Top 6 Apps to Sleep Better

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A good 8-hour sleep is very hard to get these days. The use of various gadgets and apps from time to time keeps us distracted whole night and in the morning the daily work starts – hardly we get time to nap. However, not all apps are just for fun only. To begin with, there are a lot of high-quality sleeping apps that prompt people to sleep better, and feel refreshed in the following day.

The most common reasons why people stay awake in the night are; insomnia, excessive stress, late night works, watching TV, listening to songs and many more. The list is endless, but somehow one needs to sleep better to stay safe from various diseases while enhancing one’s immunity to fight diseases. Proper sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy mind, body and soul.

  • SleepBot for Android: This operating system is getting a lot of admirations from all across the globe for its effectiveness and user-friendly technology. The SleepBot for Android is such a magnificent app that can easily track sleep patterns and astutely measure whether you are having a good 8-hour sleep or not. It will also let you know whether you have snorted in the previous night or not. It supports waking alarm feature too which wakes you up just at the right time in the morning.
  • Jawbone UP: The Jawbone Up is another important sleeping app that helps users to track your sleep while ensuring whether you have a proper diet or not. It also has an intelligent sleep recognition feature that finds out whether you are sleeping lightly or deeply. Jawbone Up feature is available for both iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Sleep Cycle: It is an iOS application that monitors your sleep habits and wakes you up at the break of the dawn. The app costs around $1 and you can avail it on your iphone smartphones and tablets. The app collects all data relating to your sleeping habits and informs you the same in the following morning.
  • Beddit: This app sends data from an ultra-thin film sensor under your bedsheet to an iOS mobile app installed in your iPhone. This works on the ballistocardiography (BCB) system, which measures cardiorespiratory functions from your respiration and heartbeats. It can measure sleep time, sleep latency and snorting as well.
  • eSleep: It is relatively a cheaper app costing just around $1. This app is invented by Vanke software. It plays various soothing tunes to let you sleep tension-free. Pink noise, white noise, nature noise and brown noise helps you to sleep peacefully because of their lower level of decibels.
  • Fitbit One: This is an extremely useful app for a good night sleep. You can easily fit it on your pocket. It keeps track of your physical activity and measures whether that is healthy for you or not. When you wish to sleep, simply fasten the fitbit app on your wristband and set it to sleep mode. It will record all your movements that you made in the previous night. Once you connect the app to its website, you will get the complete report on what kept you awake at night and for how much you slept last night. You can use both Android and iOS smartphone to collect FitBit data. This is currently available at $100 per piece.

These low-cost but high-quality sleeping apps help people to get the must-needed 8-hour sleep daily at the night time. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one such app today and sleep better – stay fit.

Climate Change Could Disrupt Atlantic Ocean Currents

Image Source: NASA/ Reuters

The natural circulation process that carries hot surface water towards Greenland, and sinks as it cools before flowing back towards the Equator closer to the seafloor, what we call AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) in scientific terminology, is on the edge now.

The latest research report published in the journal Science Advances have indicated the prevalent climatic models are somewhat incomplete and bias. They largely underestimate the harmful effects of climate change and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In fact, the deterioration in weather quality has already begun. This has led to some coarse weather conditions in parts of the Europe and the UK (United Kingdom), particularly in winter.

The stable AMOC model that the scientists have predicted could actually turn out a mere fallacy now. “If we correct the stability bias of the AMOC … and then add global warming forcing, the AMOC actually collapses after a couple of hundred years. Climate models over stabilize the AMOC and shows it very stable. Even under global warming they have only moderate weakening,” Wei Liu, a former Scripps Institute of Oceanography postdoctoral researcher now at Yale University and lead author of the paper stated to the CBC News a few days back.

Due to havoc deterioration in quality of climate, the AMOC has already lost much of its strength, leading to harsher winters in the UK and parts of Europe. Now, scientists are of the view that the complete breakdown of AMOC is quite possible. It may expand the ice sheets in the North Atlantic region.

The cooling in the north Atlantic is so powerful that it could lead to an unprecedented cooling in the north Atlantic. On one hand, the world heats up, but Europe may see extraordinary cold in the next hundreds of years.

According to Paul Myers, a professor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences opined that the study is important in highlighting the bias in current models. However, there may be other considerations to include in future models.

More research on this particular subject – AMOC is still on. Though, not fully, for layman, the superhit Hollywood film “The Day After Tomorrow” was a precursor to what’s happening now in the world of science.

Since 1990, Co2 level in the atmosphere has increased over abundantly making the breathing of fresh air a challenge. Also, the climate is changing more promptly making the possibility of harsher winters in the regions of the UK, Europe and Canada as quite possible.

What the Two Models on AMOC Say

Initially it was stated by a group of scientists on one model that AMOC was largely stable and may collapse only 300 years after the doubling of Carbon Dioxide.

Contrarily, another model has recently stated that AMOC collapse will bring harsher climatic conditions apart from expansion of ice sheets in sea. It has already stated. It also says that there will drop in temperature to around 4.3 degree (F) over the North Atlantic belt and around 12.6 degrees (F) near Northwest Europe.

Head Transplant A Reality Now!

Image source: Businessinsider

If you think “Frankenstein” was merely a fictional character of Mary Shelley more than two hundred year back, then pause, and think again. In the world of science, nothing is impossible and if science wins then who knows you might see “head transplant” a reality.

The neurosurgeon who is on the verge of carrying out first human head transplant experiment is Dr Sergio Canavero. He is relentlessly trying to do something which the world perceives to be unethical, surreal and impractical. In fact, the experiment could take place anytime this year.

If he succeeds no matter how much controversial the world claims this HEAVEN (Head Anastomosis Venture) project to be – it can be life-giving for the neck-paralysed people to again return to normal life. One of the wheelchair users Valery Spiridonov, hailing from Russia, is ready to volunteer himself for this project.

The experiment will observe how a brain will be frozen to prevent brain cells from dying and then tubes would be attached to support veins and nerves. The spinal cord will be cut and repaired and then again stitched to the skin of the donor body.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

The Chicago-based Inventum Bioengineering Technologies (firm) has created a VR system that would help the patients prepare for the psychological reactions that they may encounter after a head transplant.

Inventum chief executive Alexander Pavlovick stated to media, ‘In preparing the patient of Heaven (Head Anastomosis Venture) to transition into a new body, virtual reality training will be used before the surgical procedure to prevent the occurrence of unexpected psychological reactions. We are combining the latest advancements in virtual reality to develop the world’s first protocol for preparing the patient for bodily freedom after the transplantation procedure.’

First Human Head Transplant in 2017

The sharpest knife will be used to cut the spinal cord to a millionth of meter size during the process. Then it will be again repaired before using electrical stimulation to functionalise the nerves. It can even bring movement in a fresh dead body too with electrical tests as it stimulates the entire nervous system.

In fact, Dr Canavero and his friends have carried similar experiment in dogs which stood semi-success. A neck-paralysed dog was about to walk free and wag its tail post this experiment. However, critics argued that even if the experiment was semi-successful in animals, there is no guarantee of its success in humans.

The Expected Procedure of Head Transplant

A new person would need a transplant donor – already declared brain dead.

Heads of both the patient and his donor would be cut simultaneously.

Patient’s head will be affixed to the brain-dead donor using Polythylene gylcol.

It will be injected between the two ends for a clean fusion.

The patient will be put in a coma to recover properly while his muscles and blood supply get stitched.

When patient will come out of medically-induced coma, it is expected that he will be able to behave normally.



Warning: An Armageddon in the Waiting?

The majority of the medical experts feel that such experiments would be futile in case of humans. All of them have echoed that such a surgery will result in sure death. In fact, many feel that “Head transplant” could be actually worse than death – it may bring the horrific scenes of half-dead people like Zombies walking down the streets to real.

The latest news said that the project code named “Heaven” (Head Anastomosis Venture) will be postponed due to non-availability of volunteers. The Russian man Valery Spiridonov might backtrack since his girlfriend is not agreeing to his participation in volunteering with the HEAVEN project.

Top 6 Reasons Why Weighted Blankets are Healthy for You


We are well aware of the utility of blankets in winter season. But people mostly use them to stay warm. However, in the last few years, the use of weighted blankets has become an essential part of our lives. Weighted blankets will not only keep you warm but also pacify your moods to a large extent.

What’s more special is the fact that weighted blankets are equally beneficial for every one of us. Whether you are a child, middle aged man or an old person, weighted blanket acts as a panacea to cure your psychological pains while protecting you from chilly winter too.

It has also proved to be extremely helpful to correct the mental imbalances in children who are affected due to autism, sensory disorders and other mental problems. These blankets actually provide deep pressure touch receptor from head to toe letting the body loose free. It makes a person feel secured, relaxed and tension free.

Benefits of using bulky and thick blankets at a glance

  1. It distributes weights evenly through the plastic poly pellets throughout the blanket prompting a good 8-hour sleep for the person using such a blanket.
  2. Thick blankets act as a boon for the Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) children to sleep well while enhancing their concentration levels.
  3. Thick blankets don’t have toxic Hypo–allergenic materials so it’s completely safe for everyone to use. It can be washed and air dry as well unlike other blankets.
  4. People with high level of anxiety and increased blood pressure find thick blankets as one of the easiest remedies to stay calm and cool. Once a person rests on the blanket, he tends to feel much relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning.
  5. The extra thickness on the blanket prompts the brain to release neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine which correct a person’s mood and soothes his minds.
  6. The use of weighted blankets inserts a greater pressure to the joints, muscles and ligaments letting the central nervous system to function better. The therapeutic usage of such blankets is now recommended by doctors also across many places.

How It Works?

According to the latest research, a good sleep is essential to improve people’s productivity and duration of sleep. Therefore, weighted blankets help a person to cure his or her insomnia easily without any extra medicines.

The National Institute of Mental Health, has recently stated that more than 35 million adults in the US are suffering from anxiety disorder and other mental disturbances. Be it on the issue of a relationship, normal life, and ability to stay take things positively while keeping oneself calm and cool is the need of the hour. That’s when the role of thick blankets comes to play. You can use such blankets alongside meditation and yoga to derive greater advantages.

This winter, make thick blankets a part of your life. With constant use of Wi-Fi, modem and other digital gadgets we become an easy prey of stress, tension and enhanced level of anxiety. Therefore, a solid 8-hour slumber is necessary, and a use of thick blankets helps us in achieving the same.

Top 5 Christmas card Video Apps


The celebration time has just begun. With hardly a few hours to go before the gala celebration of Merry Xmas, most of the people will be looking forward to a suitable medium to convey their best wishes to near and dear ones. That’s when the role of Christmas video card apps assumes big importance.

It’s apparently impossible to send personal greetings to everyone you know. Obviously, distance gap and time factor won’t let you do so. But using high-quality apps will make feel almost being a part of Christmas celebration even if you are residing at some far-flung places where yuletide is not that much popular. Moreover, you can start using this beautiful Christmas video card app instantly after downloading the same on your smartphone.

  • Jibjab: If you are really looking for a cool Christmas video card app then you can’t miss it out. This app introduces you to a lot of amazing Christmas e-greetings video card such as ‘Twinkle all the way’, ‘Santa’s Twerk Shop’ and ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ among many others. Also the app will let you send several e-greeting to your friends and near and dear ones using a single click. This app works on several OS including the Android and iOS.
  • Twelve (12) Days of Christmas: This is a fun app with lots of animations, original Christmas carols and colorful wallpapers. Another feature of the app is its special function allowing users to easily record their celebration video and audio while singing. A user can also easily share these videos among his friends and family members. The Christmas card video app works best on iOS and Iphones.
  • Red Stamp Card App: With Xmas round the corner, your hands might be itching to send Christmas greeting to your friends and chums. This app empowers you to instantly create greeting cards and customize the same from your Android or iOS. The app also allows you to convey your message to them within a fraction of seconds.
  • NORAD Santa Tracker: This app helps you know more about Santa Claus and related folks associated with Christmas. This app will also let you track Santa’s flight as the countdown for the same has already started. You can also play video games using this app and explore some other interesting Christmas-themed videos. You can download Norad’s Santa tracker for iOS and Android.
  • Elf Adventure Christmas: The Elf Adventureapp introduces you to a new exciting mini game every day unlocking a part of the story with every use. Each of the games will have an objective to awaken a white sleeping man for an exciting chilly winter with lots of snowflakes and cold breeze all around. Guys you can use this Christmas card video app on Android and iOS. It’s available free to download. Don’t miss it.

This holiday season; don’t deprive yourself from all the Christmas fun that you should enjoy with your friends and buddies. Using Christmas card video apps you could actually make it a more wonderful celebration altogether. So what are you waiting for? Download a Christmas card video app now and unlock the happiness for a happy and frenzied Christmas.

Technology Trends For 2017


“The old order changeth yielding place to new” ― Alfred Tennyson

Around two-hundred years back, great poet Alfred Tennyson coined the above phrase. He didn’t know how much the world would change in the later days. With each passing year, people are developing improved devices and technological equipments for their own help.

It won’t be wrong to say that people have now become far more luxurious, advanced and busier than before. With 2017 just round the corner, let’s analyze some of the upcoming technology trends that are sure to sweep the rug from under your feet.

  • Smart Home: Over the last few years, smart home concept is gaining ground for its cool user experiences. A customer can now easily manage several home appliances using a single master-remote control.
  • Self-driving Cars: It’s another technological innovation that’s setting the agenda for driver-less vehicles. If selfdriving cars become a reality in the near future than its biggest beneficiaries will be the people who wish to use cars but don’t have enough money to pay to drivers.
  • Increasing use of Phone Apps: Be it online shopping or calling your cab via super cool apps like Ola and Uber, in 2017 we need to get ourselves acquainted with the online mobile usage at the earliest.
  • Synthetic foods to overtake natural ones: A lot of synthetic foods will find their way inside our refrigerators in the next few months. As the clamor for synthetic foods is growing aloud, the food processing technology will grow by leap and bounds soon. Reportedly, synthetic foods will become staple food from next year onwards. Tissue engineering will get a boost to grow food like eggs, meat and dairy.
  • Soft Robots: Forget the metallic robots that we always relate to every time the word crops up. In the next few years, the entire connotation of robot and robotics will get changed. You may actually see robots resembling humans from next year onwards. They will be robots with a human essence. SoftRobotics Gripper has already started the technological innovation in this regard. Use of elector active polymers, elastomer is expected to be used while creating Soft Robotics.
  • Space Management: A giant leap has already been made in the world of volume-space explorations. Low-cost sensors are being developed to help people know how to use their owned space judiciously. The world is becoming compact day by day – probably that’s the reason why scientists and engineers are looking for alternative ways to accommodate more machines and equipments in lesser space.
  • Precision Medicine: Probably you are hearing it for the first time. Precision medicine means “one-size-fits-all” methodology that is based on algorithm and data of patients. In California, the research on the subject has already begun and many doctors are advised by the authorities to initiate proper communication with patients to understand their social, environment and economical context while diagnosing diseases.
  • Drones will be put to good use: Drones which were until now associated with wars will soon be put to good use. Rwanda is developing a first-of-its-kind drone airport to provide medicines and foods to needy and helpless people in rural areas. It could be extremely beneficial to people living inside the war-torn remotest part of the country. These medicines will be cheap, affordable and highly effective.
  • E-transactions: People will probably forget going to bank from next year onwards. Payment via e-wallets, cards and digital transactions is getting more prominence these days. No longer, you need to roam with cash – instead all transactions can be made using the plastic money.

Cashless Economy: What about these 600 million people


600 million Indians don’t have bank accounts in India.

Even before demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid emphasis on a digital Indian economy. This idea of digital economy has become even more obvious with shifting focus from the problems faced by the poor due to cash crunch to the future that can be through digital economy.

History of cashless economy

The first country to push cashless economy is Denmark along Norway and Sweden. Among others, Australia, UK, South Korea is also pushing for cashless society.

What’s wrong with cashless society?

Today, we live in a world that is highly unequal, especially when it comes to distribution of wealth. A cashless society will further jeopardize this situation for the poor and uneducated who have no access to such knowledge.

In such a scenario, the govt. openly shouting for a cashless society and PM Modi asking party workers to promote this idea seems unrealistic and ill fated when we know that the poor are going to be left behind.

Not only that, BJP has euphemistically ignored the impact of demonetisation on the poor. The deaths that have been caused, the decreasing payment of daily wage labors and loss of livelihoods for many farmers among others has been ignored completely by the ruling political parties.

How can the government that claims to be ‘pro-poor’ talk about a cashless economy when they know that only the literates, affluent and technically learned people will be the true beneficiaries of this idea. While the poor, illiterate, child labours, women labours, daily wage labours and many more will be excluded from its success.

Developed Scandinavian countries, Australia and UK among others can afford such a plan for their small number of population as compare to India and almost 100% literacy. But laying too much emphasis on this plan in India and at the same time failing to educate and improve literacy will definitely push further the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

Such a plan is not pro poor, but pro rich and middle class, attractive to the bourgeois and mostly effective and feasible in cities. There are only 800 per million card swiping machines in the country. What’s even sadder is the ignorance of media to educate and debate the impact of this intention. The government is hiding behind big bang schemes to hide its malfunctioning and we people are foolishly standing and enjoying as the world changes in front of our eyes and the poor are thrown aside like a garbage bag.


Self Driving Cars – A Reality or a Dream?



Call it a technological wonder or man-made catastrophe in the making but the debate on the reliability of a self-driven car has just started. One may see it as a major improvement and drastic step towards the future of the ongoing mechanized era but the applicability of self-driven cars is largely appearing to be a dilemma as of now.

Even the unimaginable scene of witnessing the vehicles running across the streets without a driver is frightening for the commuters and passers-by. However, companies like BMW, Mercedes and Tesla have already begun their experiments on this particular technology. So, next time you witness a driverless car roaming the streets of California or Florida you don’t need to feel panicky at all!

Some reports are doing the rounds in the national and international media that in the next couple of years, self-driven cars might make a big break. Approximately, 10-million cars and their corresponding technologies are already integrated in such a manner that they could move driverless using some sort of highly advanced robotics or artificial intelligence.

Technology giant, Google, had a word with media personnel a recent while back and all of them were given a joy ride on self-driven cars. Interestingly, no matter how conservative and old-fashioned people view this concept, as a matter of fact, it is actually aimed to preserve lives of the commuters by way of preventing road accidents using its highly advanced accident collision sensor. In short, self-driven cars are touted to be safer, speedier and smarter than the current human-driven cabs.

Exactly a few months back, nuTonomy, a firm founded by two automobile researchers from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) surprised the world when they introduced self-driving taxi service in Singapore. With the overwhelming interest of the people in self-driven vehicles, its future seems quite rosy but any exaggeration could be a risky game.

Two-three things will hold a key to the success of these types of vehicles; Price, features and safety factors. Companies must look into these aspects before rolling-out such cars.

Another major controversial issue surrounding the self-driving cars is the autonomy factor. It is still ambiguous whether the vehicle will be completely autonomous or could humans also intervene in case of need?

The Conclusion

These cars are definitely good for a fantasy ride but could be fatal if it runs on the busiest streets of cities like London, Mumbai, Beijing, New York city, Hong Kong and Tokyo in the presence of countless commuters. The vehicle is still not enough customized to and follow traffic rules and regulations while ensuring safety of the people.

The spurt in the recent cases of self-driven car accidents involving Tesla brand has resulted in a lot of trust deficit among the people. But then there is Google which argues that sans human intervention, the vehicle could actually move better and prevent car accidents. Human errors cause more than 90% of car accidents across the world.

It’s difficult to say which version is right. So, let the debate continue. Only time will tell us the exact answer to it.

Choose to Meditate



So what is meditation? Well, it can be a lot of things.

The word meditation has its origin in the Latin word Meditari, which translates to deep thinking and concentration. In short, meditation has everything to do with concentration and focus.

There is no hard way or easy way to meditate. Anybody and everybody can do it. It does not require any set of skills, all you need is to do it. Is that all?

Not exactly!

Meditation, as mentioned before is the art of focusing, which can be really hard for us people who are mostly multitasking. To meditate, one needs to let it go.

Many a times people confuse meditation with postures. Meditation has nothing to do with postures, it has nothing to do with physical abilities. Meditation is all about focusing on what is going on in your head and understand why.

The most amazing part of meditation is that you don’t really need to understand or think about why you are thinking what you are thinking because your mind is already doing that, but you need to be aware of it, be conscious of it.

What are the benefits?

The first thing that one shouldn’t think before meditation is about its benefits. You must throw out all external ideas of what good or bad meditation can do to a person. You must leave it to the process itself. It will guide you to its positives which is not physical in nature, but mental.

It builds and improves your mental health. In simpler terms, people feel move lively and healthy after meditation. Just like doing yoga improves your physical performance, meditation improves the performance of your mind and your brain.

Meditation revives the energy that we often loose for the kind of lifestyle we have. Human mind is always occupied with thoughts of demand and success and getting happy, which in its own times takes a toll on our minds and creates a gap between what our mind in its naked form requires and what we on the other hand need for ‘satisfaction’.

Meditation gets you in touch with yourself again, but one should not take it for granted. Meditation is a responsibility of handling your true nature, of being truthful to yourself while you go through and see alive the thoughts that you are mostly unconscious about.

Our reaction to these thoughts must be frank and we should accept them in  their natural form, for only then we can reap the benefits of feeling light headed, energized and happy. Meditation should not be confused with a physical betterment, although it can be helpful there as well. It is a way of communicating with ourself and we must do that truthfully.


One can lie down, stand, sit, or be in any position. All you need is to close your eyes in whichever position you feel comfortable and let your thoughts flow. Do not forget to stay conscious of what you are thinking, that’s where the meditation lies, so look at your thoughts, but don’t react to them. Just be conscious of them.

The most important thing to note is spend some time meditating. Spend at least 30 minutes everyday doing it and then only you shall feel the impact.

Section 377 – Arguments


Almost everyone who has had the opportunity to debate in favor of section 377 with those against it must for sure, have heard the arguments listed below..


     1. This activity is unnatural sex and against the laws of nature

     2. How can it be natural if the very reason of human existence, reproduction is not met       

 3. Homosexuals are a bunch of sex craving humans who are either nymphomaniacs or satyric

     4. Homosexuals are nothing but the ones who have been raped homo-sexually at a tender age

     5. It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country

     6. Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

     7. I just don’t want to waste my time talking about this shit (my personal favorite)


These are not all, but the ones which are majorly common across our country. I would very much love to talk out against each of the above points and put forth my argument. The reason I wish to do so, is not to ridicule or look down on the people who support section 377 rather just to opine myself as to how ignorant people are, or may be careless and irresponsible towards a lesser popular section of the society which is not strong enough to fight for its rights….. I will take the points one by one and put forth my argument, you can even comment your argument if you are unsatisfied and I’ll try to convince you if at all that’s possible. 


      What’s Natural or Unnatural?

    The most important argument of all! It’s hard to differentiate between the two, especially for those who think they know how the nature functions, because that would make them above it, unfortunately that’s not humanly possible. Humans are just a very small part of it, and now that we are so naughty, I wonder our god’s would be calling us all cliches and mistakes. Hmmm.. Let’s keep that debate for some other time.


So, natural and unnatural are nothing but two sides of the same coin (an expression) which are inseparable and can be justified simultaneously and thus a never ending debate.  In short, natural and unnatural, just for the sake of keeping within the purview of our discussion, can be understood keeping in mind the understanding of the human mind with evolution of cultures, religion, philosophy, the idea of politics and other such forms of human development across the world.


Putting it simply, what you see is natural may not be natural otherwise, or what you presume to be unnatural can be natural to the person sleeping and dreaming in your neighborhood. It’s just an acknowledgement of how you take the world around you and how you come to accept, reject and understand it. Sex, as a matter of fact cannot be termed as unnatural because it’s happening within the nature with the ones who are very much the part of it. In the same manner, the preference of the same sex is natural too. Just like it’s not necessary for everyone to be born healthy, fit, intelligent or so as per the general understanding of health across the world, it’s not necessary for the choices of sex (a natural activity) to be as per the generic preferences. Like it or not, it happens and will keep happening. And yes, it’s not that it came into existence last night, rather the history goes back to thousands of years, when roaming around naked was natural, which is not today. Today, if a man or a woman walks around naked, many, at the very first look will pronounce them mad or shamelsss or whatever comes into their minds to justify their sanity and that’s pretty much natural for us to act like that. In other words, it’s simply how you come to understand the world around you. Section 377 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) is unfavorable to humans because its not a ban on an activity of boozing in public or having sex in public or raping someone or banning access to certain entertainment, rather it bans the right to choose a partner to love and be with and as rightly pointed out by actor Manoj Bajpai in an interview with NDTV, it’s about right to privacy and you cannot rule over anyone’s privacy. BTW, don’t forget to watch his upcoming movie Aligarh, based on the true story of a gay professor (now dead) of Aligarh Muslim Univeristy (AMU).


The idea of not being able to reproduce – Can’t reproduce, so unnatural. WTF?

This argument has always made me feel sad and disheartened. I wonder if people can base their arguments on such stupid logic, can they really understand what pain the couples of the same sex would be going through whenever it crosses their minds that they can’t bear or make children. But, that would be too much to ask. Anyways, coming back to putting forth my argument on this,


     1. Just because one cannot reproduce a child, how can they be unnatural and against nature when many women and men around the world are born with dysfunctional private organs and fail to reproduce. It’s a sad thing, but it’s true.

      2. If not reproducing is unnatural, then why so much respect for Mr. Modi and Sadhus and Sanyasis? Just because they choose not to? 

      3. If not reproducing is unnatural then the birth of Transgenders is unnatural. God has cursed them, it’s their karma, it’s about what they have done in their previous lives… oh STFU! If their past lives are responsible for their present ’ unnaturalness’ then remember, you too will be judged for what you have done in your life, and my friend, the judgement day is not going to be a good story for how you treated your fellow human, for how you differentiate fellow humans and for how you consider yourself superior to your fellow humans! 


If you still can’t understand, then god save you for your narrow-mindedness.


Homosexuals are a bunch of Nymphomaniacs and Satyrs

There is a lack of logic here, crave of sex has nothing to do with sexual preference. Sometimes I wonder how fucking sex craving man I am. I can’t stop thinking about sex and women and tits and pussies, especially Janapnese women. I wish there was a category where I could put myself for loving Japanese women more than my own beautiful and exotic Indian hotties. How about Javatic? Nah, it sucks, nevertheless, those who say homosexuality is a result of sex craving retards, must know that it’s completely logical to crave for sex, some crave for more and some for less and some to an extreme, so extreme that we can’t even think of it. Actually, I can’t really justify how I disagree to the logic behind this argument, but it’s simply illogical because personally I feel if it was crave that lead to ‘dysfunctionality’ of sexual desires, then I’d be sad for my country, where most (I think I’d be right to make this generic) of the people (men and women and everyone) think about sex more than anything else. Yes! But you are different my friend. You are exceptional. I am just saying in general, you are  unique.


Homosexuals are victims of sexual crimes against them during childhood

I agree that there are many homosexual victims who have been raped by their family members or friends or so at a tender age and they could do nothing about it, rather not even discuss about this with their parents following a stigma. Oh Indian culture I salute you!

But that is just too common in this country. Sexual offenses against children at home, school, public places are as common as pissing in public. Children are the biggest victims of molestation and many have no idea how to speak against it, until recently when children have started to speak up, thanks to good parenting and no thanks to otherwise. It would be stupid to relate these two and make it generic. Just like being a child of a cricketer doesn’t mean the child is going to be a cricketer even if he happens to be brought up under that environment, it’s just a personal choice. Yes, there can be persuasive times but a choice is a choice and a choice is neither a coincident nor an accident.


It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country 

Indian culture has boasted homosexuality more than any other culture around the world, rather, our culture has boasted anything close, equal or similar to the term ‘sex’, more than any other culture across the world, be it Homosexuality, Bestiality or Zoophilia. We have literature talking about all of these and also ‘Kamasutra’, the holy book of ‘natural sex’ 😉 I could elaborate more, but I’d be boring a lot of my readers, so next time.


Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

Sorry to say that homosexuality is found in 450 species, but homophobia is found only in one. 


I just know one thing, India should not deprive its people of their rights, be it a single person. The Supreme Court must bring down and abolish section 377. We all know, that too would not end the misery, but down the line, the coming generation will take its own route to deal with the differences and I am sure, they will do well.