Ideas for Creating Meaningful Video Games & It’s Significance

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In the current digital era, what we lack is the conscience. Since childhood, kids get to see lots of negative and unethical things. In fact, in several cases, they are forced to engage in sports that teach them wrong things in an attractive way.

Video games top the chart for kids’ favorite pastime, but are they safe to play? No. Constantly engaging in such games makes a person more aggressive and depressed.

Be it the famous car racing video games or any other games on Playstation and Xbox, these games teach unethical and illegal things more than … Read more....

Important Law Process Every Indian Must Know



Penal Provision in a Law/ Legislation

All civil legislations will have a small component of it that makes or creates an offence for any violation under that particular law. That component is Penal Provision. Therefore the criminal justice system is a very powerful process in India as every law in the country says that in absence

E.g. Labor legislation for construction workers or bonded labor.
Laws – Bonded labor regulations abolition act | Unorganized Sectors act |

2 Legislations for addressing offence – Penal Code | Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC)
Civil Matters with CPC | Criminal matters with Penal … Read more....