Top 5 Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day 2017

Give your heart a free flight to a far-off land this Valentine’s Day. Snow clad mountains, cool breeze and the exuberance of love all around – do you need anything else? Obviously, No. It’s the uttermost truth that love is the most priceless treasure in this entire universe.

If you are planning to make this day the most memorable one in your life, then simply choose these ideal romantic places for you and your partner. These cool places are not just perfect for a refreshing weekend, but offers a new and glittering beginning to your romantic life as a couple as well.

Rome, Italy

The best thing about Rome is its ancient and elegant architecture. Wherever you roam around, Rome’s spell binding monuments and historical places are bound to make you fall in love with this Italy’s historic city. The mystic sky, fresh air and Wide street provide you a perfect option to let your heart do all the talk. When you are ready to propose your soulmate, do it in style with a rose in your hands.

Brudges, Belgium

Probably, one of the lesser known cities in Belgium, this small place is on the global map these days for its calm and tranquil atmosphere all around. It is often touted as the couple’s paradise now. Newly married couple and love birds love visiting the place to strengthen their romantic relationship more. Even though the outlook of the city suggests it as a village yet it’s spectacular and enchanting. This Valentine’s Day, fly to Brudges to celebrate the occasion. It’s gonna be soothing, healing and of course a romantic date altogether.

Paris, France

If you wish to visit a place where the feeling of love reaches its peak then don’t ignore Paris. Since ancient times, Paris is known for being the lover’s hub and cupid’s spot. Make your forthcoming Valentine’s Day a life transforming one as you go on to take your love relationship to a new level. Surprise your loved one with an absolutely mesmerizing engagement ring as you put the same on his or her finger on the Valentine’s Day.

Karuizawa, Japan

Considered to be the Japan’s eccentric resort town, Karuizawa, is an absolutely amazing romantic destination. The city is famous for showcasing the natural elegance of Japan. Be it summer, winter, spring or autumn, the joy of watching the nature unfolding before your eyes gives immense happiness especially when your partner is with you. A visit to the place offers a soothing experience altogether. Now, imagine you land here with your soulmate for a romantic date, no doubt, a whiff of fresh unpolluted air and scent of romance will set your mood perfect to celebrate the Valentine’s Day like never before.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is a perfect romantic gateway for you together. This Valentine’s Day, embark on a journey together in Sydney. The vibrant city will make you party hard and loud with your partner standing next to you. He or she will definitely like your cheerful persona. The romantic Harbor Bridge is a perfect spot to exhibit your love towards each other.

What are you waiting for? Visit any of these places this Valentine’s Day and say I Love You to your partner.

Top 10 Hangout Places for Valentine’s Day

We are well aware that Valentine’s Day has huge relevance when it comes to choosing one’s life partner, hence couples should never miss planning it out in advance where to enjoy the rest of the day together staying aloof from the rest of the world.

I’m sure you also must be looking at some of the romantic places to hang-out with your loved ones. When there is love inside your heart, you won’t mind visiting far-off places to feel those soothing moments when butterflies flutter their wings inside your hearts!

Here is the list of top 10 exotic Hangout places for Valentine’s Day celebration;

1) Flute, New York, USA: Located in the posh New York City, this midtown lounge is astute for some real cool moments in the lap of each other. Simply, step into the bar and relish a bottle of chilled champagne with your partner. Indeed, the bar is intrinsically cool and romantic where you get cozy while enjoying a few enchanting moments here.

2) Lapèrouse, Paris, France: This exotic restaurant is decorated with ancient red booths offering you a mushy feeling to get closer to your loved one. What’s more interesting is the fact that the sweet romantic charm of Paris will make both of you feel more romantic and cozy at the restaurant.

3) Aubergine, Luzon, Philippines: You can’t miss out nibbling those tasty dishes when you are at Aubergine. The restaurant is known for preparing delicious dishes and indeed it’s a special moment as you two share some happy moments inside the restaurants together.

4) El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain: Located in the dazzling city of Girona, this restaurant has everything at its disposal to make you feel more excited. You will get the opportunity to taste the world’s best wines here.

5) Kyubey, Tokyo, Japan: The chirping of birds, cool breeze and attractive landscapes make Tokyo a romantic destination per se. You can straightaway enter Kyubey holding hands of your partner and spend the rest of the day together staring at each other’s eyes. The tasty cuisines couple with soothing chimes on the background makes it one of the most beautiful hangout places to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

6) Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark: The unpolluted air and fresh breeze that make Denmark a beautiful place to live in. It becomes even more special when Valentine’s Day is round the corner. Don’t miss visiting Relae this year for a lifelong memory to take by. The magnificent display of colorful lights and scrumptious European cuisines to taste make Relae a breathtaking hangout place to spend Valentine’s Day.

7) Schauenstein, Switzerland, Fürstenau:
Peaceful atmosphere, soothing weather and snow clad mountains are symbols of Switzerland. But there is something more to it. If you are looking for a best hangout place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day then go to Schauenstein in Fürstenau for an awesome experience. Apart from dazzling lighting and tasty recipes, this restaurant makes you feel romantic and passionate enough to propose your soul mate here.

8) Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China: It’s such a spectacular hangout place to enjoy your Valentine’s Day to the fullest. Be it extremely mouth-watering continental vegetarian dishes or the non-veg ones, this is the best hangout place to spend the rest of the day accompanying your partner. Ultraviolet is also popular for its design and architecture.

9) White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia: The diversity of Russia is its intrinsic beauty. Take the case of White Rabbit which is not just an elegant hangout place to drop by but also to enjoy some delicious products of Crimea which were hitherto unavailable here.

10) Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy: Italy is a nation of beautiful monuments with glimpses of ancient roman culture all around. Italy is also famous for its wide variety of astonishing culinary art. You can certainly visit Osteria Francescana you’re your sweetheart to taste some of the world’s best snacks, drinks and many more.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Traditions around the World

Valentine’s Day Continues to mesmerize people all across the globe. It has a global appeal making it the most celebrated occasion during spring season. Whether you live in Asia,  Europe or even South Africa, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in several traditions varying from one country to another.

The exchange of beautiful flowers is the common scene that you may come across on this day, but in various countries the day symbolizes several other things as well. No matter where you are; don’t miss to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day on 14th February, 2016. It is probably the only occasion which globally celebrates the relevance of love in our life.

Here is the list of Valentine’s Day traditions throughout the globe;

1) Brazil: People of this country are not much big fans of celebrating the Valentine’s Day. Rather, the Brazilian love to celebrate Dia dos Namorados (lovers’ Day) on June 12th which is the Brazilian equivalent of V-day. The exchange of costly gifts, chocolates and flowers among couples and friends continues here from morning to night.

2) France: The country is globally famous for its capital Paris, which is considered as the city of love. You can never have such a big celebration of Valentine’s day elsewhere that you have here. However, the old French tradition of valentines day is considered as the rigid one. During those days men had the freedom to choose their female mate through Loterie d’amour’. But, men often dumped women after a few days if they couldn’t find their right mate. Following this, the women would make bonfire and burnt the pictures of those males. Considering the irrational method of selecting one’s life partner the French government had abandoned this tradition and officially banned it.

3) Denmark: Believe it or not, but the country is known for celebrating the day in unique manner. More than the chocolates or roses, people here prefer to gift fresh and mesmerizing Snowdrops flowers to each other. There is also a tradition that men send joking letters to girls called gaekkebrev anonymously. Then she has to identify the sender.

4) Taiwan: The country follows a different tradition in which roses speak louder than words. When you give 108 roses to your loved one it means “will You marry me?, but when you give 1 rose to her or him it means “you are the only love” and finally, when you give 99 roses to your sweetheart it means “you are my love forever”.

5) South Korea: This country celebrates Valentine’s Day twice a year; 1st on February 14th and then again on March 14th also called white day. On February 14th, girls give lots of presents to their soul-mates, while on March 14th male offer a lots of gifts to their sweethearts. 

6) China: The Chinese version of Valentine’s Day is called Qixi. On this day women offer delicious fruits such as melons and other fruits to Zhinu, the Chinese mythological princess, with a hope to get a good and caring husband. Married couples visit temples during night to pray for happiness and prosperity. 

7) England: On Valentine’s Day eve, English women put 5 bay leaves on their pillows with the hope of getting a glimpse of their future husband in dream. 

8) Japan: Japanese women offer Giri Choco to every male they come across to as a goodwill gesture on this day. It can be anyone; your friend, boss, colleague or even a stranger. However, in order to show her romantic feelings the girl has to give Giri Choco along with a handmade gift as well to her beloved one. Boys have to complement the same on 14th March with a beautiful present including chocolates, flowers and other gifts to their girls friends. 

9) Philippines: On this day, As per the tradition of Valentines day, several people get married with the hope of having a blessed marital life. Hence mass wedding ceremonies are very common in Philippines. 

10) Italy: The occasion is celebrated in a grandeur style on this day. Girls and boys enjoy music, poetry and good books together. According to old tradition the girls would wake up before dawn, and the sight of the first man they come across will become her husband within a year.

Top 10 Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, two lovely hearts look forward to spend few precious moments together at a dream destination. They wish to make the day as romantic as ever.


Here are the top 10 romantic destinations for lovebirds to begin a never-ending journey to the world of infinite love and feelings on this memorable day.

1) Sydney: The dazzling view of the city in the midst of refreshing cool breezes will truly make you feel romantic and cozy. Harbor Bridge is often touted as couple’s paradise, so don’t miss to witness this wonderful bridge when you are in Sydney. It’s one of the most cherishing romantic spots to enjoy the Valentine’s Day in the company of each other.

2) Paris: If you are planning to propose your sweetheart on Valentines’ Day then Paris would be the perfect spot to do so. The Champs-Elysees Boulevard is a magnificent place to express your love with a romantic gift such as the beautiful flower vase, cotton doll or even an engagement ring.

3) New York: It is one of the most majestic locations to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. No doubt, New York City is one of the best romantic spots where couple love to visit on February 14. The stunning Times Square is the most iconic spot to let your heart speak the language of love. 

4) Niagara Falls: Have you ever wished your Valentine’s Day celebration to be the mesmerizing one? Visit Niagara Falls and let the party begin. The panoramic view of Niagara Falls gives that solace to hearts which only the love birds can understand.

5) Petersburg: The magnificence of the place separates it from the rest. The lush green boulevards of the city illuminate the souls with an earnest feeling of love. Isn’t it would be a brilliant idea to express your love to your soul mate on Valentine’s Day in St. Petersburg? Tranquility of the location is another factor why couple goes there on this particular day.

6) Reykjavik: Make this Valentine’s Day – the special, unique and an adventurous one. Reykjavik, located in the chilly Iceland, is the most ideal place to celebrate the day. The bonfires and glittering display of lights in night will melt your heart at its first sight. The cool atmosphere of the city will let the feeling of love spark as brightly as possible.

7) Barcelona: The beach city continues to enjoy high preference among the lovebirds for throwing Valentine’s Day party. Enjoying the famous Barcelona beach whole day till sunset sounds perfect for February 14. Just divulge into the beauty of nature and you will love it for sure. It’s more brilliant if you hold each other’s hand and shake your legs without caring about anything else in the world. Let the feeling of love captivate both of you.

8) Istanbul: We usually associate Rose as a symbol of love but Tulip is equally mesmerizing and spectacular. The town of Istanbul is a unique blend of modernity and past, and the sheer brilliance of the city will keep you dumbstruck. Rose Gardens is the fantastic spot to exhibit your love for one-another and enjoy few special time together. No doubt, when you are in the land of Roses of Tulips, the fragrance of these lovely flowers will let your heart beat for sure.

9) London: The chimes of Big Ben and River Thames are the 2 things that fill the fresh air of London with love and romance. What are you waiting for? Hold the hand of your loved one and simply walk over to the picturesque Westminster Bridge. It’s simply an awesome way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

10) Kyoto: Have you ever wished to witness the fresh dawn of a valentine’s day with your beloved one at a place, which is both elegant and exhilarating? Kyoto is that iconic destination to do so. It is both vivacious and calm at the same time. Cherry-blossom trees and breathtaking mountains will only enhance the feeling of love for one-another in this city. Indeed, a mesmerizing place to propose someone on a Valentine’s Day.