Technology Trends For 2017


“The old order changeth yielding place to new” ― Alfred Tennyson

Around two-hundred years back, great poet Alfred Tennyson coined the above phrase. He didn’t know how much the world would change in the later days. With each passing year, people are developing improved devices and technological equipments for their own help.

It won’t be wrong to say that people have now become far more luxurious, advanced and busier than before. With 2017 just round the corner, let’s analyze some of the upcoming technology trends that are sure to sweep the rug from under your feet.

  • Smart Home: Over the last few years, smart home concept is gaining ground for its cool user experiences. A customer can now easily manage several home appliances using a single master-remote control.
  • Self-driving Cars: It’s another technological innovation that’s setting the agenda for driver-less vehicles. If selfdriving cars become a reality in the near future than its biggest beneficiaries will be the people who wish to use cars but don’t have enough money to pay to drivers.
  • Increasing use of Phone Apps: Be it online shopping or calling your cab via super cool apps like Ola and Uber, in 2017 we need to get ourselves acquainted with the online mobile usage at the earliest.
  • Synthetic foods to overtake natural ones: A lot of synthetic foods will find their way inside our refrigerators in the next few months. As the clamor for synthetic foods is growing aloud, the food processing technology will grow by leap and bounds soon. Reportedly, synthetic foods will become staple food from next year onwards. Tissue engineering will get a boost to grow food like eggs, meat and dairy.
  • Soft Robots: Forget the metallic robots that we always relate to every time the word crops up. In the next few years, the entire connotation of robot and robotics will get changed. You may actually see robots resembling humans from next year onwards. They will be robots with a human essence. SoftRobotics Gripper has already started the technological innovation in this regard. Use of elector active polymers, elastomer is expected to be used while creating Soft Robotics.
  • Space Management: A giant leap has already been made in the world of volume-space explorations. Low-cost sensors are being developed to help people know how to use their owned space judiciously. The world is becoming compact day by day – probably that’s the reason why scientists and engineers are looking for alternative ways to accommodate more machines and equipments in lesser space.
  • Precision Medicine: Probably you are hearing it for the first time. Precision medicine means “one-size-fits-all” methodology that is based on algorithm and data of patients. In California, the research on the subject has already begun and many doctors are advised by the authorities to initiate proper communication with patients to understand their social, environment and economical context while diagnosing diseases.
  • Drones will be put to good use: Drones which were until now associated with wars will soon be put to good use. Rwanda is developing a first-of-its-kind drone airport to provide medicines and foods to needy and helpless people in rural areas. It could be extremely beneficial to people living inside the war-torn remotest part of the country. These medicines will be cheap, affordable and highly effective.
  • E-transactions: People will probably forget going to bank from next year onwards. Payment via e-wallets, cards and digital transactions is getting more prominence these days. No longer, you need to roam with cash – instead all transactions can be made using the plastic money.

Self Driving Cars – A Reality or a Dream?



Call it a technological wonder or man-made catastrophe in the making but the debate on the reliability of a self-driven car has just started. One may see it as a major improvement and drastic step towards the future of the ongoing mechanized era but the applicability of self-driven cars is largely appearing to be a dilemma as of now.

Even the unimaginable scene of witnessing the vehicles running across the streets without a driver is frightening for the commuters and passers-by. However, companies like BMW, Mercedes and Tesla have already begun their experiments on this particular technology. So, next time you witness a driverless car roaming the streets of California or Florida you don’t need to feel panicky at all!

Some reports are doing the rounds in the national and international media that in the next couple of years, self-driven cars might make a big break. Approximately, 10-million cars and their corresponding technologies are already integrated in such a manner that they could move driverless using some sort of highly advanced robotics or artificial intelligence.

Technology giant, Google, had a word with media personnel a recent while back and all of them were given a joy ride on self-driven cars. Interestingly, no matter how conservative and old-fashioned people view this concept, as a matter of fact, it is actually aimed to preserve lives of the commuters by way of preventing road accidents using its highly advanced accident collision sensor. In short, self-driven cars are touted to be safer, speedier and smarter than the current human-driven cabs.

Exactly a few months back, nuTonomy, a firm founded by two automobile researchers from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) surprised the world when they introduced self-driving taxi service in Singapore. With the overwhelming interest of the people in self-driven vehicles, its future seems quite rosy but any exaggeration could be a risky game.

Two-three things will hold a key to the success of these types of vehicles; Price, features and safety factors. Companies must look into these aspects before rolling-out such cars.

Another major controversial issue surrounding the self-driving cars is the autonomy factor. It is still ambiguous whether the vehicle will be completely autonomous or could humans also intervene in case of need?

The Conclusion

These cars are definitely good for a fantasy ride but could be fatal if it runs on the busiest streets of cities like London, Mumbai, Beijing, New York city, Hong Kong and Tokyo in the presence of countless commuters. The vehicle is still not enough customized to and follow traffic rules and regulations while ensuring safety of the people.

The spurt in the recent cases of self-driven car accidents involving Tesla brand has resulted in a lot of trust deficit among the people. But then there is Google which argues that sans human intervention, the vehicle could actually move better and prevent car accidents. Human errors cause more than 90% of car accidents across the world.

It’s difficult to say which version is right. So, let the debate continue. Only time will tell us the exact answer to it.

Comparing iPhone 7 V/S iPhone 6



Finally, after a long wait, iPhone 7 has been released and shall soon be visible in hands of iPhone lovers across countries. But the real question is, whether the new iPhone 7 is worth the upgrade from iPhone 6 and if spending money will get you what you require from your latest iPhone apart from the brand value, which as we all know, Android users never really understand.

So Apple launched its new iPhone 7 on September 7, 2016 in San Fransisco and started selling from 16th September and the latest buzz is the unavailability of iPhone 7 jet black for the first batch is sold out and other batches of silver, black, rose and rose gold are limited in number. So the rush is huge and everybody is going berserk, should you wait or not, let’s try to understand.


The new iOS 10 in iPhone 7 features various new features, out of which the following three are the hottest.

  1.  Hyperinteractive – The iOS 10 will get voicemail transcription and will automatically detect if the callers are spammers.
  2.  Apple Music – The Apple music interface has completely been revamped with a better interface than before, which had received numerous complaints from its users.
  3.  3D Touch – The iOS 10 will enable you to get widgets by pressing down on the app icon for a quicker access.

Design and Display

IPhone 7 has a 4.70-inch touchscreen display which is similar to iPhone 6. Both 6 and 7 have a resolution of 750 pixels by 1334 pixels. While the iPhone 7 is powered by quad-core Apple A10 fusion processor, iPhone 6 was powered with Apple’s A8 processor. The current version comes with 2GB RAM while the previous one came with 1GB RAM.

Camera Features

iPhone 7 has  a 12 megapixel primary camera with an aperture of f/18. The primary camera also has a six element lens. Other new features in iPhone 7 camera include optical image stabilization, Quad-LED true tone flash and body detection.

The Front camera has improved its resolution to 7 megapixels and also offers image stabilization. The front camera will record in 1080 pixels, thanks to Retina Flash.  On the other hand, iPhone 6 has 12 megapixel rear camera, but only 5 megapixel front camera. It does not feature front flash and is incapable of live photos and 4k video recording. Also, iPhone 6 has dual –LED True Tone Flash rather Quad LED in 7, which offers much better image quality.


iPhone 6 features A9 processor, which 7 is loaded with A1 fusion which has M10 motion coprocessor, which Apple claims is 40 percent faster than A9. The new iPhone will be available in 256GB, 128GB and 32 GB, and will have a battery life 2 hours more than its previous version.

Upgrade or not?

Although there aren’t many huge enhancements as such in the new iPhone 7, but for all iPhone lovers, they are huge enough and AirPods definitely steal the deal because it’s a new concept and worth a try. Moreover, if you don’t like it, you have the option to use your earphones.

Transform Your House into a Smart Home


Over the last few years, technology has made our life simpler. Earlier, we had to carry several devices for different purposes, but smartphones and tablets have now obviated that need. We can now easily use our smartphones for multiple purpose including managing our home appliances through smart home automation system. If it gets your imagination running, let me tell you that it is a reality.

Smart home as a concept is beautiful. It lets you manage all your home appliances and electronic devices in your house from a single place using your smartphone. Smart home automation technology is categorized in 6 types: Entertainment, Healthcare, Climate Control, Security and Safety, Lighting and Home Appliances.

What Does a Smart Home Mean?

With growing age and busy lifestyle, many of us find it personally cumbersome to walk to another room to get things done but smart home automation system enables us getting those things done conveniently with a single click on our smart phone or tablet without touching the device kept in another room.

Smart Homes also come with an in-built security system that provides round the clock protection of the house from any untoward incident or activity. The secret behind the success of Smart home system is the Home Controller, which controls the residence’s automation systems through Window based PC.

Whether you wish to have glitzy lighting on your bed room or simply want to lock each door of your house properly at night, just click the App button on your smartphone and the thing is done.

How Smart Home Technology Works

According to International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (February, 2010), A Powerline Carrier Systems (PCS) transmitter in the Home controller sends signal to home’s wiring, and receiver plugged into electric outlets receive that signal while letting the appliances attached to it function. This enables the entire smart home automation to work with a single button and voice control.

Within the next couple of years, a lot of homes in Europe and North America will adopt Smart Home technology. Around 70 million people living in those regions are expected to make a massive lifestyle change by adopting smart home automation systems.

Top 4 Exclusive Gadgets for Your Smart Home Needs

  • Weather Station: This device keeps you up to date about the weather condition in your house. It also keeps you abreast with latest weather updates in your vicinity.
  • Smart Lighting: These smart bulbs can be switched on and off using the App on your smartphone. This has almost become synonymous to what we say smart lighting concept. It saves around 30% of your annual energy consumption and hard earned money too.
  • Smoke Detector: Using so many electronic equipments at home also comes with a slight risk of short circuit or fire hazard. To stay safe and stress-free, install this device as it alerts you whenever any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in the house.
  • Smart Lock: When it comes to safety and security this device is a one of its kind and is of extremely help to those who wish to live a secured life inside smart Home. You can now easily close all your doors using it and unlock the same whenever you need. As simple as it.
  • No doubt, our life has become now more luxurious and simpler than ever. Thanks to the wondrous improvement and innovation in the world of technology.

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