Top 10 Reasons to Guess You Are In Love

“A touch of love makes everyone a poet….

Love – a word, a feeling or something more than that. It is that quintessential element without which a life is not worth living for. Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives. But, nobody can predict when it will happen.

On a fine sunny morning you may find yourself changed, feel the happiness underneath your soul feel the rhythm of your heartbeats and may wish to sing a song without caring about your voice – that’s love. It’s a wonderful feeling and words often fall short to describe how it actually feels to be in love.

1) The Conversation Goes Long: You enjoy talking to somebody for a relatively longer period of time than others. He or she might talk stupid, yet you like it – that’s love. Certainly, he or she is someone special – about whom you think round the clock.

2) Dare to Stare: We often read it in romantic stories that love begins with eyes. When you are in love you just can’t stare at him or her eyes, because you feel the shyness for just no reason at all. Your eyes might disclose about the special feelings that you have for him or her inside your heart.

3) Missing Somebody too Much: When you are missing somebody at every moment of your life, then definitely you are smitten with someone. It just feels too tedious to stay away from somebody even if that amounts to just a few hours only.

4) Non-Stop Talking About Him or Her: When you are in love with somebody, that person becomes the most important person in your life. You just keep talking about him or her with your parents, friends and everyone around you. This is what love is all about.

5) When You Count Each Moment: Time is precious especially when you feel the love is in the air. Suppose your partner is just 5-minute late on a romantic date, yet you find it annoying. Because love is made up those tiny moments, minor disputes and lovely conversations.

6) Special Outfit: Wearing a dress depending upon the choice of your partner is something that happens during love. You just want him or her to feel special about you. People often change their habits, manner and dressing patters as per the wish of their loved one.

7) So Many Questions: Love is not mere a feeling but an emotional reaction that raises the level of consciousness that you have for your partner. When you are in love you won’t mind asking too many questions about his or her personal preference. You obviously want to know if your soul-mate thinks in the same manner that you do.

8) Ready for Sacrifices: As the proverb goes – everything is just and fair in love and war. Hence, when you have that special feeling for somebody you will not refrain from making sacrifices to keep him happy. In other words, both of you must be ready to do anything for each other.

9) Being Crazy: The love is a crazy feeling and everyone encounters with the same in their lives. It is universal and it’s really very hard to escape from the touch of love. When you are in love you behave crazily; it means you just can’t concentrate on your study, food, and of course your daily routine. Rather, you keep smiling and thinking about your soul-mate all the time.

10) The Perfect Person for Me: It is the love that drives everyone crazy. When we love a person truly from the bottom of our heart, then we tend to see only the positive aspect of that person – while overlooking all the negative qualities that he or she may possess. Staying oblivious of the whole situation, we just wish to hold on to each others’ hand and begin a new life with fresh hope, zeal and enthusiasm.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Valentine’s day

Over the last few centuries together, Valentine’s Day has emerged out to be the most popular celebration for youths all across the globe. The nomenclature of the day has come from St. Valentines who is perceived to be the symbol of love and romance during the 3rd century.

According to a legend, St. Valentines used to secretly perform marriages for young couples which were banned by the Emperor Claudius in Rome during his reign. Later on, St. Valentines became the symbol of everlasting love and romance between couples. There are several other reasons too why people love celebrating the day world around.

1) The Day of Roses: Valentine’s Day is the only occasion where roses do all the talk while lovers simply gaze into each others’ eyes and delve deep into the feeling of love. Nevertheless, it does feel awesome to see every girl and boy having a bouquet of roses in their hands.

 2) Propose your loved one: The very purpose of celebrating the day is to let your partner know that how much you love him or her. Don’t miss the opportunity to propose your loved one on this day. It would be amazing to say I Love You to someone special with a bouquet of roses and a special gift.

 3) Celebration of Love: Valentine’s Day is the only occasion where the euphoria of love stays at its peak. Indeed, it is the one of its kind festival where we celebrate the joy of love together forgetting our differences. Be it your friend or romantic partner, Valentine Day is the perfect occasion to wish each other on the fresh dawn of this day.

4) Dedication for One Another: The day also marks the commitment for one another. Loyalty in any relationship is as much important as sunlight in the morning. Hence, Valentine’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to couples to enjoy the romantic day together in each other’s company even before marriage.

5) Valentine Cards and Wishes: Probably, Valentine’s Day is the only event in which greeting cards are sold in such a large quantity. According to one estimate, this is the only day in a calendar year after 1st January on which people personally throng to shops to buy beautiful greetings for their loved ones.

6) Delicious dishes: Someone has said it right that road to heart is via good food. It is your responsibility to woo your partner with fantastic and delicious dishes on this day. You can choose an exotic place to celebrate the day or you can even choose your home as well. If you know cooking then it is indeed an icing on the cake to please your loved one with a unique dish that you prepare with your own hand, affection and pinch of love as well.

7) Younger at heart: Aged people also love to celebrate the occasion to commemorate their romantic bonding on this day. It’s indeed heartening to see that how octogenarian couples also celebrate Valentine’s Day. True love is an everlasting one the day proves the same.

8) Wear Attractive Outfits: Have you ever wondered how it feels to view yourself in the mirror of your partner’s heart? If you haven’t done it before, then don’t miss the opportunity. Put on a dress as per the wishes of your partner. Suppose your soul-mate wants to see you in a top and Denim, then make sure you wear the same. It will indeed make both of you happy.

9) The Victory of Love over All Odds: “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear – Martin Luther King Jr”. Certainly, the occasion of Valentine’s Day is intertwined with the message that ultimately love wins against all odds and we should keep the feeling of love inside us alive.

10) A Promise to One Another: Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to make a promise to your romantic partner that both of you will stay united and take care of each other even in dire times. A true love is all about a single soul inhabiting in two bodies.

10 Signs To Guess He Loves You

Guys are weird and sometimes simply unpredictable. One moment you feel he likes you and another moment it’s a Fugazi. So how can a girl be assured about the guy whether he loves her even before he confronts? Is it even possible to judge through signs and actions? Well, yes! Even though the guy won’t want you to, still you can make an assumption through these 10 signs below.


Top Ten Signs To Know He Loves You

1. He Spends time with you

Generally a guy would waste countless hours with his friend circle, but when it comes to unwanted reasons of spending time, he has no time at all. If you realize that he is always making time for you out of his “whatever” schedule then that’s a sign! He likes spending time with you, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s love. To come to the conclusion, you need to rectify through other signs as well.

2. He Compromises

Strong headed, adamant and inflexible, these are some common qualities you will find in a guy. It is not very easy for him to give up any of these until he really likes you. So yes, if he is compromising in the friendship, then he definitely has something going on in his mind.

3. He Accepts you in Public

When a guy accepts you in public, then it’s a good news for you if you like him too. A guy is always choosy about his circle who he publicly accepts. Now that you belong in the list of important people, you can definitely consider this as a pretty strong sign of love and affection.

4. He Keeps Eye Contact

You won’t see your guy friends, keeping a constant eye contact with you, that’s because no guy would do that without any reason until he has fallen for you or maybe just playing with you.  If he keeps a longer eye contact while looking at you, his heart probably beats for you.

5. He is Ready to Fight and Apologize

Only those people would apologize to you, who care for your feelings. Some are simply too egoistic to apologize at first place while some are too disinterested to even fight. If he fights with you and apologizes even if he didn’t make the mistake, then you know he is not just a friend.

6. He Has You in his future: If he really believes that you are an integral part of his life, then he will surely talk about you while discussing or sharing his thoughts on future plans. A guy who sees his future with you, is the guy who would do anything for you.

7. He Listens to you

Do your friends tell you that you talk a lot? If yes, then you are lucky if he listens to what you say and especially when you are talking about your friends, family, clothes and job. Lady, he is a keeper!

8. He Tries to Touch you

 He would try to touch you accidentally and might even apologize. Guys do that to know the feeling of someone they love. They would also do that to see your reaction. It’s cute, provided you know the guy is not a cheat and pervert.

9. He Gets Jealous

A little jealousy is healthy, but it’s a spoiler alert if it’s too much. If he has feelings for you, then he will be jealous to see you sharing good moments with other guys. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy seeing you happy, but since he is at the stage where he hasn’t expressed his feelings for you, he would very much want you to share those moments with him.

And the biggest sign of all to know if he loves you…

10. He Wants you to meet the family

This is the biggest deal of all! If A guy is very preservative when it comes to family. If he has decided to introduce you to them, then you must have no doubts about his love. It’s a conclusion here and you don’t really need to bother about the relationship because he will soon confess his love for you, in case you don’t.

To conclude, making a guess is easy, but to really come to a conclusion with those guesses is difficult. If your guy fits in any three or more of these, then he definitely loves you.

PS: If by reading the above signs, you felt you have a friend who fits in the picture that you had no idea about, it’s probably time for you to rethink about that ‘friend’. You will rarely find those who really love you and when you do find them, don’t let them go.