Male Sex Dolls – What’s in it for the women

When women were busy worrying from where to satiate their impending sexual desires, the finest sex dolls manufacturer, Realbotix gave them enough to breathe in relief. Recently the CEO of Realbotix, Matt McMullen had announced his ardent desire to launch a male sex bot in this year. In an interview with the Daily star online, he said: “We’re working on a male version of the robot AI. We’ll eventually have a male and a female platform available.”

He said that this time around, they are going for more advanced and realistic approach other than the voice and the desiring personality of the male sex dolls. Realbotix are going to launch male dolls with the typical ‘Bionic Penis’, the anatomy which they are claiming to be better than the vibrating dildos. In addition, when Matt was asked about the Penis size, he simply said ‘Sky is the limit’! No restriction in the penile width or length at the most.

The sex toys that came into the market for hormonal simulation weren’t enough for women to satisfy their raging hormones. That is why Dutch sailors invented the first sex doll in seventeenth century. Though the practice was not common around that time, at present time, these dolls are really a relief.

Sinthetics, a LA based sex doll manufacturer has recently added the domain of male sex dolls in their list of products. Gabriel, one of the famous creations of the company has become famous in LA after Karley Sciortino, a sex columnist for the Vogue and Vice released a documentary with him. In the 20 minute long ‘slutever’ video, she had covered the making of the first male sex doll. However, the main intriguing interest of the viewers lies in the last 8 minutes of the video where she had been found straddling Gabriel’s lap and getting intimate with the sex doll.

However, Cindy Gallop, founder of Makelovenotporn had mentioned in one of her interview that Realbotix’s to be launched male sex doll cannot provide a mindblowing orgasmic climax to the women with just a long penis fitted into a human- shaped hump machine. This claim of her was the perfect counter attack of Matt McMullen’s statement, “plug the robot in as long as you want”.

Having innate resemblance to a real life male partner with the sharp physique and hard and sturdy abs, these male dolls are becoming popular amongst women from different cultures and regions. The art of these dolls reveals a man in complete sense; the only difference is the striking absence of the pumping organ, heart. With the principle anatomies in its correct places, these are becoming a replacement of the ex’s and a companion for the single women.

Even some of the manufacturing units of USA are saying that with increasing developments in the anatomy and the physique of the male sex dolls, they might soon replace the real life male partners in the women’s life.


Top 5 Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For any girl or boy, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to go for a romantic date and reveals the inner feeling straight from the heart to someone special. But I wish it was that much easier. Before going for a dream date, the lovebirds spend a considerable amount of time towards making their appearance perfect.

A nice hairdo, sexy outfit and beautiful makeup on the face are what you need on that to woo your partner. Obviously, even your partner will love to stare at you more – admiring your amazing gorgeousness. While boys can go with their usual styling with a clean shaven look and stylish dress, for girls special care needs to be taken.

Here are the few makeup tips for girls which you should try out this Valentine’s Day.

Enhance Beauty Of The Face: Nobody wishes to look like an ordinary girl on Valentine’s Day; therefore you should also start out with clean skin. Use a soft brush to apply a light layering of pink blush all over your cheek and face.

Special Lip Care: Take a close look at your lips before going out. Lips are the basis of love. Especially for girls, the lips should look attractive, kissable and luscious. A red color on lips looks apt for an absolute romantic date on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to apply a good quality lip balm before putting on lipstick.

Glamorize Your Eyes: Over the last few years, eye makeup has become the norm. Wherever you go it is essential that your eyes are apt for the occasion. Add light black mascara to your upper lashes and get that cat-eye (makeup) done. That’s it.

A Perfect Hair Style: When it comes to sport a proper hairstyling, there are plenty of options to choose from; but most girls usually love to put that Ribbon Ponytail on their hair. It’s as simple as getting a pony tail tied with a ribbon. It also gives you an amazing style to flaunt with on Valentine’s Day.

A Classic Clutch: While going out for a romantic date with your partner on Valentine’s Day you just can’t miss out keeping a piece of an attractive clutch with yourself. These days, animal prints rock – so you can definitely celebrate the Valentine’s Day with an attractive animal print clutch having a soft cozy strap.

For a perfect Fashion Statement On Valentine’s Day

Every one of us wishes to look special on Valentine’s Day because on this very day hearts and eyes speak more than a mouth. So if you also wish to get that lovable look on your face, then revamp your styling as well. Your top to bottom should be special and mesmerizing.

First of all, you have to get that beautiful makeup done on your face. Then follow it up with a fantastic outfit and footwear. Usually, a tee and palazzo pant work better on such a lovely day. Finally give a tint of style to your attire by tying a beautiful belt on your waist. You can put on a beautiful Jacket to complete your fashion statement.

5 Things You Always Wanted to Tell Her

My dear love..

There have been times when I was mum, not because I had nothing to say, but because I had too much to. After spending some time thinking, I have finally decided that I would like to tell you these 5 things, which I never could. I am sure you will very well understand my emotions behind each one of them, after all, the only thing that I have wished for my entire life, is to see you happy.


So Please….

Try To Forget The Past: As I have discussed with you a lot of times, life is not a joyous ride. It’s not a fairy tale. Pain and struggle are as real as fun and happiness. Be strong and try to get over the past and work on the present, for which I am always there to support you. Lighten up your soul, there’s nothing you can do to mend the things which have already happened. The only thing you can do right now is to look at the present and weave your future the way you want.

Start Living For Yourself: Out of all things I love about you, your kind heart always stands apart, making me fall in love with you all over again. But sometimes it’s important to realize the significance of your own life. Don’t let things around you affect your kindness with the toxicity of lies and betrayals. The world would have been pretty better if it was like you think it to be. But not everything that shines is gold. So let those certain things sway away, without harming your inner self. For me, there is nothing more important than you and you know it well that I cannot see you being troubled by unnecessary issues that hold no importance to us. You may not be always wrong in helping others and caring them, but then you can’t harm yourself in the process.

Love What You Have Always Loved: Your love for writing is immense, I know it! Don’t let materialism dilute the innocence in you. There is a big-big world out there that you have always loved to explore. Take up the zeal and explore your happiness and your creativity and I am sure, you will get to know more about yourself.

I personally think it’s time you started again from where you left. My gifted pen is still waiting for you on that shelf with your book on Love and Expedition. You need to continue writing… I will be your alarm clock, I will make coffee whenever you want,  I will stay awake until you are, but please don’t let it go. It is who you are and you know it well.

Keep Smiling: You know my heart skips a beat when I hear you laugh. I remember the first time I saw you in the library. That sweet smile you wore while talking to your friend was the best smile I ever encountered. That innocent smile must never rest and fade. I know you don’t care about our life being tough because I have known you too well and  have seen you countless times, smiling even after problems kept coming like waves of the ocean. Your smile keeps me going and I wish to treasure each of them.

I might have said it a thousand times, yet I will say it again….

I love you: Every day, when I wake up in the morning before you, I get to see the most beautiful thing in the world. YOU! I love to whisper these 3 words while I kiss your eyes and get off the bed. I know you know I do that, but you still act like you don’t. It’ really cute, especially when we both know what makes it cute.

Frankly, I am glad and thankful to God to have given me a girl like yourself, I hope we keep loving each other the way we do. Here I am, with my dramatic self, confronting

To the most beautiful woman I know, who was once my girlfriend and now happens to be my wife.

I Love You and will always do!

11 Amazing Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Every couple loves to call each other by nicknames. It connects them emotionally and makes them feel the value of each others presence in their lives. Nick names are like an official stamp of a relationship, without which your bond might appear incomplete. Not to mention the need to call her by the nickname certainly demonstrates a level of closeness between both of you. Most of us give nicknames to our girlfriend purely out of love, while many others like to call her with random names which reminds her of their love.


If you haven’t yet thought about giving a nickname to your girlfriend, then you should. Giving a suitable and appropriate name is not that easy and sometimes can be a little confusing. Her nickname must make her feel your love, affection and the bond. For instance, you can call your girlfriend peach because she is delightful or Blossom because she is beautiful like a flower, or any other name that connects with her personality or any of her habits.


Here are the 11 most Amazing Nicknames for Your Girlfriend


1. Sunshine 

Sunshine is a very special name for your love. When you call her Sunshine, you want to tell her that she brings light and warmth in your life and that she is someone who really brightens your day and your life. She is a keeper, your Sunshine.


2. Juliet

Juliet is the sweetest nickname that you can give to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend must be really fun loving and laughing to have that name. Juliet is a famous name of the female lead from the famous play by William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet.


3. Angel

Does your girlfriend make your heart jump whenever you see her and again whenever she leaves? Well, then Angel is the perfect nickname for her.

The term Angel means a guardian spirit, one that manifests purity and goodness.


4. Honey

As sweet as it gets and as good as it can be, honey is the name for your attractive, hot and beautiful girlfriend. As much as you would love to call her that, she would love to hear it coming from you as well.


 5. Cupcake

Not everyone gets the term cupcake, because no one else knows your girl better than you do. If she is seemingly tough outwards and even softer from inside, then Cupcake is what you can all her to remind her that you know her really well.


6. Snuggly

Does she love to cuddle you and snuggle to feel warmth and gain comfort. Well, that very much describes your love for her. Needless to say anymore, Snuggly is the name you are looking for.


7. Dove

The symbol of love, your beautiful girlfriend is the special girl in your life who you would cherish forever, without a doubt? Then she deserves this name from you. Let her know what you feel for her. Call her Dove!


8. Dimples

If her beautiful smile with those pretty dimples make you fall in love with her all over again, then there it is. Dimple! Do tell her, why you call her that, you will surely get to see another mesmerizing smile J


9. Kitty

She is playful, cute and always loving, then you might want to call her kitty. But yeah, not all girlfriends like to be called that, so try it out and if she doesn’t like it, then choose some other nickname from our list.


10. Sexy

Who doesn’t enjoy calling his girlfriend SEXY? Well, no one! She is attractive, pretty and makes you crazy every time you look at her after a shower, then yes, sexy is one hell of a nickname for her.


11. Twinkle

She’s like a star!

She is a girl with some amazing talents and just simply irresistible? So yeah, she is a Twinkle of your eye.