Top 10 Habits To Become Successful This New Year

Everybody seems to be confused at this one. Nobody can say with absolute clarity that which is the shortest route to success. However, there are certain unmissable habits that successful people inculcate in their lives. Well, you can always observe these habits in the daily life of successful people.

However, if you think that by merely imitating a lifestyle of a successful person you can easily kiss success then it’s wrong. Every person has different responsibilities and daily schedule. So, the best way forward is to imbibe these good habits in your life this upcoming New Year – the perfect time to initiate a new year with a goal to accomplish.

Be Organized: Well you have grown up enough to organize your life well. The first step towards doing the same is to wake up early, work entire day long and then go to bed early for sleep.

Read lots of Books: Reading is not a pastime. It acquaints the readers with valuable life lessons to take by and follow in their own lives. This New Year, renovate your book shelf and try to read those books which you haven’t read before.

Look After Health: Success is not all about earning a million bucks. You have to look after your health as well. In pursuit of success you can’t take your health for granted. Also you should take care of your family’s health as well. So, eat healthy and stay fit and fine. Try to include healthy food in your diet.

Donation and Charitable Activities: Success looks best when the same is shared with the people. So, when you nurture a dream to achieve success, try to live up to it by donating and helping the poor and destitute people with whatever way you can.

Pick a Target to Accomplish: “A ship without knowing its destination may get lost even if it has the capacity to travel a long distance” – similarly you can’t be successful in life without having that fire in the belly. Pick a goal for yourself and then try to concentrate on it with hard work and determination.

Be Punctual: For every work you undertake try to complete the same on time. Always remember that successful people always do their task timely. They are punctual and maintain punctuality with whatever they do on a daily basis.

Proper Mindset: Nothing in this world can be achieved without being mentally cautious about what you about to do next. To fulfill your aim, you should have right frame of mind to pursue your dream crossing all odds. Hindrance will be on your path but you have to win over them.

Prioritize Your Stuff: It is important that you should prioritize all your upcoming works this new year according to their urgency. Once you prioritize your stuff then you should proceed towards completing them as per the time frame you decided. For example; anything relating to health should be topping your priority chart.

Keep Learning: One thing that you can do continuously throughout your life is to keep learning newer things. And whatever you learn helps you directly or indirectly to become a better person than what you were yesterday.

Smile a Lot: Successful people exude their level of confidence and charisma from time to time. While doing so they never forget to put that radiant smile on their lips. So, if you also wish to grab success then practice it daily and smile a lot.

Start it right away from this New Year onwards. You will be definitely successful in the near future.

Top 10 Books to Read in New Year

Someone has said it right that a book is the man’s best friend. Books have the capacity to guide a person walk on the righteous direction even if it is full of thorns and obstacles. Such is the enigma of reading. You can’t find anything else as much fascinating and enthralling as the books.


It’s an amazing idea if you could start the fresh dawn of 2016 with a resolution to read at least 10 novels this year. Books will certainly help you battle against all problems of life and try your best at whatever you do. Ideally, you should read a combination of both fictional and non-fictional books to perceive the world of reality in a more comprehensive manner.

1) Robison Crusoe: This novel was written by Daniel Defoe some 296-year-ago but its relevance still continues. Man Friday, one of the most important characters in the story, demonstrates that no matter how big your problem is god always sends someone for your help. Now, without reading the book thoroughly, you can’t have its answer.

2) The Alchemist: As I told you at the start of this article that a book can completely transform your life, this famous book does the same. The book, written by Paulo Coelho, revolves around a shepherd’s journey to find treasure. Only after reading the whole book, you will get the answer that he will succeed or not.

3) I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: This autobiographical piece from Maya Angelou is a story of an unusual courage and determination. Definitely, this is the book that you must read this New Year. Each page of the novel unfolds various hardships of life with which the author went through. The book will surely inspire you to work harder and becoming strong. 

4) A Brief History of Time: This non-fiction book from Stephen Hawking is still regarded as his masterpiece. The ace scientist delves deep into several aspects of sky and the universe. No doubt, if you read this fascinating novel, then you will learn a lot of new things about Cosmology, black holes, big-bang and others. For a thrilling start to 2016, you can read it.

5) Alice in the wonderland: Lewis Carroll, the author of this novel, was a master story teller. The book might have already become 150-year old but its charisma still continues. I can assure you that the journey of Alice in the Wonderland will take you to a different world on the very first day of the year. Don’t miss to read it. 

6) The Power of Less: This is a unique novel that describes how people can live a peaceful life by eliminating demand for all other unnecessary things. Ultimately, life is all about contentment and it’s better to focus on your goals then diverting your attention elsewhere. Writer Leo Babauta explained the concept so beautifully that it will surely transform your life for better.

7) The 7 habits of highly effective people: Every one of us wants to become successful, but none of us have a ready-made formula for it. This interesting novel is all about re-inventing oneself. Stephen R Covey, the author of the book, presents some easy steps by which anyone can climb the ladder of success.

8) Eat, Pray, Love: The author of this novel, Elizabeth Gilbert, travelled all across the world in search of solace. Now, what she got during her tour may keep you fascinated until you finished reading the last line of this novel. I definitely advice you all to read the novel and appreciate the magnificent work of the author.  

9) The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari: This book is about dynamics of life. Robin Sharma, the author of the book mentioned several vital aspects of a happy life. It’s going to be a wonderful experience to turn each page of this extremely motivational book as the days of New Year 2016 unfold before us.

10) Treasure Island: This world famous novel, written by R.L Stevenson, is a story of few adventurous spirits who went on a voyage in search of treasure. The story captures the excitement of the voyage that keeps readers glued to the book. You can definitely pick this book for the New Year. Both children and adults have liked this novel all across the world for the last hundred years and more.

Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Self-Improvement 2016

It is that time of the year when we wish to look back and see if the past 360 days of our lives have gone as per the way we wanted or not. Mostly, the year turns out not the one that we dreamt of. However, let past be past and welcome the upcoming New Year with lots of new hope, optimism and enthusiasm.

Here are the top 10 resolutions for self-improvement. This is not simply a list of resolutions, but a sure shot formula for your success, self-improvement and personality development as well. Inner happiness is all that matters and these resolutions are indeed useful, unique and life-enriching as well.

  • Learn Something New Each Day: Well, it’s going to be a tough one. You have to stay focused and observe each and everything around you. For instance, how about learning a new recipe? At the end of the year you would be astonished to know that you already learnt more than 360 new things. Isn’t it an astonishing thing to do? 
  • Pursue your Hobby: We often wish to do something that we like, but our hectic life schedule doesn’t allow us to do so. Let’s make this New Year a special one. We shouldn’t live our life like a machine anymore. Be creative and make the best use of your time. If you like Painting, just paint, paint and Paint in your spare time. 
  • Reunion with Old Friends: It’s you who will have to take the initiative first. Gather some information about your lost friends, learn what they are doing now and try making contacts with them. Even if you manage to get only few of them back, it’s still a wonderful achievement.
  • Be Adventurous: Sometimes, life seems too boring with routine stuff. Let’s try something different and delve deep into the world of adventure. How about trying Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving and others that you didn’t experience before? 
  • Charitable Activities: There is a saying that real success is all about how many lives you have transformed. Hence, your contribution to the society is as important as your self-improvement. Be more active and take part in charitable activities on a regular basis. It doesn’t mean simply donation only, but actually participating in voluntary activities around your vicinity. 
  • Learn Foreign Languages: It doesn’t matter where you live, but learning a foreign language is always a life-enriching activity. And it is something that you retain for a lifetime. For instance if you are residing in the US and decide to learn Mandarin, doesn’t it help you understand the Chinese literature better? Hence, it’s a blissful accomplishment to learn as many foreign languages as you can. 
  • Be Polite: A polite behavior is all that matters. The way you talk is the first thing that people notice in you. You should try to stay calm, cool and polite throughout this New Year. It will not only make others feel happy about you, but it keeps you in a pleasant mood as well. 
  • Spend time With Your Family: No matter how busy you are, but you should spare some time for your family members. When you have the blessings of your family, it will make the task of reaching newer heights of success easier for you. 
  • Get Organized: Prepare a to-do list in the morning and follow the same throughout the day. Similarly, plan your holidays in advance so that no last minute rush haunts you. You should just make your life a little more organized so that things work according to the plan.
  • Enjoy Each Moment Of Life: Last but not the least, you should enjoy each moment of life. As we are well aware that life is full of surprises, so it’s completely useless to take too much stress about thinking this and that. Just stay positive in each situation and enjoy each moment of life as it unfolds.