Top 10 New Year Cake Ideas

What is the one essential element without which a celebration of New Year can’t be fulfilled? Obviously, the answer is Cake. It is almost a universal norm. We are well aware that Cake is synonymous with New Year. You just can’t imagine having a glittering New Year party without sharing and relishing a delicious cake with your friends and loved ones. A wide range of cake available at the markets unites the whole world. However, it would be more awesome if you prepare this dish right at your home without visiting a confectionary shop.

Here is the list of top 10 New Year Cake Ideas by which you can prepare tasty cake at your home without any hassle. Explained in lucid language, the cake preparation at home has never been so easier. Just scroll down to know more;

1) Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Cake: This cake is very tasty and offers you with the unique taste of both Raspberry and chocolate. You can prepare it just within three hours using your oven.

2) Sponge Almond Cake: It’s a lovely and very delicious, because inside the cake you will lots of surprises. The berries are filled with cake layers and other tasty stuff. It takes only an hour to complete preparing the dish.

3) Piped Buttercream Cake: As per its nomenclature this cake creates the impression of beautiful fireworks during the night sky. This colorful cake is perfect to celebrate the occasion with lots of fun and enjoyment.

4) New Year Champagne Cake: An awesome combination of Strawberries, champagne and cream, this cake is exclusive for your party at the day of New Year or its eve.

5) German Chocolate Cupcakes: The cake has its origin from Germany; these cupcakes consist of chocolate-pecan ice cream frosting and topped with caramel ice cream.

6) Black Tie New Year Cake: The cake with its unique black tie theme is the most gorgeous one you would have ever come across. Simply top it with glittery gold cake and I promise you will love it.

7) Almond Long Cake: This cake has its French history because the cake was first prepared in France. When you decide to prepare the cake don’t forget to celebrate it in French custom by burning Yule log that prevents evil spirits from entering the New Year. Almonds are a sign of bringing good luck value.

8) Chocolate Zabaglione Cream Cake: This cake is hugely popular in Italy. The presence of Zabaglione, one of the famous recipes in the country, makes it spongy and delicious as well.

9) Heart and Rose Cake: Let this New Year brings loads and loads of love in your life. It is with this belief Rose and Heart cakes are prepared and sold by various restaurants and confectionary stores on the day of New Year at several places all across the globe. No doubt, it is the most magnificent cake to nibble with your soul-mate for the romantic beginning of your new year. Don’t forget to garnish the dish with Roses, Leaves and candles.

10) Pistachio Cake: It is the most spectacular cake that you can easily prepare at your home without much effort. You need to garnish the frosted cake with grated pistachio nuts and chocolate preferably the white ones. With the goodness of pistachio it helps you start the New Year on a healthy note.

Top 10 Food Stuffs that You Can’t Miss on New Year Day

Everyone wants to make the first day of the year a special one. People do celebrate New Year day as per their own tradition and customs, but some food stuff assumes huge importance on this day. It is believed that certain food items bring lots of good luck and prosperity in the coming year. So, the celebration of New Year day without good food is impossible.


Here are the top 10 Food Stuffs that you can’t miss on the first dawn of 2016;

1) Lentils: In countries like Hungary and Italy, Lentils are in much demand. Hungarians believe that lentils have the capacity to bring good luck and prosperity, hence consuming them on New Year day is a good omen. They prefer making soup with lentils. Similarly, Italians prepare Cotechino con Lenticchie (green lentils with sausage) as the dish is associated with wealth and prosperity as per the belief.

2) Grapes: Believe it or not, grapes have their own significance. In Spain, people believe that 12 grapes should be consumed before the clock strikes 12 on the midnight of 31st It is believed that by doing so lots good fortune can be obtained for the rest or 12 months.

3) Noodles: In Asian countries like the Japan and China, long noodles imply long longevity. Hence people love preparing long noodles to make an auspicious start to the New Year. On this day, noodles are prepared as it is. They are neither broken nor cut.

4) Greens: For the last few centuries together Green has always been a symbol of prosperity, progress and peace. People living in Europe and coastal America don’t miss to have green vegetable on New Year day. It is often said that more green you eat, more healthy and prosperous you will become.

5) Round Fruits: Be it Asia, Europe and the US or any other place, the significance of consuming round fruits on the New Year day is one thing without which the occasion remains incomplete. As per the western tradition (applicable to Europe and the US) nibbling any 12 round fruits is good for the near future.

6) Cornbread: This food stuff is quintessential to the rocking start of a new year. Especially, in the southern US people never forget to add this dish to their New Year menu-list as it symbolizes prosperity and progress.

 7) Whole Fish: We are well aware that fish are very popular in South Asia. Fish curry and Fish fry are the most delectable dishes throughout the region. In China, fish are the symbol of good luck and abundance. However, on the first day of the year people prefer eating the whole fish from head to tail which signifies a prosperous year from January to December.

8) Buttered Bread: It is used more as a symbolic gesture than a dish. In Ireland, people have a faith that by keeping buttered bread outside the door, it will make the New Year a prosperous one. The gesture ensures that the family residing in the house shall never suffer from hunger.

9) Black-Eyed Peas: Hoppin’ John is one of the most important recipes that people of southern US love to prepare with lots of pleasure and fun. The dish promotes happiness and success in the New Year. Black-Eyed Pea is the most essential ingredients used to prepare Hoppin’ John.

10) Pomegranate: Nobody can deny the medical properties of this astonishing fruit as it gives instant energy and also raises the level of Hemoglobin in the blood. But, many don’t know that in Turkey, people love to eat Pomegranate as it demonstrates human heart, life and fertility.