10 Signs To Guess He Loves You

Guys are weird and sometimes simply unpredictable. One moment you feel he likes you and another moment it’s a Fugazi. So how can a girl be assured about the guy whether he loves her even before he confronts? Is it even possible to judge through signs and actions? Well, yes! Even though the guy won’t want you to, still you can make an assumption through these 10 signs below.


Top Ten Signs To Know He Loves You

1. He Spends time with you

Generally a guy would waste countless hours with his friend circle, but when it comes to unwanted reasons of spending time, he has no time at all. If you realize that he is always making time for you out of his “whatever” schedule then that’s a sign! He likes spending time with you, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s love. To come to the conclusion, you need to rectify through other signs as well.

2. He Compromises

Strong headed, adamant and inflexible, these are some common qualities you will find in a guy. It is not very easy for him to give up any of these until he really likes you. So yes, if he is compromising in the friendship, then he definitely has something going on in his mind.

3. He Accepts you in Public

When a guy accepts you in public, then it’s a good news for you if you like him too. A guy is always choosy about his circle who he publicly accepts. Now that you belong in the list of important people, you can definitely consider this as a pretty strong sign of love and affection.

4. He Keeps Eye Contact

You won’t see your guy friends, keeping a constant eye contact with you, that’s because no guy would do that without any reason until he has fallen for you or maybe just playing with you.  If he keeps a longer eye contact while looking at you, his heart probably beats for you.

5. He is Ready to Fight and Apologize

Only those people would apologize to you, who care for your feelings. Some are simply too egoistic to apologize at first place while some are too disinterested to even fight. If he fights with you and apologizes even if he didn’t make the mistake, then you know he is not just a friend.

6. He Has You in his future: If he really believes that you are an integral part of his life, then he will surely talk about you while discussing or sharing his thoughts on future plans. A guy who sees his future with you, is the guy who would do anything for you.

7. He Listens to you

Do your friends tell you that you talk a lot? If yes, then you are lucky if he listens to what you say and especially when you are talking about your friends, family, clothes and job. Lady, he is a keeper!

8. He Tries to Touch you

 He would try to touch you accidentally and might even apologize. Guys do that to know the feeling of someone they love. They would also do that to see your reaction. It’s cute, provided you know the guy is not a cheat and pervert.

9. He Gets Jealous

A little jealousy is healthy, but it’s a spoiler alert if it’s too much. If he has feelings for you, then he will be jealous to see you sharing good moments with other guys. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy seeing you happy, but since he is at the stage where he hasn’t expressed his feelings for you, he would very much want you to share those moments with him.

And the biggest sign of all to know if he loves you…

10. He Wants you to meet the family

This is the biggest deal of all! If A guy is very preservative when it comes to family. If he has decided to introduce you to them, then you must have no doubts about his love. It’s a conclusion here and you don’t really need to bother about the relationship because he will soon confess his love for you, in case you don’t.

To conclude, making a guess is easy, but to really come to a conclusion with those guesses is difficult. If your guy fits in any three or more of these, then he definitely loves you.

PS: If by reading the above signs, you felt you have a friend who fits in the picture that you had no idea about, it’s probably time for you to rethink about that ‘friend’. You will rarely find those who really love you and when you do find them, don’t let them go.

7 Ways To Say I love you

Love is like an art, there is more depth than you can see, more passion than you can feel and lastly, no one else but only the artist knows its worth. You must be a lucky person to have a lover who loves you like an artist and feels everything that you do. It becomes even more important when you do that in return, especially by loving him/her back in the most romantic way possible.


Express Your Love in 7 Unique Ways

Here is how you can express your love in best 7 ways that would just surprise your partner!

  1. “Let’s go for a Movie”

Go for a romantic movie that carries the signature resemblance of your relationship. That’s the best way to connect your present with your past in a romantic way. It opens up new ways to express your love and a few good reasons smile with each other.

  1. “That’s my favorite song”

Play your partner’s favorite song, if not on guitar, then MP3 player. You can take guitar as a prop: P The valentine’s day of 2015 was the day when I did so for my girlfriend. Unfortunately, we were not together, but I sang for her on a video call a song called “When you say nothing at all” by Ronan Keating. Even though she knew I acted out the guitar part, I remember pretty well that the way she smiled that day was exactly how she did when I proposed her. So folks, experience counts. Go for it!

  1. “Happy Birthday”

The first rule of every relationship, never forget your partner’s birthday. It’s the simplest way to say I CARE FOR YOU. No doubt birthdays are special, but you need to make it even more special by being there together. What next? Your gift!

Frankly, costly gifts are not necessary to express your love. Even the economical gift like a photo frame can be worth it. That photo frame can be the most romantic picture of your togetherness. You can add a love note opening your heart out and that might just be perfect.

  1. “I am Hungry”

That’s great! “I will cook for you.”

Now cook that dish you both have been dying to eat for a week. Or simply order it, but make sure you serve it in a special way. After you eat and your tummies are satisfied, that’s the perfect time for you to say I Love You! You can make it a bit more romantic with some better lights, giving the moment a beautiful ambience. There you are, a perfect, romantic date made at home.


  1. Hey look, it’s raining”

How romantic! Now you both know it’s raining and you both just love it. What next? Simple, get wet! It’s time to get out of the house and SURPRISE! Get drenched in the rain together and that gives you a pretty good reason to make a kiss out of the moment. Let me say that again, how romantic! Take a break from your kissing moment and stare those lovely eyes. Do you really think you can have a better way say those 3 magical words?

  1. This is so beautiful”

There is no doubt that Sun and Moon share almost the equal amount of love as you and your partner do. Every romantic story has a Sun and Moon moment. Make your own such moment. An early morning sunrise or a perfectly timed sunset will bring countless emotions and a good reason to say “This is so beautiful. I Love You so much!”

  1. “I can’t find my Baloo”

You both have gifted numerous things to each other? Then you must have kept your keepsakes hidden. Now you have a reason to clean you room and hunt down each of those keepsakes from your house. It’s time to call your partner and show her your love treasure. No doubt, you have enough stories to last for a week or maybe a month and many more reasons to express your heart out.

Pick any of these suggestions or maybe go to each one of them one by one. Just like there are more than many reasons to make love, there are way more reasons to say I Love You.