7 Easy Steps for Creating your Facebook Ad with pictures

There are some basic fundamentals of creating a Facebook ad, like choosing your target audience, how your ad must look and so on. This article will step by step guide you on how to create your ad. At the same time it will also help you in using the ad in the right way.

First Step – Create an ad

Open you Facebook account, if you don’t have, then create one. Go to the drop down menu on the right corner of the screen as shown below.


Choose create ad option from the dropdown list.


You will be … Read more....

How to create a lookalike audience for Facebook ads?

Hello everyone!

It was my usual day to use Facebook ads to promote my brand page when this pop-up from Facebook asking me to create Lookalike audience for my ads. First let us understand what is “Lookalike audience” on Facebook. Well, it means people similar to ones that are already interested in your business. Factors such as location, age and interests are used by Facebook’s artificial intelligence systems to find similar people. I would consider it a smart move as it falls in line with market segmentation basics where you are identifying your target customer groups, and then Facebook is … Read more....

Digital Locker: Features & Utility at a Glance


The government of India is all set to digitalize the country, and promote the same throughout India. Initiating the concept of a digital locker in India is one of such initiatives. It was launched with a purpose to offer a secure platform to Indians to store and access their valuable documents on an electronic repository offered by the government of India.

The basic objective of the scheme is to make the country digitally literate and let the people keep their important documents and papers on an electronic medium. The government of India had also integrated the scheme with the … Read more....

India to surpass United State in eCommerce

India to surpass United State in eCommerce

As of today, about 350 million Indians use internet. This number is estimated almost double to 600 million by 2020. Google’s Next Billions Users states that every second India gets three new internet users.


Image: Worldpay Global Payment Report statistics

Global Payments Report in its recent report said that by 2034, Indian eCommerce market will grow to $2039, making it larger than that of US and second only to China.

The predictions are audacious as the report also said that today Indian eCommerce accounts for only 1% of money spent in the sector.… Read more....

“We have nothing to hide” Campaign by Airtel

Airtel has recently launched an online campaign titled “We have nothing to hide.” The advertisement of the campaign on sites such as Youtube shows a video declaring that Airtel will be showing tower and signal status of network in a particular area. The campaign has been launched in India due to the recent hues and cries about network connectivity in the region, and constant complaints by users about call drop issue.airtel

After watching the video, I decided to check the network coverage for some locations on the map: … Read more....

Latest Android Version of Snapchat Not Clicking Well with Users

snapchat logoSnapchat has quickly evolved as a popular social media application with the app being rated by 7,171,255 users on Google Play alone. As the name suggests, Snapchat has been designed with the purpose of allowing people to freely share snaps, videos and read interesting stuff from all over the world. If you have downloaded the latest Android version of Snapchat, you may be troubled by certain bugs and errors, which may make your experience of using the app little cumbersome. Read more....

An Excellent Example of Gamification Strategy in Digital Marketing

Gamification strategy may have got all the applause in marketing all over the world, with some of the most successful businesses based on one gamification idea or the other.

gamification in digital marketing

Before you start blaming me for a spelling mistake here, let me explain the term gamification in some detail. Well, gamification as the name implies means using games. Gamification is the art of using gaming tactics for marketing purpose and make a product or service attractive for customers. … Read more....

Have you added Whatsapp to your website social media icons?

Whatsapp has been a phenomenal success with popularity of the app touching billions of smartphone users all over the world. The platform has quickly attained a preferable social messaging app owing to its simplicity, and zero advertising policy. Users are happy with the latest innovations such as calling facility, photo sharing and video sharing option, and the facility to download one on a desktop. Ask any smartphone user, and you will hear: “Can you please Whatsapp.” Yeah, it is that popular!… Read more....

How to get Facebook Likes that are Relevant?

Social media marketing has gained a momentum, which was not much expected in the past 10 years. What started as a fascination for sharing social contacts with peers online has today emerged as a multi billion dollar business. As I write this blog post today, users registered on the world’s most popular social media website – Facebook rest at 1.65 billion. That’s a huge number! Everyone is trying digital marketing in the current era- right from a student, housewife, a job candidate to a businessman. The only key is – efficiency of digital marketing strategy. Majority of the digital marketers … Read more....