Top 10 Reasons to Guess You Are In Love

“A touch of love makes everyone a poet….

Love – a word, a feeling or something more than that. It is that quintessential element without which a life is not worth living for. Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives. But, nobody can predict when it will happen.

On a fine sunny morning you may find yourself changed, feel the happiness underneath your soul feel the rhythm of your heartbeats and may wish to sing a song without caring about your voice – that’s love. It’s a wonderful feeling and words often fall short to describe how … Read more....

Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Valentine’s day

Over the last few centuries together, Valentine’s Day has emerged out to be the most popular celebration for youths all across the globe. The nomenclature of the day has come from St. Valentines who is perceived to be the symbol of love and romance during the 3rd century.

According to a legend, St. Valentines used to secretly perform marriages for young couples which were banned by the Emperor Claudius in Rome during his reign. Later on, St. Valentines became the symbol of everlasting love and romance between couples. There are several other reasons too why people love celebrating the … Read more....

10 Signs To Guess He Loves You

Guys are weird and sometimes simply unpredictable. One moment you feel he likes you and another moment it’s a Fugazi. So how can a girl be assured about the guy whether he loves her even before he confronts? Is it even possible to judge through signs and actions? Well, yes! Even though the guy won’t want you to, still you can make an assumption through these 10 signs below.


Top Ten Signs To Know He Loves You

1. He Spends time with you

Generally a guy would waste countless hours with his friend circle, but when it comes to unwanted … Read more....