How to Celebrate New Year at Home

The year 2015 is set to say sayonara to us as it paves the way for the blissful 2016 to touch our lives with all the goodness of the world. While you may have several ideas to celebrate the first dawn of Happy New Year, but enjoying the whole day with your family and near and dear ones will surely be a cherishing moment for lifetime.


Don’t need to look here and there. Let the fresh beginning of 2016 starts with a grand celebration with your family at home. It’s probably the time when everyone forgets his or her hectic … Read more....

Top 10 Movies to Enjoy this New Year 2016

You have plenty of options to make the New Year of 2016 awesome. You can throw a party, go for a vacation trip or you can simply enjoy the day with your family. Christmas weekend is coming soon and you can definitely enjoy some of these ever enchanting Hollywood movies with your family members.


Collect the DVDs of these films and enjoy watching them. The list of the top 10 most enthralling Hollywood movies is given below;

1) Titanic: Every time you mention the great movies of Hollywood, the name of Titanic is sure to be there. The brilliant direction … Read more....