A Fossil Fruit Discovered (Updated Facts) after 52-Million Years

Image source: BBC

The world of science is extremely intriguing. Nothing gets destroyed in it. A couple of days back, Scientists at Patagonia (Latin America) discovered a fossil fruit, which is expected to be more than 52-million years old.

The fossilized fruit resembles like that of an ancient berry belongs to a plant species that produces popular vegetables like potatoes, capsicums and tomatoes. The actual detail of the plant is still not known. A very few details could be ascertained as of now from the fossilized fruit. A few seed from the said fossilized fruit has been taken for further research.

Latin Americans feel that the fossilized fruit is similar to that of tomatillos and ground cherries for their uncanny resemblance. The latest Paleobotanical discoveries in Patagonia will surely throw some more light on the evolution of the plant kingdom.

Some Interesting Information on this Fossilized Fruit

  • It might belong to a rare Solanaceae or nightshade family of flower plants.
  • This newly invented fruit could divulge necessary details of the evolutionary history of human life.
  • Around 50 million years ago, Latin America was closer to Antarctica and Australia in the supercontinent Gondwana. The world was a hotter place for living beings in those days.
  • According to the researcher – Wilf, “The invention of this fossilized fruit could also throw some light on the site of the discovery. Flowers, fruits and animals could also be preserved there in the form of fossils.
  • The fruit could have drifted into a lake which is responsible for its delicate appearance with multiple layers of sediment. The lake could have been acidic and prevented biological breakdown of the microbes of the fossilized fruit.
  • It is a lantern fossil fruit. Never ever before any such fossilized fruit was discovered. It’s amazing per se. The berry inside the fruits makes it look strange and surreal.
  • The research will now lead to enhanced focus on Antarctica so as to find out the real origin of this fruit.

Some Vital Facts of the fossilized fruit

The newly invented fossil fruit is botanically termed as Physalis Infinemundi. It’s age dating back to more than 50-million year. It must have been first grown in the temperate rainforest. In that time, earth was very hot and didn’t support the growth of all plants.

“These astonishing, extremely rare specimens of Physalis fruits are the only two fossils known of the entire nightshade family that preserve enough information to be assigned to a genus within the family,” said Peter Wilf, a researcher at Penn State.

Another researcher, N Ruben Cuneo, CONICET, felt that Paleobotanical discoveries in Patagonia are probably destined to revolutionize some traditional views on the origin and evolution of the plant kingdom.

In fact, even several years after studying the origin of universe and evolution of human life in planet earth – scientists are still confused about the actual events that led to the formation of life inside earth. It is expected that some more research into this fossilized fruit will help scientist to disclose more on this subject in no time.

Top 6 Reasons Why Weighted Blankets are Healthy for You


We are well aware of the utility of blankets in winter season. But people mostly use them to stay warm. However, in the last few years, the use of weighted blankets has become an essential part of our lives. Weighted blankets will not only keep you warm but also pacify your moods to a large extent.

What’s more special is the fact that weighted blankets are equally beneficial for every one of us. Whether you are a child, middle aged man or an old person, weighted blanket acts as a panacea to cure your psychological pains while protecting you from chilly winter too.

It has also proved to be extremely helpful to correct the mental imbalances in children who are affected due to autism, sensory disorders and other mental problems. These blankets actually provide deep pressure touch receptor from head to toe letting the body loose free. It makes a person feel secured, relaxed and tension free.

Benefits of using bulky and thick blankets at a glance

  1. It distributes weights evenly through the plastic poly pellets throughout the blanket prompting a good 8-hour sleep for the person using such a blanket.
  2. Thick blankets act as a boon for the Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) children to sleep well while enhancing their concentration levels.
  3. Thick blankets don’t have toxic Hypo–allergenic materials so it’s completely safe for everyone to use. It can be washed and air dry as well unlike other blankets.
  4. People with high level of anxiety and increased blood pressure find thick blankets as one of the easiest remedies to stay calm and cool. Once a person rests on the blanket, he tends to feel much relaxed and rejuvenated in the morning.
  5. The extra thickness on the blanket prompts the brain to release neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine which correct a person’s mood and soothes his minds.
  6. The use of weighted blankets inserts a greater pressure to the joints, muscles and ligaments letting the central nervous system to function better. The therapeutic usage of such blankets is now recommended by doctors also across many places.

How It Works?

According to the latest research, a good sleep is essential to improve people’s productivity and duration of sleep. Therefore, weighted blankets help a person to cure his or her insomnia easily without any extra medicines.

The National Institute of Mental Health, has recently stated that more than 35 million adults in the US are suffering from anxiety disorder and other mental disturbances. Be it on the issue of a relationship, normal life, and ability to stay take things positively while keeping oneself calm and cool is the need of the hour. That’s when the role of thick blankets comes to play. You can use such blankets alongside meditation and yoga to derive greater advantages.

This winter, make thick blankets a part of your life. With constant use of Wi-Fi, modem and other digital gadgets we become an easy prey of stress, tension and enhanced level of anxiety. Therefore, a solid 8-hour slumber is necessary, and a use of thick blankets helps us in achieving the same.

Choose to Meditate



So what is meditation? Well, it can be a lot of things.

The word meditation has its origin in the Latin word Meditari, which translates to deep thinking and concentration. In short, meditation has everything to do with concentration and focus.

There is no hard way or easy way to meditate. Anybody and everybody can do it. It does not require any set of skills, all you need is to do it. Is that all?

Not exactly!

Meditation, as mentioned before is the art of focusing, which can be really hard for us people who are mostly multitasking. To meditate, one needs to let it go.

Many a times people confuse meditation with postures. Meditation has nothing to do with postures, it has nothing to do with physical abilities. Meditation is all about focusing on what is going on in your head and understand why.

The most amazing part of meditation is that you don’t really need to understand or think about why you are thinking what you are thinking because your mind is already doing that, but you need to be aware of it, be conscious of it.

What are the benefits?

The first thing that one shouldn’t think before meditation is about its benefits. You must throw out all external ideas of what good or bad meditation can do to a person. You must leave it to the process itself. It will guide you to its positives which is not physical in nature, but mental.

It builds and improves your mental health. In simpler terms, people feel move lively and healthy after meditation. Just like doing yoga improves your physical performance, meditation improves the performance of your mind and your brain.

Meditation revives the energy that we often loose for the kind of lifestyle we have. Human mind is always occupied with thoughts of demand and success and getting happy, which in its own times takes a toll on our minds and creates a gap between what our mind in its naked form requires and what we on the other hand need for ‘satisfaction’.

Meditation gets you in touch with yourself again, but one should not take it for granted. Meditation is a responsibility of handling your true nature, of being truthful to yourself while you go through and see alive the thoughts that you are mostly unconscious about.

Our reaction to these thoughts must be frank and we should accept them in  their natural form, for only then we can reap the benefits of feeling light headed, energized and happy. Meditation should not be confused with a physical betterment, although it can be helpful there as well. It is a way of communicating with ourself and we must do that truthfully.


One can lie down, stand, sit, or be in any position. All you need is to close your eyes in whichever position you feel comfortable and let your thoughts flow. Do not forget to stay conscious of what you are thinking, that’s where the meditation lies, so look at your thoughts, but don’t react to them. Just be conscious of them.

The most important thing to note is spend some time meditating. Spend at least 30 minutes everyday doing it and then only you shall feel the impact.

Cancer Treatment Options: Trends and Development











Diseases are inevitable in a human life. For one reason or another you may fall sick a number of times in your lifetime. But the good news is that most of the times you will beat the disease by taking right dosage of medicine on time and with a little lifestyle changes. But the sad news is even in the 21st century winning a battle against cancer is impossible.

No need to worry. Medical scenario has changed a lot in the last few decades. What seemed impossible at that time is quite possible now. In fact, there are several real life examples of cancer survivors who have won the battle against the deadly disease.

Star cyclist Lance Armstrong, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Hollywood celebrities Hugh Jackman and Robert De Niro amongst others have successfully come out of the fatal disease and living a pleasant life now. It definitely gives a glimmer of hope to all cancer patients. There is every reason to smile and feel optimist.

Some Effective Cancer Treatment Options For Quick Recovery

  • Surgery: Since ancient times surgery has been considered to be the most effective cancer treatment option. It involves complete removal of a malignant tumor out of the body. Once a biopsy (the process by which a tissue from a problematic area of the body is taken out for laboratory examination) confirms the presence of cancerous cells – the doctor then follow it up with appropriate surgery.
  • Chemotherapy: In recent times, chemotherapy has got wider acceptability for its effectiveness. It is done to shrink size the tumour and thus reducing the risk factor too. Oncologists or cancer specialists use chemotherapy to cure blood cancers.
  • Immunotherapy: This is another cancer treatment option that includes a wide range of therapies. The aim of Immunotherapy is boost the patient’s inherent capability to fight cancer cells while improving the body’s defense power. It stops the growth and spreading of cancer cells inside body.
  • Stem Cell Transplant: It restores blood forming cells inside cancer patient – who has destroyed the same due to high intake of radiation – permeated through chemotherapy while treating any other cancers. Human body consists of three types of blood cells; RBC or Red Blood Cells, WBC (White Blood Cells) or Blood Platelets. We need all these cells to work in tandem to stay healthy.
  • Hormone Therapy: This cancer treatment option is extremely beneficial for persons suffering from breast or prostate cancer (both these cancers form due to hormone related factors). This therapy is highly advisable in cases when surgery or chemotherapy is not applicable. It prevents cancerous cells to grow further.

Usually doctor finalises the appropriate therapy options for cancer patients depending upon the patients’ medical history, severity of the cancer, his heredity and allergy to certain medications and drugs.

Preventing Cancer: Tips at a Glance

  • Be active.
  • Do Exercise Regularly.
  • Have a good 8-hour sleep every day.
  • Don’t expose your skin to sun for longer hours. Take adequate care of your skin. Use moisturizers on frequent basis.
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Don’t forget your daily intake of Vitamin C – found in oranges, lemon and Indian gooseberries. Also drink at least 8 to 10 liters of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.

Is Indian Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016 Sustainable?



The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill cleared by the Union Cabinet recently, has taken the medical fraternity by storm as the bill gives right to only married Indian couples to have a surrogate child, that too with numerous restrictions. The bill, praised and criticised throughout the country, has life changing implications on not only the people of this country, but also people from across the world who turn to India in search of a surrogate child.

The bill propagates complete ban on commercial surrogacy in India, making it purely altruistic, banning men, women and gay couples. Moreover, Indian nationals living abroad also can’t make use of the technology. Priya Selvaraj, a fertility specialist associated with GG Hospital, Chennai, says, “We need to bring in laws formulated by an efficient committee and not come down upon it in an irrational manner but in a manner where there is a sustainability and a win-win situation for all parties involved-namely commissioning parents, surrogates and the specialist dealing with them.” In respect to other countries, where the practices are either banned, highly regulated or purely altruistic, India has not taken a clear stand on how the industry should be run.

India is represented as the surrogacy capital of the world, although it is not the only one. “Whether to be proud or ashamed is a moral and or ethical debate. But, the fact that it’s true is because it is largely unregulated, cheaper and also the awareness levels of the women selected for the process is far less than their western counterparts. Monetary supplements may be easily manipulated by middlemen and families or practitioners etc,” she explained.

The bill also restricts surrogacy to married Indian couples . A couple should be proven infertile or incapable of having a child naturally before choosing the option of surrogacy. The couple can only opt for altruistic surrogacy. On this clause, Priya points out that it is worthwhile to let it run for those really needy couples who will benefit having their biological or part biological baby being carried by a surrogate but then again one has to completely protect the rights of the surrogate too. Also monetary transactions have to be standardised so that there is no exploitation of both parties. We need to pay attention to the couple who also face an emotional and financial burden of undergoing the whole process.

The regulation is a step towards curtailing illegal practises by setting legal ages for the men (26-55) and women(23-50) who can undergo IVF procedures and related techniques. The bill also says that a woman can be a surrogate just once, “which is good for her well being and at the same time banning commercial surrogacy with an iron fist by not allowing gay couples and single parents for the same is going to open up illegal channels.”

Priya describes that It costs about three lakhs to completely go through an IVF cycle. Moreover, food and medical expenses-boarding and lodging may be approx another Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs. lawyers fee roughly around Rs.25,000, surrogate’s fee can range anywhere from Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs which is not standardised as the educated surrogates demand more and the others get exploited at much lower amount. ” In all a couple may have to shell out anywhere from Rs 10 to15 lakhs,” she added.

Why Some People Are Left-Handed, While Others Right-Handed?

During our childhood days, we often got fascinated that why a few of our friends did most of their daily activities using their left-hands while most of us used our right hands for those stuffs. It seemed to be a bit of mystery during those days, but latest scientific research and studies have unravelled the same.

In our daily life, we often find people using different hands for their day-to-day activities. Some people are well-versed using right hand for varieties of stuff – around 85 per cent of the people dominantly do so. However, there are still around 15 percent of people who use their left-hands most of the time.

While it seems utterly puzzling from outside, it is very well backed up by scientific research. According to Clare Porac, a professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University (USA), “the side of the preferred hand that we use most in our day to day activities depends upon biological and genetic factors”. Evolutionary natural selection produces most of the humans with speech control in the left hemisphere of our brains which also manages the movements of the right hand.

Medically speaking, there are two alleles of a gene at the same genetic location that are associated with handedness; D (Dextal, meaning right) gene and the other allele is a C (denoting chance, since lefties are minority) gene. Most people are born with a larger influence of the D gene based on genetic factors. Scientific research also claimed that being left-handedness could arise out of genetic history too.

Contrarily, C gene is usually found in rare cases. When it is present, people find it easier to do work with left hands. This theory of hand preference causation is often determined by societal pressures and cultural biases as well. Presence of right-handed children in families with left-handed parents and left-handed children in families with right-handed parents are quite normal. We find such cases even in our own surroundings.

Why Lefties are viewed with Suspension?

There is absolutely no rationale behind the theory that why lefties are viewed with suspension? A few decades back, left-handedness was called ‘sinistrality’ for no definite reason at all. The term Sinistrality has originated from Latin word sinistra meaning left but people soon associated it with evilness. Gradually the concept is getting changed now with the advent of rational thinking among the people, but still many people view left-handed people that way.

Historically, the left side has construed to be negative while right side has continued to be viewed as positive. Even the word ‘right’ means correct in itself, while being left suggests that you are on the contrary side.

Some of the people are also well versed with doing things at ease using both hands – this is called ambidextrous ability. Scissors, cameras and computer mouse are made for right handed people hence sometimes left-handed people find it difficult to operate them.

Drinking Water is good for Kidneys – Agree?


Believe it or not. You can actually eliminate many of your health risks by simply taking adequate amount of water every day. You will be surprised to know that drinking at least 8 to 10 litres of water a day keeps kidney problems at bay. Yes, it is true that water is good for kidneys. Even doctors admit this fact. Drinking enough fluids helps us remove toxins out of our body.

Often, the formation of kidney stones take place inside our body without our knowledge. But, we can actually minimize the risk of such stones and prevent their further proliferation by consuming enough water. In most cases, people who drink water sufficiently pass kidney stones through urine without much pain and problems. The health risks mainly arise when people consume less water without knowing that they may be nurturing a kidney stone.

For this very reason, doctors often advise patients to drink a sufficient amount of water at frequent intervals in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones, while keeping their kidney healthy.

Kidney Stones and Complications: Common Symptoms

You may be having a kidney stone if you encounter the following:

  • Fever and chills
  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Constant Pain below ribs for 30 to 50 minutes
  • Painful urination
  • Nausea and vomiting

Types of Kidney Stones

  • Cystine Stones: These are largely formed due to hereditary disorder and genetic problems.
  • Calcium Stones: Calcium oxalate is the most common substance found in Kidney stones. In fact, we consume some amount of oxalate daily as this substance is found in vegetables and fruits. If you have calcium stones in your kidney, then doctor may ask you to avoid food rich in oxalate.
  • Struvite Stones: These types of Kidney stones are mostly found in women. These stones are formed due to UTI or urinary tract infections.
  • Uric Acid Stones: Uric acid is mostly found in protein-rich foods. If your doctor finds uric acid stones inside your kidney, then he may ask you to avoid eating protein rich vegetables and fruits.

Causes of Kidney Stones

Lots of chemical reactions take place round the clock inside our body. Sometimes, risky substances such as urate, calcium, oxalate, phosphate and other chemicals join together forming a minor particle in the form of kidney stones. When it becomes too big, then surgery becomes essential. Smaller stones can easily pass away in urine by consuming enough water and with the help of few doctor prescribed medicines.

Sedentary lifestyle with limited physical work is cited as one of the common reasons for growing kidney problems. Sugar intake should be directly based on our physical activity and body types. Drinking too much soda and overeating are some other reasons leading to the formation of kidney stones. Balanced diet and physical work-outs are easy remedy to stay healthy and disease-free.

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Our first aim should be to keep our kidneys healthy and prevent the formation of stones inside them. Drinking a lot of fluids and producing enough urine is extremely important in this regard. According to National Kidney Foundation, Dallas, Texas, “People reduce their chance of forming kidney stones by 50 percent when they produce around 2 to 3 litres of urine every day.”

Consuming normal food and limited water doesn’t produce adequate amount of urine. We need to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to produce an optimum quantity of urine. The best idea is to keep sipping plain water at frequent intervals.

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Benefits of Pressure Cooker Steamed Rice

Steam has great power. Remember James Watt’s steam engine, which deployed the same power for pulling massive train bogies? The same steam transforms raw rice into a delicious, palatable dish which makes our salivary juices flow. Rice may be cooked in different ways depending on one’s preference and method. A person may like to boil rice for a long time, but may end up losing a lot of time and fuel in the process. There comes the magic of pressure cooker in preparing steamed rice in a matter of few minutes!

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