Can Trump Prevent North Korea’s Crude Missile Test on US Land?

Image Source: Reuters

Amid brewing tension between the North Korea and the United States (US), a question has come to fore that can the Trump-led US prevent or go for a preemptive strike if North Korea launches its ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) to the mainland of the US? Well, nobody has a definite answer to it.

Recently, a North Korean official announced that the Kim Jong-Un is building up his nuclear arsenal and defense capability to thwart any attack coming from the American side. There is a clear-cut ideological difference between the capitalist-democratic US and the Communist North Korea, but both countries are tight-lipped about their defense strategy.

However, what could be clearly counted as a matter of provocation, a North Korean official has recently said that their ICBM could easily hit the US cities like Los Angeles or New York. Once the news reached the White House, incumbent president Donald Trump rebuked the claim saying it won’t happen. The undercurrent of the President’s message is clear; if North Korea dares so then the US has many alternative options to stop the same.

But North Korea is relentlessly improving its nuclear capability and American sources quoted that Kim Jung-Un government has launched a satellite into orbit a few months back named Unha rocket. It has a range of around 10,000 Km at one go. It could easily cover 13,000 kilometers to reach into the US mainland from North Korea.

Last year, North Korea launched KN-08 ballistic missile. North Korea revealed pictures of its newly launched missile engine which could launch a nuclear attack to the US. However, US State Department official stated that North Korean ICBM doesn’t have that the technology to fit a weapon atop it.

Options before the US to Subdue North Korea’s Nuclear Ambition

  • Launch a massive airstrike and sending bombers over North Korea to demolish missile launch pad. However, this strategy must be exercised as the last option.
  • Initiate proper diplomacy and engage in bilateral dialogues via Sweden to ensure that both nations won’t go for a war.
  • The US can keep NATO and its allies informed about the possible North Korea strike on the US – so that they can stay cautious.
  • Whenever ICBM is launched from North Korea, the US can stop it by using ground-based interceptor missiles. It has a reserve in Alaska, Vandenberg and other places.
  • The US is developing its anti-missile Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system to intercept any missile attack emanating from North Korea.
  • The US should launch a diplomatic campaign to isolate North Korea while taking other countries into confidence, must ask North Korean regime to shun its nuclear armament desires.

In recent times, North Korea-US relations have taken a backseat because of Kim Jong-Un’s continued testing of nuclear weapons. Last year on January 6, 2016, North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test successfully which raised eyebrows of several nations including the erstwhile South Korea and the US as well.

Then in the same year, US put North Korea’s head Kim Jong-Un on its list of sanctioned individuals which Pyongyang perceived as a direct threat of war by the US on North Korea. It would be interesting to see how both nations would de-escalate the tensions between them – the world hopes that US-North Korea won’t go that far and ultimately peace prevails.

Climate Change Could Disrupt Atlantic Ocean Currents

Image Source: NASA/ Reuters

The natural circulation process that carries hot surface water towards Greenland, and sinks as it cools before flowing back towards the Equator closer to the seafloor, what we call AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation) in scientific terminology, is on the edge now.

The latest research report published in the journal Science Advances have indicated the prevalent climatic models are somewhat incomplete and bias. They largely underestimate the harmful effects of climate change and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In fact, the deterioration in weather quality has already begun. This has led to some coarse weather conditions in parts of the Europe and the UK (United Kingdom), particularly in winter.

The stable AMOC model that the scientists have predicted could actually turn out a mere fallacy now. “If we correct the stability bias of the AMOC … and then add global warming forcing, the AMOC actually collapses after a couple of hundred years. Climate models over stabilize the AMOC and shows it very stable. Even under global warming they have only moderate weakening,” Wei Liu, a former Scripps Institute of Oceanography postdoctoral researcher now at Yale University and lead author of the paper stated to the CBC News a few days back.

Due to havoc deterioration in quality of climate, the AMOC has already lost much of its strength, leading to harsher winters in the UK and parts of Europe. Now, scientists are of the view that the complete breakdown of AMOC is quite possible. It may expand the ice sheets in the North Atlantic region.

The cooling in the north Atlantic is so powerful that it could lead to an unprecedented cooling in the north Atlantic. On one hand, the world heats up, but Europe may see extraordinary cold in the next hundreds of years.

According to Paul Myers, a professor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences opined that the study is important in highlighting the bias in current models. However, there may be other considerations to include in future models.

More research on this particular subject – AMOC is still on. Though, not fully, for layman, the superhit Hollywood film “The Day After Tomorrow” was a precursor to what’s happening now in the world of science.

Since 1990, Co2 level in the atmosphere has increased over abundantly making the breathing of fresh air a challenge. Also, the climate is changing more promptly making the possibility of harsher winters in the regions of the UK, Europe and Canada as quite possible.

What the Two Models on AMOC Say

Initially it was stated by a group of scientists on one model that AMOC was largely stable and may collapse only 300 years after the doubling of Carbon Dioxide.

Contrarily, another model has recently stated that AMOC collapse will bring harsher climatic conditions apart from expansion of ice sheets in sea. It has already stated. It also says that there will drop in temperature to around 4.3 degree (F) over the North Atlantic belt and around 12.6 degrees (F) near Northwest Europe.

Important: Top 5 Emerging Banking Trends in 2017 You Must Know


The year 2016 was a turbulent and path-bearer one for the banks, stock markets and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Institutions). First the Brexit announcement in the middle of the year and then the dual co-incidence of Donald Trump’s victory followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization scheme – have affected the banking industry to a certain extent for sure.

In November, once the Demonetisation decision of the old notes of higher denominations of 500 and 1000 INR was announced, people immediately went frenzy. The banks were instantly flooded with the currency notes of 500 and 1000 INR as both currency notes ceased to remain a legal tender anymore.

These two notes constituted around 85% of the nation’s currency in circulation, so after the demonetization decision, a nation-wide cash crunch situation ensued. It was further aggravated due to long queues at banks branches and ATMs followed by the limit on cash withdrawals from bank accounts.

Banks are overburdened with liquid cash now and they have to put them for investment purposes and productive uses. Some major banking trends are ready to take place in the coming days. However, the scene will actually become crystal clear only after the union budget 2017.

Upcoming Banking Trends 2017

  • Entry of Payment Banks: Many new banks are expected to launch in the coming year. Around 10 small finance banks and eight payment banks will be launched very soon in 2017. Airtel Payments bank has already started its operation in Rajasthan, and it will soon begin its nation-wide operation too. Currently, it offers 7.25% interest rate on saving accounts (against normal 4% offered by other banks).
  • More Loans and Advances: With the banks obtaining an enormous pool of surplus money in the form of deposits, there is no doubt that the New Year will see a sharp rise in loans and advances by the private and public sector banks. Though private sector banks are more liberal towards offering loans, but after demonetization, public sector banks will also start giving more loans to customers with fewer paper works, formalities and processing time.
  • Promotion of Electronic wallets: For transaction purposes, people will now get their electronic wallets linked to bank accounts for smoother transactions. Mobile apps and e-wallets like paytm and freecharge will get a massive boost in 2017. People will keep lesser cash in their pockets and may pay more via paytm and other apps.
  • The Merger of SBI and associates: Next year, India’s largest bank – the SBI (State Bank of India) and its five associates might merge for easier banking operation and more flexibility. This will empower the SBI and its associates to take greater risk and offer more loans to customers.
  • Changing Trends in Microfinance Industry: India’s Rs. 60,000 plus microfinance industry will get a complete makeover soon. These micro financial institutions mostly do their transactions on a cash basis but after the Modi’s demonetisaion announcement they will move towards cheque and bank transfer for transaction purposes. Advancement of loans and their repayments are also expected to go paperless. MFIs are shifting towards offering payment via mobile apps and bank transfer. This will keep the customers in the loop and prevent further bad debt and cheating.

Though people are expected to be largely benefitted by such expected banking trends in 2017, but only the time will reveal the actual benefits of these banking trends for customers in reality.

Digital Locker: Features & Utility at a Glance


The government of India is all set to digitalize the country, and promote the same throughout India. Initiating the concept of a digital locker in India is one of such initiatives. It was launched with a purpose to offer a secure platform to Indians to store and access their valuable documents on an electronic repository offered by the government of India.

The basic objective of the scheme is to make the country digitally literate and let the people keep their important documents and papers on an electronic medium. The government of India had also integrated the scheme with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways so that more and more people can take advantage of the digital locker system by storing the digital version of their driving license and other vehicle documents on the DigiLocker. They can then easily roam throughout India carrying a soft copy of the same with themselves when driving.

Until now, more than 2 million have already registered with the DigiLocker as its registered users. However, in comparison to country’s humongous population, the figure is actually very less. So creating awareness of the people about Digital Locker is the need of the hour.

Top 6 Facts of DigiLocker That you must know

  •  DigiLocker scheme was launched by Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India a few months back.
  • Important documents such as University Degrees, Driving License and Marksheets could be saved electronically on DigiLocker.
  • Maharashtra is the state with a maximum number of users using Digital Locker facility.
  • A user can use up to 10MB space to store his personal documents in it. The Government is in talk with the Google and other IT firms to enhance the limit up to 1GB space in the near future.
  • Many educational bodies including CBSE and other state boards are planning to release results online to promote the use of digital lockers.
  • Aadhaar card is mandatory to use the enhanced features of the digital locker facility. However, some reports suggest that basic work can be done on digital locker without Aadhaar card too.

Why Too Many People Not Using Digital Locker Facility

Everything has its reasons. For the first time ever India is going digital and there is no doubt that many people will have some doubts about it before accepting it as a part of life. Similar things happened in the late 90s when the computer was making its entry into human life – many people vehemently opposed the idea then.

The government should come forward and let the people of the nation know its advantages and disadvantages. The whole concept of digital locker needs some more clarity too.

  • Most of the people are not fully sure whether they require Aadhaar Card only to get access to the facility or can it be accessed through other valid photo Id cards as well.
  • Privacy is a major concern. What will happen if someone hacks into your digital locker and tamper with your documents?
  • Not everybody has a computer to access to the DigiLocker facility.
  • It’s still not clear that how a user can link his state government locker to that of central government locker and vice versa.
  • The government’s DigiLocker website is still in its Beta version now.

Whatsoever, the digitalization process has already begun in India and it’s just a matter of time when the concept of the digital locker will become a talk of the city and villages considering its enormous advantages and massive benefits.

Julian Assange finally speaks about rape allegation


He has spent last several years in exile under political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

He has recently provided the account of events that have unfolded for the first time

He has said that today six years ago today on 6th December 2010 I was handcuffed and locked into Wandsworth prison by order of the Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny.

In his testimony, talking about the allegation of rape, Assange said, “Nice behaviour towards me on the night in question and in the morning made it clear that she actively and enthusiastically wanted me to have sex with her. This is also shown by text messages sent to her friends during the course of the evening I was at her home and during that week which the Swedish police collected from her phone. Although the prosecutor had fought for years to prevent me, public and the courts from seeing them, my lawyers were permitted to see them at the police station and were able to note down a number of them including – On August 20thSW (the girl), while at the police station, wrote that she did not want to put any charges on Julian Assange, but that the police were keen on getting their hands on him and that she was choked when they arrested him.

In his testimony he said that he wasn’t and still has not been charged with any offence

But it is not been until six years later when he was questioned for the first time as he mentioned and said, “The claimed grounds for my arrest and extradition without charge were so that Ny could question me.”

This is why he said he decided to release his response.

Assange was questioned for two days in November regarding rape charges levied on him. During the questioning, Assange said that his Swedish lawyer was excluded from his room, which he said was another breach of his basic right.

On the same day he released his testimony, Assange also released a 19 page detail of events.

He said, “You have subjected me to six years of unlawful politicized detention without charge in prison under house arrest and four and a half years at this (Ecuador) embassy.  You should have asked me these questions six years ago. “Your actions and refusing to take my statement for the last six years have been found to be unlawful by the UN working group on arbitrary detention and by the Swedish Court of Appeal, “ he said.

In the testimony, he also pointed out that the Swedish authorities broke their own rules by leaking my name to a tabloid newspaper. Moreover, he mentioned, “Prosecutor Ny produced more than 40 press releases and press conferences about me. “

Adding on to that, Assange said, “As a result, to this day more than a million websites falsely conflict my name with the word rape.

Julain Assange has been a victim of the atrocities carried on the by the states for he is ready to share the dirty secrets, without worrying about his life, of those who have the power to run this world.


Top 6 SEO Trends of 2017 to Boost Your Business Venture



Whenever you search anything on a search engine, thousands of results appear on your screen. But we usually deal with the first 10 to 50 items and simply ignore the rest. This is when the SEO strategy comes to play. There can’t be any compromise on it. The website acts as a bridge between a business firm and its far-flung customers. So having a professional website or e-commerce outlet for your business means more success and credibility.

An attractive website with proper SEO strategy is the need of the hour for your business to survive amidst the current level of cut-throat competition. A well-designed website enhances the reliability and goodwill of a business firm.

There are a million of websites that are dealing in similar products – so your website has to be attractive and informative enough to fetch more visitors to your site on a frequent basis. Google and other search engines change their web-crawling policy from time to time so a website needs to be well-versed with the knowledge of search engine algorithms and analytics.

  • Informative Content: The golden rule of SEO is to provide accurate information to your customer in no time. Earlier, Google considered long contents more useful for SEO purposes, but in the last few months the trend has completely changed; users now want maximum information to be conveyed in just a few words!
  • Voice Search: Over the last few years, Google voice search facility is helping a lot of users to search whatever they want. It is highly beneficial to visually impaired users who can search using the voice search option. Keywords you are using for SEO purposes should be easy to understand. For example; a customer searching “Top toy retail stores USA” is expected to fetch better result than “Top toy stores”. Try to make the search more appropriate using astute keywords.
  • Loading time: It is another essential Google trend that is set to rule 2017. No business owner wants his website to have high bounce rate and slow loading rate. On an average, a website that takes less than 2-second to launch its home page gets more visitors and traffic than the ones that take more time.
  • It’s HTTPs and Not HTTP: The sudden spurt in cyber-crimes and online frauds including fraudulent shopping, bank account hacking, and deceptive fund transfer have made users somewhat cautious. Nobody wants to get his hard-earned money to go to the drains due to rampant online frauds. Therefore, an e-commerce portal must access the full HTTPS address instead of the simple HTTP. The “S” indicates the “secured” so in the coming months Google will definitely give a better ranking to sites having “https” tag. Website domains with a prefixed HTTPS tag are sure to be more search-friendly than the ones that do not have that tag. Getting a secured server and SSL certificate is indeed a good idea to win the faith of the customers.
  • Social Media Content Is Necessary: These days, when you search an online retail shop, it’s the social media profile of the company that appears on the top of Google search result page. So, writing interesting contents and useful snippets of your company or brand is necessary to boost your SEO strategy. Your social media profile must be up to date with the latest facts and information.
  • Keywords: Astute Keyword stuffing would be on the top of the mind of companies from the next year onwards. Since the business competition is huge nowadays, so using standardized and unique keywords on the web pages is ideal to enhance your website visibility and accomplish higher ranking on SERP (search engine result page).

In a nutshell, we can conclude here with the following 6 golden rules of website SEO execution; content, speed, reliability, social media, keywords and voice search.

Fall of Bernie Sanders: Awakening of a Generation



A guy who made a living on casinos, bankruptcy and firing people on a television, one day claimed that he will get Americans their jobs back by deciding to run for the Presidential election.

He had all the makings of a politician,money, fame and a catch phrase and also a million dollar in merchandize.

On the other hand, another woman was making a headline. She was the matriarch of the most powerful family in America and she had ‘experience’.

From 1986 to 1992, she was a board member of the Wal-Mart, became the first lady of American and eventually Secretary of state. But, there was only one problem, the FBI.

FBI had been after the Clintons for years, but never got them. It was not them or Trumps that she had to worry about, Bernie Sanders. He wasn’t even a member of the Democratic Party and took a long shot at becoming the President.

For 30 years, Bernie’s words had remained the same and it wasn’t his words that inspired people, but his arithmetic. “Walmart heirs own more wealth than the bottom 40% of this country,” he said in one of his public speeches.

The sad fact that remained was that the people did not know or still don’t know how capable he was and the media made sure it remained that way.

In the primaries, Hillary and Bernie were set for the battle. In Iowa, Bernie defied poles by losing to Hillary by less than a percentage point. A week later, he shocked the nation and won New Hampshire. The deep south was Clinton country and Bernie could not resonate with people’s minds. While Trump was capturing peoples fears, Bernie was capturing their hearts. The Millenials started showing up for him. He said things that they never heard from a Democratic Presidential candidate.

He talked about economic instability in America’s middle class, he talked about the gravity of Climate Change and talked about free college.

His history is even more significant to know who really is. He was a civil rights activist and marched with Martin Luther King, but now was forgotten for people like John Lewis.

On the other hand, the more Trump insulted people, the more he was put on the television. The more press he got, the more votes he got and in no time, he was dominating the Republican primaries.

Bernie couldn’t get on a major network and Hillary couldn’t escape the press for her email scandals. While Hillary’s approval dropped, Bernies soared nationwide.

The first six debates held during prime time football ensuring modest ratings, Bernie felt that the national committee was protecting Hillary. He wanted a chance to spread his message to the masses on mainstream tv, but that wasn’t enough. Bernie supporters claimed that they were prevented from getting to the polls and voting.

The alleged voter oppression in the Democratic primaries was briefly covered by the mainstream media and quickly forgotten. But the friction led to a clash between Bernies supporters and the Clintons’.

Californie was Bernie’s last chance to revive. The night before the California primary, the AP made and announcement. Before anybody could vote, they called the race as their pools showed Hillary winning by a huge margin even though superdelegates couldn’t vote until July. Bernie lost California and pressure mounted on him to end his campaign.

Bernie promised to launch a massive floor fight and come out the winner. His supporters pledged to to storm the Philadelphia streets if he didn’t get the nomination. They thought that the DNC had cheated Bernie. Some believed that it was actively working with the Press to smear him and slow his campaign. Everybody from Barack Obama to Elizabeth Warren supported Hillary. As they  all thought Hillary would get it, the media finally put Bernie on prime time TV but the endorsement never happened.

Finally, in July 12, 2016, Bernie Sanders, the man who once said never to give up on your rage, suddenly felt silent by supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

But once a man is woken up, it’s hard to go back to sleep.

Wikileaks happened to Hillary Clinton!

Why Trump Became the Most Powerful Man on Earth?



Disheartened and angry protestors have come out heavily across cities chanting ‘Not my President’ slogans against the recently elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The question these protestors are asking is ‘how did he win’?

The people of America who voted for Trump have sent a message to the ex-political establishments that they are fed up.

The struggling middle class, lower middle class feel that they are losing influence. Donald Trump has promised to ‘make America great again.’ Through his speeches he has connected and resonated with the working class by propagating the ideas of giving  jobs, stopping illegal migration and building walls. For years they have felt being ignored and overlooked by both major political parties.

CNN’s exit poll reveals nearly 60% of whites voted for Trump, including 53% white women. Young white men under 29 voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton. Even college students, both men and women, voted for him overlooking his controversial stands on various subjects.

The results had a clear indication of how Americans accepted the racial, religious and misogynistic views of Trump and were divided along political lines and morale.

Exit polls suggest 8% of African American voters, pointing out black Trump supporters who voted for him even after his remarks of black communities in worst shape – ever, ever, ever.

Moreover, Trump was supported by 29% Latino voters, an improvement of 2% over Mitt Romney.

Experts believe that his voters included those who voted him for his questionable remarks, while others voted despite of that. In his acceptance speech, Trump declared that he would rebuild infrastructure and give jobs to the people to make America great again. Ideas, to bring back jobs where there aren’t any resonated with people and thus he god votes from all across the domain.

It also comes down to the fact that there was no one to vote for. There are views that if Bernie Sanders was the candidate instead of Clinton, the results would be different. Clinton as chosen by the Democratic party over Bernie was “The corrupt candidate, the embodiment of the status quo that has declared the whole world a battlefield, was the candidate of sanity, the candidate for women. This grotesque campaigning for a candidate for a person who represented great rapacious power, has been probably the most eye-opening side to this.”

This is why, all his absurd and insensitive remarks on women, Muslims and migrants failed to stop his ascension to the White House. Donald Trump, the most controversial Republican candidate of the 21st century, has become the most powerful man on earth.

Ketan Desai – Head of World Medical Association Faces Corruption Charges


It came as a shock to medical practitioners across the world when Indian urologist Ketan Desai recently became the head of the top medical-ethics body World Medical Association (WMA). Dr. Desai was the chief of Medical Council of India, where he came under the radar for allegations of corruption. WMA’s decision to choose choose Dr. Desai was already in place, but was delayed because he was facing corruption charges.

In a case filed in 2010 in Delhi, Dr. Desai faces corruption charges of criminal conspiracy for allegedly taking bribe of Rs. 20 million from a medical college. This, the complaint said was to give permission to that medical college to add more students.

CBI took over the case of Dr. Desai and pointed out in their charge sheet that Desai along with his associates, got a favourable inspection report for Gian Sagar Medical College in Patiala, Punjab. This was done despite several discrepancies in the college.

The chargesheet said that the key conspirators were Dr. Ketan Desai then President of MCI, Dr. Sukhwinder Singh, VC Gian Sagar Charitable Trust and middleman JP Singh. Sukhwinder Singh and Desai came together and conspired to grant permission to Gian Sagar Medical College, Patiala, for admission of students to the college for different courses even though the college did not have appropriate infrastructure and facilities.

The permission for admissions was sought by the college for the year 2010 – 2011.

Phone conversations accessed by CBI between Desai and JP Singh reveals that Desai used the names of prominent people in the region to refer to different colleges. So, Mamata was used to describe a college in WB, Baadal was used to refer to Gian Sagar Medical College.

IBN Live in its investigation, reported that during the first inspection of Gian Sagar, 14 deficiencies were found including non-existing auditorium. A re-inspection on March 22 by the MCI found that the college still lacked an auditorium, yet on April 5, MCI executive committee approved the college for taking admissions and recommended the government to grant the permission for admitting 4th year MBBS students.

Based on various suspicious telephonic conversations, CBI raided JP Singh’s residence in Vasant Kunj on 23rd April and recovered 2 crore rupees meant to be sent to Desai from Sukhwinder Singh. The case against Desai in Delhi is still going on and yet, the World Medical Association chose to make him the president of its ethical body, which again raises numerous questions.

Section 377 – Arguments


Almost everyone who has had the opportunity to debate in favor of section 377 with those against it must for sure, have heard the arguments listed below..


     1. This activity is unnatural sex and against the laws of nature

     2. How can it be natural if the very reason of human existence, reproduction is not met       

 3. Homosexuals are a bunch of sex craving humans who are either nymphomaniacs or satyric

     4. Homosexuals are nothing but the ones who have been raped homo-sexually at a tender age

     5. It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country

     6. Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

     7. I just don’t want to waste my time talking about this shit (my personal favorite)


These are not all, but the ones which are majorly common across our country. I would very much love to talk out against each of the above points and put forth my argument. The reason I wish to do so, is not to ridicule or look down on the people who support section 377 rather just to opine myself as to how ignorant people are, or may be careless and irresponsible towards a lesser popular section of the society which is not strong enough to fight for its rights….. I will take the points one by one and put forth my argument, you can even comment your argument if you are unsatisfied and I’ll try to convince you if at all that’s possible. 


      What’s Natural or Unnatural?

    The most important argument of all! It’s hard to differentiate between the two, especially for those who think they know how the nature functions, because that would make them above it, unfortunately that’s not humanly possible. Humans are just a very small part of it, and now that we are so naughty, I wonder our god’s would be calling us all cliches and mistakes. Hmmm.. Let’s keep that debate for some other time.


So, natural and unnatural are nothing but two sides of the same coin (an expression) which are inseparable and can be justified simultaneously and thus a never ending debate.  In short, natural and unnatural, just for the sake of keeping within the purview of our discussion, can be understood keeping in mind the understanding of the human mind with evolution of cultures, religion, philosophy, the idea of politics and other such forms of human development across the world.


Putting it simply, what you see is natural may not be natural otherwise, or what you presume to be unnatural can be natural to the person sleeping and dreaming in your neighborhood. It’s just an acknowledgement of how you take the world around you and how you come to accept, reject and understand it. Sex, as a matter of fact cannot be termed as unnatural because it’s happening within the nature with the ones who are very much the part of it. In the same manner, the preference of the same sex is natural too. Just like it’s not necessary for everyone to be born healthy, fit, intelligent or so as per the general understanding of health across the world, it’s not necessary for the choices of sex (a natural activity) to be as per the generic preferences. Like it or not, it happens and will keep happening. And yes, it’s not that it came into existence last night, rather the history goes back to thousands of years, when roaming around naked was natural, which is not today. Today, if a man or a woman walks around naked, many, at the very first look will pronounce them mad or shamelsss or whatever comes into their minds to justify their sanity and that’s pretty much natural for us to act like that. In other words, it’s simply how you come to understand the world around you. Section 377 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) is unfavorable to humans because its not a ban on an activity of boozing in public or having sex in public or raping someone or banning access to certain entertainment, rather it bans the right to choose a partner to love and be with and as rightly pointed out by actor Manoj Bajpai in an interview with NDTV, it’s about right to privacy and you cannot rule over anyone’s privacy. BTW, don’t forget to watch his upcoming movie Aligarh, based on the true story of a gay professor (now dead) of Aligarh Muslim Univeristy (AMU).


The idea of not being able to reproduce – Can’t reproduce, so unnatural. WTF?

This argument has always made me feel sad and disheartened. I wonder if people can base their arguments on such stupid logic, can they really understand what pain the couples of the same sex would be going through whenever it crosses their minds that they can’t bear or make children. But, that would be too much to ask. Anyways, coming back to putting forth my argument on this,


     1. Just because one cannot reproduce a child, how can they be unnatural and against nature when many women and men around the world are born with dysfunctional private organs and fail to reproduce. It’s a sad thing, but it’s true.

      2. If not reproducing is unnatural, then why so much respect for Mr. Modi and Sadhus and Sanyasis? Just because they choose not to? 

      3. If not reproducing is unnatural then the birth of Transgenders is unnatural. God has cursed them, it’s their karma, it’s about what they have done in their previous lives… oh STFU! If their past lives are responsible for their present ’ unnaturalness’ then remember, you too will be judged for what you have done in your life, and my friend, the judgement day is not going to be a good story for how you treated your fellow human, for how you differentiate fellow humans and for how you consider yourself superior to your fellow humans! 


If you still can’t understand, then god save you for your narrow-mindedness.


Homosexuals are a bunch of Nymphomaniacs and Satyrs

There is a lack of logic here, crave of sex has nothing to do with sexual preference. Sometimes I wonder how fucking sex craving man I am. I can’t stop thinking about sex and women and tits and pussies, especially Janapnese women. I wish there was a category where I could put myself for loving Japanese women more than my own beautiful and exotic Indian hotties. How about Javatic? Nah, it sucks, nevertheless, those who say homosexuality is a result of sex craving retards, must know that it’s completely logical to crave for sex, some crave for more and some for less and some to an extreme, so extreme that we can’t even think of it. Actually, I can’t really justify how I disagree to the logic behind this argument, but it’s simply illogical because personally I feel if it was crave that lead to ‘dysfunctionality’ of sexual desires, then I’d be sad for my country, where most (I think I’d be right to make this generic) of the people (men and women and everyone) think about sex more than anything else. Yes! But you are different my friend. You are exceptional. I am just saying in general, you are  unique.


Homosexuals are victims of sexual crimes against them during childhood

I agree that there are many homosexual victims who have been raped by their family members or friends or so at a tender age and they could do nothing about it, rather not even discuss about this with their parents following a stigma. Oh Indian culture I salute you!

But that is just too common in this country. Sexual offenses against children at home, school, public places are as common as pissing in public. Children are the biggest victims of molestation and many have no idea how to speak against it, until recently when children have started to speak up, thanks to good parenting and no thanks to otherwise. It would be stupid to relate these two and make it generic. Just like being a child of a cricketer doesn’t mean the child is going to be a cricketer even if he happens to be brought up under that environment, it’s just a personal choice. Yes, there can be persuasive times but a choice is a choice and a choice is neither a coincident nor an accident.


It is forbidden in Indian Culture and Religions prevailing in our country 

Indian culture has boasted homosexuality more than any other culture around the world, rather, our culture has boasted anything close, equal or similar to the term ‘sex’, more than any other culture across the world, be it Homosexuality, Bestiality or Zoophilia. We have literature talking about all of these and also ‘Kamasutra’, the holy book of ‘natural sex’ 😉 I could elaborate more, but I’d be boring a lot of my readers, so next time.


Homosexuality is found only in Humans so its unnatural

Sorry to say that homosexuality is found in 450 species, but homophobia is found only in one. 


I just know one thing, India should not deprive its people of their rights, be it a single person. The Supreme Court must bring down and abolish section 377. We all know, that too would not end the misery, but down the line, the coming generation will take its own route to deal with the differences and I am sure, they will do well.