Should Singles Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whenever the images of Valentine’s Day come to our minds, the first thing that we think about is love, relationship and our partner. It makes the occasion very depressing for singles who have not found their true love as yet. Agreed, this is the day to celebrate the presence of love in our lives but why can’t we celebrate the day as a single?

The question on whether singles should celebrate Valentine’s Day or not is in itself an ambiguous one. Some love to celebrate the day with their spouse and loved ones, while others equally advocate for the celebration of Valentine’s Day by singles. In fact, they should do it in its full fervor and gaiety.

Don’t curse your singlehood or bachelorhood if you haven’t found your soulmate until now. It means that destiny has planned something else better for you. Why should you spoil your present thinking about your future – take life as it comes – don’t hold grudge against anyone or anything in your life. As the saying goes, “the lifelong romance begins with oneself first”.

There are lots of reasons why celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single can be fructifying. Singles should wholeheartedly celebrate Valentine’s Day as a token of celebrating the essence of love in life in one form or other.

  • Travelling to a New Place: How many times have you thought of visiting a new and enthralling city or place on this day? Well, if you are in doubt about where to visit this Valentine’s Day then let me remind you that Paris would be a perfect option. You can enrich your travel experience more by visiting Paris’ historic monuments, art libraries and beaches.


  • Eat Good Food: How many times have you dedicated some special moments towards cooking new dishes? Well, if you haven’t revamped your chef avatar as yet then do it this Valentine’s Day. It will be an awesome experience altogether. It is an ethereal joy to cook food and share the same with your near and dear ones.


  • Pleasure Reading: Someone has said it right that when you fall in love with books you won’t have to look for lovers outside. Give up your disappointment of being single and unleash your creative avatar – read your favorite novels on Valentine’s Day. It not only lightens up the day but enlightens up your mind and soul too.


  • Loving One’s Parents: Love of a parent is the biggest accomplishment that any person can own in life. They brought you to this beautiful world so you must celebrate Valentine’s Day with your parents by taking them to a nearby restaurant or picnic spots – spending quality time together.
  • Friendship Day: Whether you are married or unmarried, friends are always there in your life. They stand as rock solid by your side and often help you whenever you need their help. With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, don’t forget your friends. If you are single, you have all the more opportunities to celebrate this precious occasion whole heartedly with your best buddies.


Many see living as a bachelor or bachelorette as an annoyance without realizing the fact that we should enjoy our life in its true spirit and zest with lots of positivity, hope and optimism all the time. Nobody knows what will happen in future but we can at least secure our present with lots of contentment and cheerfulness.