Male Sex Dolls – What’s in it for the women

When women were busy worrying from where to satiate their impending sexual desires, the finest sex dolls manufacturer, Realbotix gave them enough to breathe in relief. Recently the CEO of Realbotix, Matt McMullen had announced his ardent desire to launch a male sex bot in this year. In an interview with the Daily star online, he said: “We’re working on a male version of the robot AI. We’ll eventually have a male and a female platform available.”

He said that this time around, they are going for more advanced and realistic approach other than the voice and the desiring personality … Read more....

Top 5 Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day

For any girl or boy, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to go for a romantic date and reveals the inner feeling straight from the heart to someone special. But I wish it was that much easier. Before going for a dream date, the lovebirds spend a considerable amount of time towards making their appearance perfect.

A nice hairdo, sexy outfit and beautiful makeup on the face are what you need on that to woo your partner. Obviously, even your partner will love to stare at you more – admiring your amazing gorgeousness. While boys can go with their usual … Read more....

5 Things You Always Wanted to Tell Her

My dear love..

There have been times when I was mum, not because I had nothing to say, but because I had too much to. After spending some time thinking, I have finally decided that I would like to tell you these 5 things, which I never could. I am sure you will very well understand my emotions behind each one of them, after all, the only thing that I have wished for my entire life, is to see you happy.


So Please….

Try To Forget The Past: As I have discussed with you a lot of times, life is … Read more....

11 Amazing Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Every couple loves to call each other by nicknames. It connects them emotionally and makes them feel the value of each others presence in their lives. Nick names are like an official stamp of a relationship, without which your bond might appear incomplete. Not to mention the need to call her by the nickname certainly demonstrates a level of closeness between both of you. Most of us give nicknames to our girlfriend purely out of love, while many others like to call her with random names which reminds her of their love.


If you haven’t yet thought about giving a … Read more....