Life with Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood psychological disorders as people have various misconceptions about Schizophrenia. Let us debug these misconceptions by understanding what Schizophrenia really is.

Firstly, there are different types of Schizophrenia; all depending on the behavior of the person affected which has a distinct characteristic.

  1. Paranoid Schizophrenia

This is the most common occurring type of Schizophrenia. Patients of this subtype are affected more as they grow older when the symptoms start showing and thus it’s hard to find out.

This prompts them to have delusions and thus pushes the patient in a state where he or she starts hearing voices.

  1. Catatonic Schizophrenia

In this severe type schizophrenia, a patient faces disability in movements. Moreover, there are three major characteristic to this type.

  1. Catatonic Excitement
  2. Catatonic Stupor
  3. Stereotypic movement

In catatonic excitement, the patient goes through hyper activity. On the other hand, in catatonic stupor a patient moves slowly and sometimes is even frozen while doing some action like reading.

In stereotypic movement, a person keeps repeating a particular action without purpose without realizing that they are doing so.

  1. Disorganised Schizophrenia

This subtype of schizophrenia largely affects the thinking process of a patient. They tend to pronounce words differently in a disorganized manner making it difficult to understand.

It also happens so that their respond to a certain question would make no sense at all. There are cases in which the patient is unable to perform easy daily tasks like cooking or wearing clothes.

  1. Residual Schizophrenia

This form is a residual schizophrenia in which a person slowly turns back to normal life. It starts with performing everyday tasks in a normal manner and then the psychological disorders fade off with time.

Over 51 million people around the world suffer from Schizophrenia. Out of that, 2.2 million people in America alone live with this disorder.

In simplest terms, Schizophrenia is a disorder in which a person goes through depression along with much other mental instability, like hearing voices, hallucinating and sometimes even seeing things.

The most common symptoms of Schizophrenic are depression and hearing voices. These symptoms make it very difficult for a person, especially someone who has to take care of his or her family. The sad part is that people even today remain insensitive to the problems faced by people affected with Schizophrenia.

Dentists Found a New Way to Repair Teeth Naturally Using Alzheimer’s Drugs

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As we grow old, out natural capacity of the tooth also decreases. Sometimes, this leads to replacement of teeth. In that case, inorganic cements based on calcium or silicon-based mineral aggregates are filled. But often the cement fails to give that much normal mineral volume which is necessary in the gum. Also they often get infected resulting in more problems for the patient.

In case of a problem due to infection – using cements or fillings often lead to infections – which complicate the problem. If the infection is big then dentists finally extract the tooth out of the mouth.

So, scientists have now come forward with a natural solution. They have now found the innovative way of natural formation of reparative dentine by mobilization of stem cells in the tooth pulp.

The process involves delivering low dosage of glycogen synthase kinase (GSK-3) antagonists through collagen sponges that promote the restoration of dentine. After a few days, the sponge is degraded leading to replacement of complete and effective natural repair. It could do wonder in the field of dental science.

New Research on Dentine at King’s College

A team of researchers at King’s College in London has found another method of stimulating the renewal of living stem cells in tooth pulp through Alzheimer’s drug. Due to infection, the inner pulp of tooth can get infected. In order to prevent so, a thin band of dentine is applied to the tooth pulp to disinfect and seal the same. But sometime this remains far from satisfactory and requires more innovative and appropriate dental implant to correct the same.

A feature published in scientific reports stated that researchers from the Dental Institute at King’s College, London, have found a new remedy with stimulation of stem cells located within the pulp of the tooth to generate new dentine. It reduces the dependence upon external substance and methods like filings or cements.

Professor Paul Sharpe from King’s College London stated, “The simplicity of our approach makes it ideal as a clinical dental product for the natural treatment of large cavities, by providing both pulp protection and restoring dentine. In addition, using a drug that has already been tested in clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease provides a real opportunity to get this dental treatment quickly into clinics, he added further.

Experts feel this is an exhaustive process. It will help to enhance the natural repairing ability of the teeth in regard to large cavities. The stimulation of the renewal of the stem cells will include Tideglusib (Substance) which is also useful to cure Alzheimer’s disease. Hope this new invention will help people get their dental implant done in a more natural and safer way.

Top 6 Apps to Sleep Better

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A good 8-hour sleep is very hard to get these days. The use of various gadgets and apps from time to time keeps us distracted whole night and in the morning the daily work starts – hardly we get time to nap. However, not all apps are just for fun only. To begin with, there are a lot of high-quality sleeping apps that prompt people to sleep better, and feel refreshed in the following day.

The most common reasons why people stay awake in the night are; insomnia, excessive stress, late night works, watching TV, listening to songs and many more. The list is endless, but somehow one needs to sleep better to stay safe from various diseases while enhancing one’s immunity to fight diseases. Proper sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy mind, body and soul.

  • SleepBot for Android: This operating system is getting a lot of admirations from all across the globe for its effectiveness and user-friendly technology. The SleepBot for Android is such a magnificent app that can easily track sleep patterns and astutely measure whether you are having a good 8-hour sleep or not. It will also let you know whether you have snorted in the previous night or not. It supports waking alarm feature too which wakes you up just at the right time in the morning.
  • Jawbone UP: The Jawbone Up is another important sleeping app that helps users to track your sleep while ensuring whether you have a proper diet or not. It also has an intelligent sleep recognition feature that finds out whether you are sleeping lightly or deeply. Jawbone Up feature is available for both iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Sleep Cycle: It is an iOS application that monitors your sleep habits and wakes you up at the break of the dawn. The app costs around $1 and you can avail it on your iphone smartphones and tablets. The app collects all data relating to your sleeping habits and informs you the same in the following morning.
  • Beddit: This app sends data from an ultra-thin film sensor under your bedsheet to an iOS mobile app installed in your iPhone. This works on the ballistocardiography (BCB) system, which measures cardiorespiratory functions from your respiration and heartbeats. It can measure sleep time, sleep latency and snorting as well.
  • eSleep: It is relatively a cheaper app costing just around $1. This app is invented by Vanke software. It plays various soothing tunes to let you sleep tension-free. Pink noise, white noise, nature noise and brown noise helps you to sleep peacefully because of their lower level of decibels.
  • Fitbit One: This is an extremely useful app for a good night sleep. You can easily fit it on your pocket. It keeps track of your physical activity and measures whether that is healthy for you or not. When you wish to sleep, simply fasten the fitbit app on your wristband and set it to sleep mode. It will record all your movements that you made in the previous night. Once you connect the app to its website, you will get the complete report on what kept you awake at night and for how much you slept last night. You can use both Android and iOS smartphone to collect FitBit data. This is currently available at $100 per piece.

These low-cost but high-quality sleeping apps help people to get the must-needed 8-hour sleep daily at the night time. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one such app today and sleep better – stay fit.

Head Transplant A Reality Now!

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If you think “Frankenstein” was merely a fictional character of Mary Shelley more than two hundred year back, then pause, and think again. In the world of science, nothing is impossible and if science wins then who knows you might see “head transplant” a reality.

The neurosurgeon who is on the verge of carrying out first human head transplant experiment is Dr Sergio Canavero. He is relentlessly trying to do something which the world perceives to be unethical, surreal and impractical. In fact, the experiment could take place anytime this year.

If he succeeds no matter how much controversial the world claims this HEAVEN (Head Anastomosis Venture) project to be – it can be life-giving for the neck-paralysed people to again return to normal life. One of the wheelchair users Valery Spiridonov, hailing from Russia, is ready to volunteer himself for this project.

The experiment will observe how a brain will be frozen to prevent brain cells from dying and then tubes would be attached to support veins and nerves. The spinal cord will be cut and repaired and then again stitched to the skin of the donor body.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

The Chicago-based Inventum Bioengineering Technologies (firm) has created a VR system that would help the patients prepare for the psychological reactions that they may encounter after a head transplant.

Inventum chief executive Alexander Pavlovick stated to media, ‘In preparing the patient of Heaven (Head Anastomosis Venture) to transition into a new body, virtual reality training will be used before the surgical procedure to prevent the occurrence of unexpected psychological reactions. We are combining the latest advancements in virtual reality to develop the world’s first protocol for preparing the patient for bodily freedom after the transplantation procedure.’

First Human Head Transplant in 2017

The sharpest knife will be used to cut the spinal cord to a millionth of meter size during the process. Then it will be again repaired before using electrical stimulation to functionalise the nerves. It can even bring movement in a fresh dead body too with electrical tests as it stimulates the entire nervous system.

In fact, Dr Canavero and his friends have carried similar experiment in dogs which stood semi-success. A neck-paralysed dog was about to walk free and wag its tail post this experiment. However, critics argued that even if the experiment was semi-successful in animals, there is no guarantee of its success in humans.

The Expected Procedure of Head Transplant

A new person would need a transplant donor – already declared brain dead.

Heads of both the patient and his donor would be cut simultaneously.

Patient’s head will be affixed to the brain-dead donor using Polythylene gylcol.

It will be injected between the two ends for a clean fusion.

The patient will be put in a coma to recover properly while his muscles and blood supply get stitched.

When patient will come out of medically-induced coma, it is expected that he will be able to behave normally.



Warning: An Armageddon in the Waiting?

The majority of the medical experts feel that such experiments would be futile in case of humans. All of them have echoed that such a surgery will result in sure death. In fact, many feel that “Head transplant” could be actually worse than death – it may bring the horrific scenes of half-dead people like Zombies walking down the streets to real.

The latest news said that the project code named “Heaven” (Head Anastomosis Venture) will be postponed due to non-availability of volunteers. The Russian man Valery Spiridonov might backtrack since his girlfriend is not agreeing to his participation in volunteering with the HEAVEN project.

Section 377 – Arguments


Almost everyone who has had the opportunity to debate in favor of section 377 with those against it must for sure, have heard the arguments listed below..


     1. This activity is unnatural sex and against the laws of nature

     2. How can it be natural if the very reason of human existence, reproduction is not met       

 3. Homosexuals are a bunch of sex craving humans who are either nymphomaniacs or satyric

     4. Homosexuals are nothing but the ones who have been raped homo-sexually at a tender age

     5. It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country

     6. Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

     7. I just don’t want to waste my time talking about this shit (my personal favorite)


These are not all, but the ones which are majorly common across our country. I would very much love to talk out against each of the above points and put forth my argument. The reason I wish to do so, is not to ridicule or look down on the people who support section 377 rather just to opine myself as to how ignorant people are, or may be careless and irresponsible towards a lesser popular section of the society which is not strong enough to fight for its rights….. I will take the points one by one and put forth my argument, you can even comment your argument if you are unsatisfied and I’ll try to convince you if at all that’s possible. 


      What’s Natural or Unnatural?

    The most important argument of all! It’s hard to differentiate between the two, especially for those who think they know how the nature functions, because that would make them above it, unfortunately that’s not humanly possible. Humans are just a very small part of it, and now that we are so naughty, I wonder our god’s would be calling us all cliches and mistakes. Hmmm.. Let’s keep that debate for some other time.


So, natural and unnatural are nothing but two sides of the same coin (an expression) which are inseparable and can be justified simultaneously and thus a never ending debate.  In short, natural and unnatural, just for the sake of keeping within the purview of our discussion, can be understood keeping in mind the understanding of the human mind with evolution of cultures, religion, philosophy, the idea of politics and other such forms of human development across the world.


Putting it simply, what you see is natural may not be natural otherwise, or what you presume to be unnatural can be natural to the person sleeping and dreaming in your neighborhood. It’s just an acknowledgement of how you take the world around you and how you come to accept, reject and understand it. Sex, as a matter of fact cannot be termed as unnatural because it’s happening within the nature with the ones who are very much the part of it. In the same manner, the preference of the same sex is natural too. Just like it’s not necessary for everyone to be born healthy, fit, intelligent or so as per the general understanding of health across the world, it’s not necessary for the choices of sex (a natural activity) to be as per the generic preferences. Like it or not, it happens and will keep happening. And yes, it’s not that it came into existence last night, rather the history goes back to thousands of years, when roaming around naked was natural, which is not today. Today, if a man or a woman walks around naked, many, at the very first look will pronounce them mad or shamelsss or whatever comes into their minds to justify their sanity and that’s pretty much natural for us to act like that. In other words, it’s simply how you come to understand the world around you. Section 377 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) is unfavorable to humans because its not a ban on an activity of boozing in public or having sex in public or raping someone or banning access to certain entertainment, rather it bans the right to choose a partner to love and be with and as rightly pointed out by actor Manoj Bajpai in an interview with NDTV, it’s about right to privacy and you cannot rule over anyone’s privacy. BTW, don’t forget to watch his upcoming movie Aligarh, based on the true story of a gay professor (now dead) of Aligarh Muslim Univeristy (AMU).


The idea of not being able to reproduce – Can’t reproduce, so unnatural. WTF?

This argument has always made me feel sad and disheartened. I wonder if people can base their arguments on such stupid logic, can they really understand what pain the couples of the same sex would be going through whenever it crosses their minds that they can’t bear or make children. But, that would be too much to ask. Anyways, coming back to putting forth my argument on this,


     1. Just because one cannot reproduce a child, how can they be unnatural and against nature when many women and men around the world are born with dysfunctional private organs and fail to reproduce. It’s a sad thing, but it’s true.

      2. If not reproducing is unnatural, then why so much respect for Mr. Modi and Sadhus and Sanyasis? Just because they choose not to? 

      3. If not reproducing is unnatural then the birth of Transgenders is unnatural. God has cursed them, it’s their karma, it’s about what they have done in their previous lives… oh STFU! If their past lives are responsible for their present ’ unnaturalness’ then remember, you too will be judged for what you have done in your life, and my friend, the judgement day is not going to be a good story for how you treated your fellow human, for how you differentiate fellow humans and for how you consider yourself superior to your fellow humans! 


If you still can’t understand, then god save you for your narrow-mindedness.


Homosexuals are a bunch of Nymphomaniacs and Satyrs

There is a lack of logic here, crave of sex has nothing to do with sexual preference. Sometimes I wonder how fucking sex craving man I am. I can’t stop thinking about sex and women and tits and pussies, especially Janapnese women. I wish there was a category where I could put myself for loving Japanese women more than my own beautiful and exotic Indian hotties. How about Javatic? Nah, it sucks, nevertheless, those who say homosexuality is a result of sex craving retards, must know that it’s completely logical to crave for sex, some crave for more and some for less and some to an extreme, so extreme that we can’t even think of it. Actually, I can’t really justify how I disagree to the logic behind this argument, but it’s simply illogical because personally I feel if it was crave that lead to ‘dysfunctionality’ of sexual desires, then I’d be sad for my country, where most (I think I’d be right to make this generic) of the people (men and women and everyone) think about sex more than anything else. Yes! But you are different my friend. You are exceptional. I am just saying in general, you are  unique.


Homosexuals are victims of sexual crimes against them during childhood

I agree that there are many homosexual victims who have been raped by their family members or friends or so at a tender age and they could do nothing about it, rather not even discuss about this with their parents following a stigma. Oh Indian culture I salute you!

But that is just too common in this country. Sexual offenses against children at home, school, public places are as common as pissing in public. Children are the biggest victims of molestation and many have no idea how to speak against it, until recently when children have started to speak up, thanks to good parenting and no thanks to otherwise. It would be stupid to relate these two and make it generic. Just like being a child of a cricketer doesn’t mean the child is going to be a cricketer even if he happens to be brought up under that environment, it’s just a personal choice. Yes, there can be persuasive times but a choice is a choice and a choice is neither a coincident nor an accident.


It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country 

Indian culture has boasted homosexuality more than any other culture around the world, rather, our culture has boasted anything close, equal or similar to the term ‘sex’, more than any other culture across the world, be it Homosexuality, Bestiality or Zoophilia. We have literature talking about all of these and also ‘Kamasutra’, the holy book of ‘natural sex’ 😉 I could elaborate more, but I’d be boring a lot of my readers, so next time.


Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

Sorry to say that homosexuality is found in 450 species, but homophobia is found only in one. 


I just know one thing, India should not deprive its people of their rights, be it a single person. The Supreme Court must bring down and abolish section 377. We all know, that too would not end the misery, but down the line, the coming generation will take its own route to deal with the differences and I am sure, they will do well.

The Undercurrent of Death

The day Indian soldiers successfully carried out a surgical operation across the border in POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir); I got a call from a very close friend. Unfortunately this was supposedly the last time we would talk.

“Hey Deepak, how are you enjoying the night?”

  • Enjoying? No, nothing of that sort.

“Come-on, don’t you know what our soldiers did today? Aren’t you happy?”

  • What is done, I guess was necessary as a step that had to be taken by India, but yea I am not specifically happy as such?

“How can you not be happy? Don’t you admire what we have done to Pakistan? Are you an antinational?”

  • We lost soldiers and that is certainly sad, especially for their families. Similarly, people across the border have lost lives and the pain is inflicted on their families as well. I am not an antinational. I just know that what has been done is not a solution or even a step ahead for one, so yea, I am not happy as such.

This, was the last sentence I managed to say with a normal tone because what followed, were abuses from my friend and I did fall into the trap and reverted in the same manner. Not to mention, he would love to kill me if given an opportunity, for he thinks that I am an antinational and should be sent to Pakistan. Yes, that’s what my dear friend said.

My night was spent thinking about the conversation. I wanted to know why he was so obtuse about my understanding of something. His words annoyed me to the core, but I wasn’t surprised. Probably because I have spent days thinking why people say what they say and why people do what they do, including me. This night was no different.

We all admire a soldier. He, who is ready to “sacrifice” for something beyond himself. He, who is different from us. He is there to “protect us” and our nation from falling into the hands of oppressors. He plays a role, much larger than we do because he is a soldier, ready to “lay down” his life for the love of his country. Whatever anybody might argue, this is certainly a fact. But then, I think my admiration for a soldier has something more to it, which I came to realize only that day.

Sacrifice | Protect | Lay down – They all have an undercurrent of death.

Just like my friend said, “You won’t be saying what you are saying right now, if you or your family had been killed by terrorists.”

I agree I would have not and I also don’t know what I would be feeling if something like that happened to me. But with that same example, I came to understand one thing. That all such feelings boil down to death.

The ‘sacrifice’ we hail in our soldiers comes from the same feeling – the feeling of death. We know we can’t go on the borders to fight enemies, we know we can’t leave our families, or rather our cozy and comfortable life to go and take a bullet for the country. Why? Make a guess. Of course there are exceptions, but I am not one of them.

‘Military is not my calling.’ ‘I can’t kill anybody.’ ‘It’s not a lucrative career.’ ‘I can’t have family time.’ And many more are the reasons we give for not joining military. I find the undercurrent of death in all of them. Simply because the same people admire military, hail India’s defense, talk of missiles and us being a super power.

This is one example.

Now what about everything else we do in our lives. How many times do we think about the day when we won’t be left with power to walk and jump and would lack ambition? How many times do we think of our death bed and the state of regret for not being able to do what we wanted to do? For how many times we have ignored the idea of death because it’s scary and too suspicious to handle.

So why do we do what we do?

I remember my thoughts in school. It was fun to think that the world was mine. It was fun to live under the protection of my family and crib about not having a thing or two my friends had. There were no worries at all, was there? A small wound would make me cry and my mom would start shouting for my negligence. She won’t let me go anywhere alone. I was scolded every time I crossed the street on my cycle. So much protection, why?

Why was I protected the entire time? What was the necessity for this protection?

Was it because my family was scared of me getting hurt? Or were they scared that they would lose me? I can only guess and my guess is yes. They were scared and they are still scared of loosing me and so am I.

Apart from all other reasons I love my family, I believe that I also love them because one day I won’t have them or they won’t have me. The journey of life we shared would end abruptly and the void of pain will heal in its own time and that pain is painful enough even now. But it is certain to happen because we weren’t asked before being given life and thus we won’t be asked if we want to die.

Such is the scenario of life and death. We are obsessed with both of them, yet one of them is always white and the other is black. One is always shining on us and the other is invisible like an abandoned boy, always around us, but hardly in notice.

This leads to the race we all run. It’s not the race of being rich, richer or richest, it’s not the race of being the most successful, it’s not the race of proving yourself to everybody else, rather it’s to do all of these on time – before I die.

The irony is that it makes me do what I do without me being conscious of it.  And thus, I carry my death in all my thoughts, in all my decisions. In my smile and in my sorrow, because apart from change the only thing that’s bound to happen to me or to you, is death.

Is Indian Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 Sustainable?



The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill cleared by the Union Cabinet recently, has taken the medical fraternity by storm as the bill gives right to only married Indian couples to have a surrogate child, that too with numerous restrictions. The bill, praised and criticised throughout the country, has life changing implications on not only the people of this country, but also people from across the world who turn to India in search of a surrogate child.

The bill propagates complete ban on commercial surrogacy in India, making it purely altruistic, banning men, women and gay couples. Moreover, Indian nationals living abroad also can’t make use of the technology. Priya Selvaraj, a fertility specialist associated with GG Hospital, Chennai, says, “We need to bring in laws formulated by an efficient committee and not come down upon it in an irrational manner but in a manner where there is a sustainability and a win-win situation for all parties involved-namely commissioning parents, surrogates and the specialist dealing with them.” In respect to other countries, where the practices are either banned, highly regulated or purely altruistic, India has not taken a clear stand on how the industry should be run.

India is represented as the surrogacy capital of the world, although it is not the only one. “Whether to be proud or ashamed is a moral and or ethical debate. But, the fact that it’s true is because it is largely unregulated, cheaper and also the awareness levels of the women selected for the process is far less than their western counterparts. Monetary supplements may be easily manipulated by middlemen and families or practitioners etc,” she explained.

The bill also restricts surrogacy to married Indian couples . A couple should be proven infertile or incapable of having a child naturally before choosing the option of surrogacy. The couple can only opt for altruistic surrogacy. On this clause, Priya points out that it is worthwhile to let it run for those really needy couples who will benefit having their biological or part biological baby being carried by a surrogate but then again one has to completely protect the rights of the surrogate too. Also monetary transactions have to be standardised so that there is no exploitation of both parties. We need to pay attention to the couple who also face an emotional and financial burden of undergoing the whole process.

The regulation is a step towards curtailing illegal practises by setting legal ages for the men (26-55) and women(23-50) who can undergo IVF procedures and related techniques. The bill also says that a woman can be a surrogate just once, “which is good for her well being and at the same time banning commercial surrogacy with an iron fist by not allowing gay couples and single parents for the same is going to open up illegal channels.”

Priya describes that It costs about three lakhs to completely go through an IVF cycle. Moreover, food and medical expenses-boarding and lodging may be approx another Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs. lawyers fee roughly around Rs.25,000, surrogate’s fee can range anywhere from Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs which is not standardised as the educated surrogates demand more and the others get exploited at much lower amount. ” In all a couple may have to shell out anywhere from Rs 10 to15 lakhs,” she added.

Gender Inequality – Everyone Is A Culprit!



India of today is relentlessly aspiring to make a solidified place for itself in world politics, economy, defense, science and space. On one hand, more than two decades of liberalization and globalization has redefined the concept of capital economy around the world at large and particularly in India; whereas, UN General Assembly still in 2015 lists ending poverty and hunger as their primary Sustainable Development Goals.

The paradox is nowhere more evident in its entirety than in India. Despite the grave income inequality, so much so, that one is forced to vividly notice the existence of two juxtaposed national entities surviving within the geographical boundaries of one India; there is something that unifies these contrasting national identities and it is not Hindutva! Whether one is rich or a pauper, educated or uneducated, urban or a rural resident, we are all bitten by the bug of a cultural male bias! It would be easier to shrug one’s shoulder on yet another feminist sermon. But, the declining Child Sex Ratio ever since the recorded data on population has been maintained is a horrifying and disturbing indicator for the country. Modernity, education and growth were supposed to end gender inequality but what we are witnessing is starkly opposite!

Society is the reflection of material development. The nation which is obsessed with consumerism, translating it as growth needs introspection on this disheartening trend that encompasses religious, ethnic, educational, economic, caste-based and geographical diversity. A society in which a woman is discriminated against from her mother’s womb and her modesty outraged either physically or psychologically has no right to call itself civilized or developed.

I had a long held prejudice against marriage in its arranged, moral, societal and family oriented format as the root cause for all social woes. It will be a different debate altogether and inconsequential too as anyway in our time while we walk the earth, there seems no plausible hope of this rouged institution of marriage waning. Weddings will continue to be negotiated between families and women will continue to be treated as objects in this widely accepted, sacred and lawful trade.

However, there is something which all of us can do to curb the persistent adverse sex ratio without much rigor at individual levels. It is by fighting against the menace of dowry and understanding its detrimental backlash on the country. We can play a crucial part towards a gender equitable world. Dowry is often downplayed but is one of the most vital empirical reasons for the tendency of not wanting a girl child. The practice of dowry continues unabated and in the present epoch of commercialization has become uglier than ever. Ironically, we have made women their own foes in this vicious arrangement of family affairs! Every one of us is a culprit in this abhorrent crime against women as either a directly involved party or a witness who preferred shutting their eyes, mouth and ears like Gandhi’s pseudo mystic apes!

I am aware of some obnoxious arguments in favour of dowry too. I suppose anybody who respects individuality, believes in liberty and values the dignity of human life could only laugh at such sugar-coated pretexts being offered, as I did! To rise against dowry will be our first formidable step towards empowering women and moving forward into a desired land where people irrespective of any biases and prejudice have freedom of choices and outcomes!


Why Some People Are Left-Handed, While Others Right-Handed?

During our childhood days, we often got fascinated that why a few of our friends did most of their daily activities using their left-hands while most of us used our right hands for those stuffs. It seemed to be a bit of mystery during those days, but latest scientific research and studies have unravelled the same.

In our daily life, we often find people using different hands for their day-to-day activities. Some people are well-versed using right hand for varieties of stuff – around 85 per cent of the people dominantly do so. However, there are still around 15 percent of people who use their left-hands most of the time.

While it seems utterly puzzling from outside, it is very well backed up by scientific research. According to Clare Porac, a professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University (USA), “the side of the preferred hand that we use most in our day to day activities depends upon biological and genetic factors”. Evolutionary natural selection produces most of the humans with speech control in the left hemisphere of our brains which also manages the movements of the right hand.

Medically speaking, there are two alleles of a gene at the same genetic location that are associated with handedness; D (Dextal, meaning right) gene and the other allele is a C (denoting chance, since lefties are minority) gene. Most people are born with a larger influence of the D gene based on genetic factors. Scientific research also claimed that being left-handedness could arise out of genetic history too.

Contrarily, C gene is usually found in rare cases. When it is present, people find it easier to do work with left hands. This theory of hand preference causation is often determined by societal pressures and cultural biases as well. Presence of right-handed children in families with left-handed parents and left-handed children in families with right-handed parents are quite normal. We find such cases even in our own surroundings.

Why Lefties are viewed with Suspension?

There is absolutely no rationale behind the theory that why lefties are viewed with suspension? A few decades back, left-handedness was called ‘sinistrality’ for no definite reason at all. The term Sinistrality has originated from Latin word sinistra meaning left but people soon associated it with evilness. Gradually the concept is getting changed now with the advent of rational thinking among the people, but still many people view left-handed people that way.

Historically, the left side has construed to be negative while right side has continued to be viewed as positive. Even the word ‘right’ means correct in itself, while being left suggests that you are on the contrary side.

Some of the people are also well versed with doing things at ease using both hands – this is called ambidextrous ability. Scissors, cameras and computer mouse are made for right handed people hence sometimes left-handed people find it difficult to operate them.

Drinking Water is good for Kidneys – Agree?


Believe it or not. You can actually eliminate many of your health risks by simply taking adequate amount of water every day. You will be surprised to know that drinking at least 8 to 10 litres of water a day keeps kidney problems at bay. Yes, it is true that water is good for kidneys. Even doctors admit this fact. Drinking enough fluids helps us remove toxins out of our body.

Often, the formation of kidney stones take place inside our body without our knowledge. But, we can actually minimize the risk of such stones and prevent their further proliferation by consuming enough water. In most cases, people who drink water sufficiently pass kidney stones through urine without much pain and problems. The health risks mainly arise when people consume less water without knowing that they may be nurturing a kidney stone.

For this very reason, doctors often advise patients to drink a sufficient amount of water at frequent intervals in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones, while keeping their kidney healthy.

Kidney Stones and Complications: Common Symptoms

You may be having a kidney stone if you encounter the following:

  • Fever and chills
  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Constant Pain below ribs for 30 to 50 minutes
  • Painful urination
  • Nausea and vomiting

Types of Kidney Stones

  • Cystine Stones: These are largely formed due to hereditary disorder and genetic problems.
  • Calcium Stones: Calcium oxalate is the most common substance found in Kidney stones. In fact, we consume some amount of oxalate daily as this substance is found in vegetables and fruits. If you have calcium stones in your kidney, then doctor may ask you to avoid food rich in oxalate.
  • Struvite Stones: These types of Kidney stones are mostly found in women. These stones are formed due to UTI or urinary tract infections.
  • Uric Acid Stones: Uric acid is mostly found in protein-rich foods. If your doctor finds uric acid stones inside your kidney, then he may ask you to avoid eating protein rich vegetables and fruits.

Causes of Kidney Stones

Lots of chemical reactions take place round the clock inside our body. Sometimes, risky substances such as urate, calcium, oxalate, phosphate and other chemicals join together forming a minor particle in the form of kidney stones. When it becomes too big, then surgery becomes essential. Smaller stones can easily pass away in urine by consuming enough water and with the help of few doctor prescribed medicines.

Sedentary lifestyle with limited physical work is cited as one of the common reasons for growing kidney problems. Sugar intake should be directly based on our physical activity and body types. Drinking too much soda and overeating are some other reasons leading to the formation of kidney stones. Balanced diet and physical work-outs are easy remedy to stay healthy and disease-free.

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Our first aim should be to keep our kidneys healthy and prevent the formation of stones inside them. Drinking a lot of fluids and producing enough urine is extremely important in this regard. According to National Kidney Foundation, Dallas, Texas, “People reduce their chance of forming kidney stones by 50 percent when they produce around 2 to 3 litres of urine every day.”

Consuming normal food and limited water doesn’t produce adequate amount of urine. We need to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to produce an optimum quantity of urine. The best idea is to keep sipping plain water at frequent intervals.

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