day. It depends upon your wife’s discretion whether she wishes to pursue it or not.

Ideally, only when you feel it yourself that plastic surgery is really required to enhance your beauty and persona, then only you should go for it. Don’t simply believe in those certificates that your partner gives you prompting you to go for plastic surgery, when you feel that plastic surgery is utmost needed then only you should proceed.


How Will British Pound Perform in 2017?

Uncertainty is certainly looming large over the UK economy because one way or other Brexit effect will surely leave its impact Pound Sterling. The immediate fall-out of Brexit decision was the Pound’s 12% dip against the US dollar. It may take at least half a year more before British Pound will stand in parity with the US dollar.

A couple of months back, the exchange rate of Sterling Pound dropped to $1.33 against 1 US Dollar.  This clearly reflects that Brexit impact is not over as yet. Investors will have to invest carefully during this period. Even after the Brexit decision, the UK will have two years more time up to 2019 to leave the Brexit by following all legal requirements and formalities necessary for the purpose.

David Cameron, after stepping down as Prime Minister of the UK, has left it upon his successor to change Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty that governs how nations could exit the bloc. If the UK decides to leave the single market all at once, then it may need to manage Free Trade Agreements with other nations independently, which could take more time to create favorable investment scenario inside the UK. The next two to three years time will be crucial for the UK economy.

The British Member of Parliament (MP) George Osborne said, “We think investors should be prepared for the risk of [pound] weakness extending quite significantly in the next few months, while uncertainty surrounding how the U.K. moves forward persists.”

Gloomy Pictures After Brexit Referendum

No matter, how hopeful the Britons and economists are over the Brexit decision in the long run, the UK PMI data for construction and tertiary sector have disclosed much lower figure and estimate than what was expected. Investor’s confidence is at its all time low now.

Even OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has warned that UK will have to exercise uttermost caution while implementing its economic policies or else it will fall into the deep trap of recession.

Investment Climate of UK in 2017

If current days are taken into consideration then the future of the UK economy in the early 2017 is not going to be that much good. Not just investors are confused, even FDIs into the Great Britain are coming intermittently. Also, a recent official figure has quoted that investment fell at a rate of around 0.4% in the first quarter of 2016.

The value of currency has to be watched with uttermost caution. If the exchange rate of the pound falls below $1.30 level, it could be alarming for the entire economy. That’s what happened in mid 1980s, following which recession engulfed the entire state. However, these are only predictions. Some economists feel that brighter days are ahead for the UK.

They are sure that pound will be able to recover soon in the next few months hence a hopeful New Year can be expected. With a strong and experienced leader like Theresa May at the helm as the Prime Minister of the state, there is no doubt that UK economy will come back strongly in the New Year.

Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

“Tips for Personal Development and Grooming”

Before you go on to celebrate this special day with your soulmate, please spend some time towards analyzing whether you are ready or not. Excuse me, merely putting on a gorgeous outfit won’t make your day special but you have to ensure lots of other things as well.

Valentine’s Day is not mere a celebration but an occasion that instantly connects two hearts. Don’t diminish the intrinsic joy of Valentine’s Day in the lap of each other due to your ignorance.

Body Language: You must be aware of how to use your body language properly. Never at any moment show a sign of anxiety on your face or with your demeanors, when you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner – even if it is the first time you are dating.

Body Shape: Months before Valentine’s Day, keep yourself engaged with daily exercise. Don’t fret from sweating it out at gyms. Hard works eventually pay off. You should focus towards keeping yourself strong and healthy. Always remember that you have to strike a perfect balance – neither too slim and nor too bulky.

Dressing Style Matters: Wear sensible clothes on Valentine’s Day. Keep it neat, attractive and gorgeous. Also you must be comfortable with the dress you wear on this day. It must not be too tight or too loose. That’s it.

Trimmed Finger Nails: Whether you are a boy or girl, it is equally important for everyone to have trimmed nails especially when you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your soulmate. It is always recommended to get your manicure and pedicure done a couple of days before Valentine’s Day.

Hair Style Matters: Before the occasion, ask it yourself whether the current hairdo looks good on you or not. If you feel that it can be groomed further then go to a nearby salon and get your new hair style. Your hair is the first thing that melts the heart of your partner, so keep it stylish and nice.

Scent Essential: These days, various types of perfumes are available in the market. So before going on a romantic date with your loved one on the Valentine’s Day, keep yourself refreshed and revitalized using magnificent perfumes that emit sweetest fragrance.

Elegant Gifts: This Valentine’s Day, let your gift speak the love you have towards your partner. Don’t go for costly gifts; just make sure that your gift is astoundingly stunning. Yes, teddy bears, bouquets, etc. are okay but ring, necklace, bracelet and hats are apt gifts considering the occasion.

Communication Skills: This is the art that no text book can teach you. You have to gradually grasp this art from the people surrounding you. An art of communication doesn’t mean speaking only but it means listening also. On your valentine’s date always pay heed to what your partner is saying.

Punctuality: Make it a habit to be on time and do all your stuff timely. If you plan a romantic date on Valentine’s Day, please ensure that you rush to the spot on time without delay. In fact, it is such a good idea to accompany your partner at food joints or restaurants or even cinema halls – reaching there a few minutes before the planned time.

Stay Calm and Relaxed: When you are enjoying some cozy moments with your partner, do try to stay calm and relaxed. Don’t hurry or show as if you are not enjoying the occasion even if the celebration is not as big as you expected it to be.

Top 5 Issues Which Will Continue to Haunt Globally in 2016

The element of peace in human life is of utmost importance but somehow it has continued to remain elusive from the mankind. Some say it is the power politics that vitiates the global harmony but not able to recognise each other’s concerns and displaying arrogance are the two big factors that lead to conflict among the nations.

The year 2015 has been the most volatile one in recent times. Though, the countdown for Happy New Year 2016 has already begun but no one can say it with certainty that global woes of this year will not creep into next year’s calendar. It is necessary for the nations to keep a close check on the forthcoming year as it unfolds.

1) Terrorism: The term refers to a violent inhuman concept in which a group of individuals, also called fundamentalists, wish to achieve their means by way of terrorising people and carrying armed attack against the state. The 2015 saw the worst form of terrorism, when ISIS (a terror outfit) originating from the conflict-torn Syria and Iraq, has carried a number of armed attacks this year at several places. The most brutal of these ones was the Paris attack that led to loss of many innocent lives within a flash of second. The threat of terrorism is very much present next year too. Because fundamentalists are known for their cowardice behaviour and destroying human lives for no reason whatsoever. The African nations including Nigeria, Somalia and Ethiopia among others are frequently devastated due to terror attacks. Though, there is no readymade solution to this threat but visionary leadership and long term political stability in the nation could be helpful to combat terror.

2) Recession: Economists are not too optimistic about global economic scenario for 2016. They are of the view that global growth would be less than 2 per cent and rise in unemployment in developed and developing nations seems very imminent. Another major point of worry is the devaluation of the Yuan by the Chinese government. Big economies of Brazil, Russia and China may experience more economic downturn in the coming days.

3) Environmental Threat: The images of destruction of the Nepal earthquake is still afresh in everyone’s mind. This natural catastrophe led to loss of massive human lives just within a few minutes in April this year. The magnitude of the Nepal earthquake was so huge that the nation faced a lot of aftershocks repeatedly after that fateful day. Environmentalists have cautioned that the way nature is being harmed by human beings in the name of development; the rampant environmental degradation worldwide could actually lead to a lot more survival threat for human beings such as soil erosions, flood, global warming and pollutions in the near future.

4) The Great Refugee Crisis: According to Eurostat, the EU statistics agency, more than 700,000 migrants have entered Europe this year from conflict-torn regions of Syria, Libya, Kosovo, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. It created unnecessary burden for the self sustained EU economy but they have to welcome migrants for humanity clause. With more migrants are expected to enter Europe next year there is an ongoing tension among the EU nations rising due to unbalanced burdens faced by Hungary, Greece and Italy – it is only expected to fuelled more in the coming days. Refugee crisis has definitely imbalanced peace in Europe and the continent is yet to arrive at a solution to this problem.

5) Third World War: Russia’s entry into Turkish airspace through “the Su-24” and its shoot down by Turkey’s administration is currently being viewed as the run-up to imminent third world war. However, that is not the only reason that fuelled up tension between Turkey and Russia. Turkey along with the US and other countries has always been against Russia for the latter’s continuous support to Syria’s Assad regime. On the other hand Turkey wants to expand its influence and prevent the formation of Kurdish state on the Syrian border. Though, it is expected that both Russia and Turkey will walk the tight rope with utmost caution and ease the tensions between them but one more provocation from either side could transform the nightmare of third world war a reality.

10 Fabulous Cocktail and Mocktail Drinks for New Year

The party time is back. Unleash the hidden party creature out and indulge in the fabulous and refreshing cocktail and mocktail drinks so as to transform your New Year celebration into a big occasion. Over the last few years, when it comes to drinks, people do prefer to have cocktails and mocktail over the typical alcoholic drinks like Rum, Whiskey and Vodka for their rejuvenating taste and flavours.

Preparing a mocktail recipe is a joy in itself. It’s a completely awesome feeling to prepare a mocktail for guests on the night of 31st December when the entire world dips in party mood. Here are some of the popular drinks – Cocktail and Mocktail recipes – for a pleasant New Year party. You can prepare these drinks easily at your home. Here are some popular drinks that you can try at upcoming New Year’s Eve.

1. Mojito: This is one of the most everlasting refreshing drinks that can be served to guests at parties and other events at home. Preparing Mojito is very simple;

• Mix-up mint, lime and sugar at your blender.
• Add a few drops of Rum into it.
• Now add 8 to 10 ice cubes and shake it as much as you can.
• Wow! The refreshing Mojito is now ready.
• Garnish it with fresh mint leaves if you wish to.
• You can take it with club soda as well.

2. Cosmopolitan: The nomenclatures of this cocktail clearly reflects its popularity all across the world. You can easily prepare it at your home too;

• Pour orange liqueur and vodka to a shaker.
• Also pour cranberry juice into it.
• Now add fresh lime juice to the shaker.
• Put a few fresh ice cubes to it.
• Stir it well for at least 15-20 times.
• Your cosmopolitan cocktail is now ready to be served chill.

3 Virgin Pina Colanda: This is the mocktail that you should always love to prepare for your near and dear ones. Mark my words; you will love to have it at every party. Prepare it in these four quick steps;

• Take a chilled glass and fill it with lots of ice cubes.
• Add pineapple juice and coconut cream into it while keeping the ice inside the glass crushed.
• Now take a shaker and mix it well by properly shaking it for at least 5 minutes.
• The mocktail is ready. Enjoy it in a chilled glass.

4. Classic Shirley Temple: This tasty mocktail is known for its wonderful taste. You can prepare it with simple ingredients such as orange juice, ice and lemon-lime soda.

• Take a big glass and fill it with a lot of chilled ice.
• Pour the lemon-lime soda into it along with grenadine and orange juice.
• Stir the mixture thoroughly well.
• The Classic Shirley Temple Mocktail is now ready to be served chill.
• You can garnish it with orange slice for an awesome presentation.

5. Pomegranate Spritzer: This is another delicious mocktail recipe for an awesome New Year party celebration. This mocktail contains the goodness of Pomegranate and can be relished by both old and youths alike. Here are the steps to prepare this mocktail;

• Take a pitcher and mix the ginger ale and pomegranate juice together.
• Also add sugar and water to it.
• Now pour the entire liquid into a glass filled with ice.
• The Pomegranate spritzer is ready.

6. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri: It is a perfect mocktail to taste and serve for a grand New Year party celebration. Here is the method to prepare it;
• Add Pineapple, sugar, lime juice and strawberries to your food processor and grind them well.
• Now pour it into a long wine glass and your mocktail is ready.
• It’s such as simple as that.

7. Cindrella: I am not talking of the Cinderella of the Disney’s world, but a mocktail that is popular for its innocence and beauty. Follow these three quick steps and your Cinderella mocktail is ready.

• Thoroughly mix the lemon and lime in a chilled glass.
• Now shake it with pineapple and orange juice.
• Add the liquid mocktail into a pre-chilled tulip glass over ice.
• Your Cinderella mocktail is ready. Enjoy.

8. Tropical Delight: As per its nomenclature, this mocktail recipe is very famous in the tropical nations. This mocktail is a perfect party-beverage to kids and youths who wish to enjoy their New Year party without alcohol. You can prepare it by following these steps;

• Take a peeled banana, a few cup of coconut milk and pineapple juice and mixed these ingredients altogether.
• Now place all these inside your blender and mix well.
• Also add a few pieces of ice into it and blend properly.
• After a while, take out the entire substance and pour it into a large glass with a straw.
• Your tropical delight mocktail is now ready to be served chill.

9. Virgin Margarita: It is one of the tastiest mocktails that you have ever found. The taste is irresistible. Prepare it using these easy steps;

• Mix limeade, orange Juice, lemon juice and sugar in your mixer.
• Now Stir it well for a few minutes and add ice.
• Again stir it well for a few minutes more
• Rim your glass with sugar or salt for better texture of the mocktail.
• Garnish it with a lime wheel and the delicious virgin Margarita is ready.

10. Orange-Lime Relaxer: This is the most astute mocktail for scrumptious taste. Enjoy it with your friends and buddies at the New Year’s Eve. After a hard day’s work this is indeed a rejuvenating drink.

• Take a few drops of sprite and pour it into your shaker
• Now take a few ounce of orange juice and 1 ounce of your lime juice and pour it into the bowl iwht the sprite
• Now shake all ingredients together and put into your chilled glass
• Garnish the glass with one lime wedge
• Enjoy

Where Will World Economy Head in New Year

A lot of people would be busy setting their goals for the upcoming year, but it is important to know where the world will head on the economic front in 2016. Despite all speculations and humongous economic woes, year 2015 has been one of the calmest ones in recent times – the post recession era. Big economies including China and India have successfully taken their GDPs (Gross Domestic Product) to around 7 per cent this year being closely followed by other Asian nations as well.

There is a good indication for the US economy as well since the nation has registered 2.7 per cent GDP growth this year with the possibility of following upward growth trends in the next couple of years as well. However, the future of US economy will actually depend upon the result of the 45th Presidential poll to be held sometime in November 2016.

What The Experts are Saying

According to the World Bank forecast, global economic growth rate is set to achieve around 3.5 percent growth in 2016, the highest in the last five years. If the world achieves even that much expansion in economic growth in the new year it will be a remarkable achievement because the world economy couldn’t take its growth rate to 3 per cent since 2012.

Considering the recent economic improvement that has been taking place across the globe and especially in Asia, the world economy might hopefully come out of the dark days of recession. However, there are still some concerns about the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike possibility which might result in strengthening of dollar and reduction in imports by the developing nations from the US.

At the recently concluded World Economic Forum (WEF) summit on Global Agenda 2015, the UAE sounded very optimistic about the coming year hinting greater acceleration of financial growth in Asia including the Middle East, India, and China.

World Bank Forecasts and Estimates for 2016: Top 10 Nations

Source: World Bank Data 2015

Source: World Bank Data 2015

The Conclusion & what’s in Store?

It’s superficial to assume that the World Economy will climb too high in the next year. In fact, it’s the take-off stage and the global economic scenario will improve but only after a couple of years more. Though, the US economy looks much more robust now but it can’t register 5 – 6 per cent GDP growth rate immediately. The US economy will take its own time to reach up to that level.

China’s bit economic downturn in recent times may affect its GDP growth prospect in the coming year. Goldman Sachs has estimated 6.4 per cent economic growth for China instead of 7 % that others are saying. Similarly, Continuous fall in demand and corresponding decline in the level of consumption in Japan is set to hurt the Japanese economy more. A series of further economic reforms is expected in the land of rising sun.

European economy will once again remain volatile due to ongoing the refuge crisis and Greece debt fiasco. These two problems will overall affect the Scandinavian nations and might impede the growth rate in the region in 2016. The effort should be towards implementing structural reforms in developed countries including these ones to infuse new vigor into the European economies.

Russia, on the other hand, may suffer to some extent due to its involvement in Ukraine-Crimea issue and then again its armed fight against ISIS (terror outfit) in Syria. BRIC countries including Brazil, Russia, India and China will be the key to the success of world economy in 2016. These nations account for more than the 60 percent of world GDPs, hence it is important for these countries to consolidate their economies and perform well on the front of economic growth and development to pave the way for a fruitful and prosperous world economy in the forthcoming New Year.